a-ha confirm reissues for 2015


A-ha have confirmed an extensive reissue plan for 2015 which will see four of their albums expanded and remastered.

As part of the band’s 30th anniversary celebration, Warner Music will again reissue the 1985 debut Hunting High and Low (originally issued as a two-CD deluxe in 2010) but this time as a more expansive Super Deluxe Edition which will be “remastered and packed full of bonus content”.

Perhaps of more interest to a-ha fans will be the continuation of the deluxe editions of four years ago. Stay on these Roads (1988), East of the Sun, West of the Moon (1990) and Memorial Beach (1993) will all be reissued and expanded next year. 2015 will also see vinyl reissues of the first two albums, Hunting High and Low and Scoundrel Days.

Apparently there is “bigger news” to follow later today! So do check back for more later on.

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thanks for the 30th anniversary deluxe edition HHAL
this coffret are MAGNIFICAL!

But, i would like to know the date to release SCOUNDREL DAYS SUPER DELUXE and the details and i hope you include in SCOUNDREL DAYS , STAY ON THESE ROADS, MEMORIAL BEACH AND EAST OF THE SUN… the instrumental versions
thank you.


possible listings for the upcoming releases.

Stay On These Roads [REMASTERED]

Disc: 1
1. Stay On These Roads (2015 Remastered)
2. The Blood That Moves The Body (2015 Remastered)
3. Touchy! (2015 Remastered
4. This Alone Is Love (2015 Remastered)
5. Hurry Home (2015 Remastered)
6. The Living Daylights (2015 Remastered)
7. There’s Never A Forever Thing (2015 Remastered)
8. Out Of The Blue Comes Green (2015 Remastered)
9. You Are The One (2015 Remastered)
10. You’ll End Up Crying (2015 Remastered)
11. Stay On These Roads (Extended Remix)
12. You Are The One (12″ Remix)
13. The Living Daylights (Extended Version)
14. The Blood That Moves The Body (Extended Remix)
15. Touchy! (Go-Go Mix)
Disc: 2
1. Stay On These Roads (Early Version)
2. The Blood That Moves The Body (Demo)
3. Touchy! (Original Mix)
4. This Alone Is Love (Demo)
5. You Are The One (Early Version)
6. Cold River (1987 Demo)
7. Hurry Home (Demo)
8. I’ll Never Find Streetful City (Demo)
9. The Living Daylights (Demo)
10. Thus Ended Our Love Affair (Demo)
11. There’s Never A Forever Thing (Demo)
12. Touchy! (Demo)
13. Umbrella (Rendezvous Demo)
14. You’ll End Up Crying (Demo)
15. Evitar (Demo)
16. You Are The One (Demo)
17. Sail On My Love (Writing Session)

east of the sun west of the moon
Disc: 1
1. Crying In The Rain (2015 Remastered)
2. Early Morning (2015 Remastered)
3. I Call Your Name (2015 Remastered)
4. Slender Frame (2015 Remastered)
5. East Of The Sun (2015 Remastered)
6. Sycamore Leaves (2015 Remastered)
7. Waiting For Her (2015 Remastered)
8. Cold River (2015 Remastered)
9. The Way We Talk (2015 Remastered)
10. Rolling Thunder (2015 Remastered)
11. (Seemingly) Nonstop July [2015 Remastered]

Disc: 2
1. Early Morning (Early Version)
2. East Of The Sun (Early Version)
3. I Call Your Name (Instrumental Demo)
4. Slender Frame (Demo)
5. Waiting For Her (Demo)
6. Cold River (Demo)
7. Trees Will Not Grow On The Sand (Demo)
8. Rolling Thunder (Demo)
9. I Call Your Name (NRK Live)
10. Manhattan Skyline (NRK Live)
11. Early Morning (NRK Live)
12. Slender Frame (NRK Live)
13. Rolling Thunder (NRK Live)
14. Sycamore Leaves (NRK Live)
15. Crying In The Rain (NRK Live)
16. East Of The Sun (NRK Live)
17. (Seemingly) Nonstop July (NRK Live)
18. I’ve Been Losing You (NRK Live)

Disc: 3
1. The Sun Always Shines On TV (Live Video Version)
2. Cry Wolf (Live Video Version)
3. I Call Your Name (Live Video Version)
4. Slender Flame (Live Video Version)
5. Touchy (Live Video Version)
6. Scoundrel Days (Live Video Version)
7. Rolling Thunder (Live Video Version)
8. I’ve Been Losing You (Live Video Version)
9. Early Morning (Live Video Version)
10. Take On Me (Live Video Version)

memorial beach
Disc: 1
1. Dark Is The Night For All (2015 Remastered)
2. Move To Memphis (2015 Remastered)
3. Cold As Stone (2015 Remastered)
4. Angel In The Snow (2015 Remastered)
5. Locust (2015 Remastered)
6. Lie Down In Darkness (2015 Remastered)
7. How Sweet It Was (2015 Remastered)
8. Lamb To The Slaughter (2015 Remastered)
9. Between Your Mama And Yourself (2015 Remastered)
10. Memorial Beach (2015 Remastered)
11. Move To Memphis (Extended Mix)
12. Angel In The Snow (Acoustic Instrumental)

Disc: 2
1. Dark Is The Night For All (Demo)
2. Cold As Stone (Demo)
3. Angel In The Snow (Demo)
4. Locust (Demo)
5. Lie Down In Darkness (Demo)
6. Lamb To The Slaughter (Demo)
7. Between Your Mama And Yourself (Demo)
8. Memorial Beach (Demo)
9. Dark Is The Night For All (Alternative Version)
10. Swing Of Things (Live March 17, 1994 at The Sentrum Scene/ Oslo,Norway)
11. Dark Is The Night For All (Live March 17, 1994 at The Sentrum Scene/ Oslo,Norway)
12. Move To Memphis (Live March 17, 1994 at The Sentrum Scene/ Oslo,Norway)
13. Cold As Stone/Sycamore Leaves (Live March 17, 1994 at The Sentrum Scene/ Oslo,Norway)
14. Shapes That Go Together (Live March 17, 1994 at The Sentrum Scene/ Oslo,Norway)


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When I can buy the super deluxe version, please?


here is a possible listing:

HHAL super deluxe now updated with full tracklist:

CD1: Original album [2015 remaster]

01) Take on Me
02) Train of Thought
03) Hunting High and Low
04) The Blue Sky
05) Living A Boy’s Adventure Tale
06) The Sun Always Shines on TV
07) And You Tell Me
08) Love Is Reason
09) Dream Myself Alive
10) Here I Stand And Face the Rain

CD2: Demos

01) Lesson One (Nærsnes demo)
02) Presenting Lily Mars (Nærsnes demo)
03) Sa Blaser Det Pa Jorden (Nærsnes demo)
04) The Sphinx (Train of Thought) (Nærsnes demo) *
05) Living A Boy’s Adventure Tale (Nærsnes demo) *
06) Dot the I (Rendezvous demo)
07) The Love Goodbye (Rendezvous demo)
08) Nothing to It (Rendezvous demo)
09) Go to Sleep (Rendezvous demo)
10) Train of Thought (Rendezvous demo)
11) Monday Mourning (Rendezvous demo)
12) All The Planes That Come In On The Quiet (Rendezvous demo)
13) The Blue Sky (early Rendezvous demo) *
14) You Have Grown Thoughtful Again (Rendezvous demo)
15) What’s That You’re Doing To Yourself In The Pouring Rain (Rendezvous demo)
16) Hunting High and Low (Rendezvous demo)
17) Dream Myself Alive (Rendezvous demo)
18) Take on Me (Rendezvous demo)
19) And You Tell Me (Rendezvous demo)
20) Here I Stand And Face the Rain (Rendezvous demo)
21) Love Is Reason (Rendezvous demo)
22) The Blue Sky (Rendezvous demo)
23) Never Never (Rendezvous demo)
24) The Sun Always Shines on TV (Rendezvous demo)
25) Presenting Lily Mars (Rendezvous demo) (Bonus Track) *

CD3: Non-album tracks, B-sides, 12″ remix versions

01) Take on Me (1984 7″ mix)
02) Take on Me (1984 12″ mix)
03) Stop! And Make Your Mind Up
04) Take on Me (1985 12″ mix)
05) Take on Me (Instrumental mix)
06) The Sun Always Shines on TV (Tarney 7″ edit)
07) The Sun Always Shines on TV (Tarney 12″)
08) The Sun Always Shines on TV (Thompson instrumental version)
09) Driftwood (B-side)
10) The Sun Always Shines on TV (Thompson 12″)
11) Train of Thought (7″ Remix)
12) Train of Thought (Thompson 12″)
13) Train of Thought (Thompson dub mix)
14) Hunting High and Low (7″ Remix)
15) Hunting High and Low (12″ Remix)

CD4: HHAL unreleased alternate mix of album

01) Take on Me (video version) **
02) Train of Thought (early mix) *
03) Hunting High and Low (early mix) *
04) The Blue Sky (alternative long mix) *
05) Living A Boy’s Adventure Tale (early mix) *
06) The Sun Always Shines on TV (alternative mix) *
07) And You Tell Me (early mix) *
08) Love Is Reason (early mix) *
09) Dream Myself Alive (early NYC mix) *
10) Here I Stand And Face the Rain (alternative mix) *

DVD: The videos plus bonus

01) Take on Me (1985 version)
02) The Sun Always Shines on TV
03) Train of Thought
04) Hunting High and Low
05) Take on Me (1984 version)

* previously unreleased
** previously unreleased on CD


Looks good to me.


Jos Leene

Watching out for the new deluxe releases… But couldn’t help building an over 8min version of Take On Me for the fun of it. I think it deserves it with Cry Wolf and The Sun Always Shines having such a version. :)

enjoy and share if you like.

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Scoundrel days released as a SUPER DELUXE BOX SET would be amazing


hello I just had to say that I am very happy with all that’s deluxe edition that will come out I just hope to have the maximum inedits there meter pool of the extended and all that has already been edited any good fan has the maximum so do not bother us reprinted again and again the same thing temp as there are morons asking the same thing. you can never really have things interessente


Just received conformation that the East Of The Sun issue will be three disc’s, two CD’s and a DVD.

Michael Gee

With the talk about a Super Deluxe version of HH&L, can I point out the Super Deluxe versions of the Led Zeppelin albums, they include 2CD’s and 2 Vinyl LP’s, bonus album artwork and 12″ hard cover book around 70 pages. Plus a download card all in a nice box.
I can but dream. For the guy in Australia who didn’t buy the deluxe issues get them from amazon, decent enough price as well, I wouldn’t have got them in Adelaide otherwise.


I sat on the next table to Morten Harket at the Canton Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, London about 25 years ago. He had a couple of heavies with him. That’s my claim to fame.


about the a-ha live in south america concert, i have it on laserdisc.

it is terrible, one of the worst recordings i have ever heard.

way too much crowd noise. sounds like an audience recording. was very disappointed
after paying $70 for the import version.

i will however, be getting most of these re-releases, as i am a big fan of the band.



Memorial Beach is my favourite A-ha album. I remember buying it on its release and being amazed at just how good it is. It sounded like a band who were finally freed from the shackles of record company demands and who were simply enjoying writing & performing. ‘Dark Is The Night For All’ is such a gorgeous track – it doesn’t even sound like the same band who recorded ‘Take On Me’.


All your comments are great. Would love the original Rock in Rio concert that was a 60 minutes video to be part of this set of reissues/expansions.

I managed to track down the Justin Strauss 12″ Dub mix of ‘You Are The One’ all these years later (I e-mailed Justin himself and he even replied). It was not worth waiting 20 years to hear but was good all the same.

Todd R.

YES YES YES!!!! Never have seen the whole video, but have always been interested via the live bonus tracks of the 2 cd single set for ANGEL IN THE SNOW….


Ever since I saw info of all this a-ha activity for 2015, I’ve been super excited…and was wondering what was going to happen with the “Live In South America” video/film, if it was ever going to come out on DVD/Blu-Ray at some point?? I have the original Japanese VHS in NTSC, and had it signed by Paul and Lauren Savoy, who filmed the concert, when I got to know em in NYC when they were trying to break the band in the States during a-ha’s hiatus…saw Savoy live, like 2 or 3 times in 1996/1997 when “Mary Is Coming” was released…they are so good and too bad the US never took to Savoy, or a-ha as a whole for that matter after 1985/1986!!! One of the greatest bands ever, the supposed “farewell tour” was amazing…the NYC show I saw and the Oslo “final” one on the deluxe “Ending On A High Note”…I’m happy they didn’t end…reunions and anniversaries happen, and I guess they had fun in 2010…a new studio album would be great too…and deluxes of their 2000-era albums would be killer…sucks that none of em had US releases at all!!


For the East of the Sun… album, I would really want a live version of “Rolling Thunder”, as played on the Live in South-America video but without the voiceover.

I miss that one!

John Sposato

Stay on These Roads could have the single versions of The Living Daylights while the original This Alone is Love is already on Scoundrel Days. For Memorial Beach it could have the original Move to Memphis as well as Shapes That Go Together. I’ll take the LP of Hunting High and Low as I don’t have it yet. Scoundrel Days I have the original edition on vinyl. Now if we can just get albums from the spinoff Savoy released worldwide.


5 a-ha releases in one year… Mhm…


You Are The One (12″ Remix)
The Living Daylights (Extended Mix)

from the original master tapes would be a dream come true!


Thanks Paul, for this wonderful news. The two deluxes that were released, were always super expensive here, in Aus, due to being indent releases. I just have never got around to getting them, and are still on wantlist, and funnily enough i was only looking round for them again, the other day and thinking, are we ever gonna get deluxe treatment of their other albums.

Leo Lotti

Paul, this would be a wonderful opportunity for us to have those excellebt b-sides from the East of the Sun/Memorial Beach era(91-94). Remember them ?! Those beautiful NRK sessions from 91, those magnificent live tracks culed from the “Live in South America” video… Does anyone remember that vídeo?! It represents A-ha at the peak of their live powers!!! I just hope that they do these albums justice, giving them the respect na honour that they deserve… What are your thoughts on the “Live at South America” Vhs guys?! Wouldn’t it be great if that got rereleased too??!

Carl-Oscar Alsén

“What are your thoughts on the “Live at South America” Vhs guys?! Wouldn’t it be great if that got rereleased too??!”

Couldn’t agree more! They have never been better live than then. Not before, not after.


the deluxe of East Of The Sun will include the whole South America VHS release as DVD.

Hans Jörg

Oh and they will play rock in rio next year for those interested to fly to Brazil ;-)

Hans Jörg

No matter what the news will be, the deluxe editions will all be mine. Even if i’m a complete metal head up to black metal like darkthrone etc. A-ha always have been marvellous. So why not reform and a new cd would be great as well on the foot of a mountain a wolf cries but stays on the road ;-) .

[…] Earlier today it was confirmed that 2015 would see an extensive reissue programme from Warner Music and fans new ‘bigger news’ was coming tonight. The smart money was always on either an anniversary tour or a gig. […]

Lenny K.

The 7″ and 12″ Mixes and the B- Side recordings are essential. I hope they don’t forget the 12″ Mix of “Move To Memphis” which strangely never saw a CD release although recorded as late as 1991…

Alan Baldock

I seem to be in the minority here but for me East of the Sun is one of the greatest albums ever made by anyone and Slender Frame is up there as one of the greatest songs. Love that album.

Paul English

7″ mixes are essential as well.

Memorial Beach exists on vinyl. Not a great pressing, the CD is much better.


I’m kind of looking forward to these – I particularly like Stay on These Roads and Memorial Beach (of these four).
I’d be pretty surprised if they manage to pull it together enough to play more gigs (let along record another album together) as their relationship has always been pretty fractious. I’ve been a fan since the first album and was pretty surprised when I read The Swing of Things (25 years of a-ha). A group I had somehow felt were the epitome of ‘friends form band and become successful’ were actually riddled with egos, jealousy and petty squabbling (which seems to have gotten worse over the years).
Still who knows, stranger things have happened and I guess they reformed once so…


I’ll dream a tracklist Super Deluxe Edition 2CD REMASTERED FROM THE ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES.
Finally instrumentales unpublished versions for fans of A-HA. Please.
Here’s my wish Super Deluxe Edition:

Hunting High And Low – Super Deluxe Edition – 2CD REMASTERED
Take On Me 3:46
Train Of Thought 4:11
Hunting High And Low 3:43
The Blue Sky 2:22
Living A Boy’s Adventure Tale 5:00
The Sun Always Shines On T.V. 5:06
And You Tell Me 1:51
Love Is Reason 3:04
I Dream Myself Alive 3:06
Here I Stand And Face The Rain 4:30
Take On Me (extended version)
Train Of Thought (U.S. Mix)
The Sun Always Shines On T.V. (Extended Version)
Hunting High And Low (Extended Version)
Take On Me (instrumental)*
The Sun Always Shines On T.V. (Instrumental)
Hunting High And Low (Instrumental)*

* Never edit on cd (rarities)

Scoundrel Days – Super Deluxe Edition – 2CD REMASTERED
Scoundrel Days 4:02
The Swing Of Things 4:14
I’ve Been Losing You 4:24
October 3:55
Manhattan Skyline 4:52
Cry Wolf 4:06
We’re Looking For The Whales 3:43
The Weight Of The Wind 3:59
Maybe Maybe 2:36
Soft Rains Of April 3:12
I’ve Been Losing You (Extended Mix)
Cry Wolf (Extended Version)
Manhattan Skyline (Extended Remix)
I’ve Been Losing You (Dub)
Cry Wolf (Instrumental)*
Manhattan Skyline (Instrumental)*
* Never edit on cd (rarities)

Stay On These Roads – Super Deluxe Edition – 2CD REMASTERED
Stay On These Roads 4:46
The Blood That Moves The Body 4:06
Touchy! 4:33
This Alone Is Love 5:15
Hurry Home 4:37
The Living Daylights 4:47
There’s Never A Forever Thing 2:51
Out Of Blue Comes Green 6:42
You Are The One 3:51
You’ll End Up Crying 2:07
The Living Daylights (Extended Remix)
You Are The One (12″ Remix)
The Blood That Moves The Body (Extended Version)
Touchy! (Go-Go Mix)
Stay On These Roads (Extended Remix)
The Living Daylights (Instrumental)
You Are The One (Instrumental)
The Blood That Moves The Body (Instrumental)*
Touchy! (Instrumental) *
Stay On These Roads (Instrumental)

* Never edit on cd (rarities)


Fantastic tracklists! I’ll be very interested to see what they include on East of the Sun West of the Moon though, especially if there’s more demos out there.


This is really good news indeed. I feared the 2010 reissues of the first two would be it, glad to the next four being expanded. I’m fine with the 2010 versions though, I could be enticed by a 5.1 mix of Hunting and Scoundrel but not if I have to buy some $90 box set version of both to get it. I would love for them to reform for a new release, Foot Of The Mountain was a masterpiece.


Yes, I agree with Charles that a Deluxe Edition of Foot of the Mountain would truly be a masterpiece. Have Steven Wilson re-master all A-ha Albums in 5.1, now that would be a treat. Please release Foot of the Mountain on Vinyl. Thanks for listening.

Todd R.

Thrilled that a fan-led campaign was at the root of this. HH&L was short the 12″ of “Take On Me” and newsflash everyone, 12″ compilations from the 80’s are not THAT easy to find here in the US. (Irony – I searched for that 12″ mix for years, only recently finding it just as the 2010 reissue was becoming available…oh and BTW – finding the “book” edition of that reissue? not exactly easy- in the stores). What kept me as a fan was the later albums that no one, NO ONE in the US really ever heard (on radio etc). “Crying In The Rain” is a recording triumph (best use of period sampling and keyboards). MEMORIAL BEACH is one of my all time favorite records period. “Angel In The Snow” is just amazing. Looking forward to it all..

John Sayers

By the “book” edition of HH&L do you mean the digi-pack version as opposed to the jewel case version?

Dino Mallas

If you are looking for rare a-ha on vinyl, I may be able to assist. There are a few stores near me (Pittsburgh area) that still carry them. Also, try http://www.recordrunnerusa.com
ebay is a good source too.

Neill Rees

That’s what I suspected, I hope that’s included on these re-issues.


Yes Neill the extended mix of Manhattan Skyline appears on the Scoundrel Club EP CD from Japan

Neill Rees

Has Manhattan Skyline Extended appeared on CD anywhere before?

Mike the Fish

Wasn’t it on the Scoundrel Days 2CD a few years back?


The original Take On Me Extended has never ever been released on cd anywhere, you are mistaking with the 2nd Extended. Only the original 7″ appeared on the previous deluxe edition.

Many mixes are missing from the deluxe editions.

And indeed, for Stay On These Roads, there is plenty of stuff to add !!

Chris H

The comment was ambiguous as to what extended version was being talked about. The first extended version was on the bonuses for the d/load version. When you consider how many demos were squeezed onto the 2010 version, it should be no surprise that a few mixes were left off. Again, you can never please everyone! There’s always someone who will moan.


And finally.. been waiting for Stay On These Road expanded version.

Steve Burke

Would love to pick up a 5.1 Blu-ray mix of Hunting High and Low, but would also be very happy to see Warner do proper AAA vinyl releases.


possibilities for the big news
1. a concert similar to the RAH in 2008 where they appeared solo and then performed as a-ha.
2. a jukebox musical based on their songs (i hope it’s NOT this!)
3. a comprehensive documentary about the band, featuring loads of live footage and new interviews similar to the recent Genesis documentary (i hope it’s this)

André Mes

Can’t wait. Been a fan since the start. Anything to get my hands on more deluxe editions! Love collecting them!


For the Super deluxe HHAL, how about a DVD with all the videos remastered , the UK versions on Headlines and Deadlines have those annoying song titles at the start.
East of the Sun and Memorial Beach are crying out for vinyl releases!!!! Why aren’t they being released?


I’m in for the four Deluxe Editions.


Ace. Let us know the rest of your shopping habits, it’s riveting and really adds to the discussion.

Be Nice

erm… and does your sarcasm add anything to the discussion, do you think?


You are the One – Justin Strauss 12” promo dub must be on Stay on these Roads. Tbh who needs another Hunting reissue with the demos set from earlier and the previous deluxe – i dont have much interest and i was a massive fan. Surely the announcement cannot be theyre reforming again – they made such a fuss about going!!!


nope, no justin strauss mix of “you are the one” on any CD so far…

Jayson Green

If Hunting High and Low is getting another release, what about Scoundrel Days? I feel that could have been a lot better where as Hunting I thought was great apart from the extended version of Take On Me not being included!!

Chris H

It wasn’t included because it had been included umpteen times on 80’s 12″ compilations and so other, rarer, versions were put on instead. You can never please everyone!


Didn’t buy the 2010 re-issues because I felt they weren’t complete. Well they weren’t, far from infact let’s be honest. So I hope they will be better this time around.


They’re surely not reforming for some gigs???
It was only 4 years ago to the exact date 4th Dec 2010 (I was there) they played their last ever gig of the Ending On A High Note tour
Cant think what else it could be, we’ll have to wait until this evening.


good news!
give us the 12″ remix of “you are the one” for the first time on CD finally, please.


the 7″ remix is out already out on CD. Was there a 12″ mix??

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