ABBA / The Studio Albums vinyl box


Having issued the 40th anniversary singles vinyl box, Universal Music/Polydor – in their role as custodians of the Polar Music catalogue – were always quite likely to put out an ABBA vinyl box set featuring the original studio albums, and at the end of next month that is exactly what is going to happen.

ABBA: The Studio Albums continues with the big ‘4-0’ festivities and packages all eight original ABBA albums (pressed on – what else? – 180 gram vinyl) inside a sturdy outer slipcase. The set kicks off with 1973’s Ring Ring and ends on The Visitors from 1981.

Unfortunately, there is no ninth bonus album with rarities (as was the case in the cheap-ish The Albums CD box) so vinyl lovers have to be content with the original running orders and no extra material. Mastering isn’t confirmed (although it’s reasonable to assume the latest digital versions available will be utilised) and it is not clear if a MP3 download card is included, although this is highly likely.

ABBA: The Studio Albums is released on 27 October 2014.

The box contains:

  • 1. Ring Ring
  • 2. Waterloo
  • 3. ABBA
  • 4. Arrival
  • 5. ABBA
  • 6. Voulez-Vous
  • 7. Super Trouper
  • 8. The Visitors

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I have this version on vinyl.
I have more than 4000 records and this edition is something really bad.
Full of distortion (on all “Back to Black” editions, not only ABBA).
I tried several times to listen to these records, but it ended after ten minutes of listening.
Desperately made box-set and very rude robbery !!!


This is SO so frustrating. Why couldn’t they have just re-released the 9 disk Vinyl Collection that was released back in 2010. I’m not inclined to buy this 8 disk version, because of all that lovely missing material from the 9th (Abba tracks). It would be just my luck to fork out all that wonga for the 8 disk version just for them to re-release the 9 disk version next year. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could find another compilation album (vinyl only) that contained most of ‘Abba tracks’, but I have so far not uncovered one. Why do they make our lives so difficult? It’s just not necessary and it’s so easy to fix. :(


The ‘Greatest Hits’ that was the UK Best Seller of 1976, (& 2nd in the UK for the 1970’s), had 15 Tracks on it. One of them was ‘Fernando’. That Track was not on ‘Greatest Hits’ or ‘The Best of ABBA’ in some Countries. That is why ‘Fernando’ ended up on ‘Arrival’ in Australia & New Zealand. I’ve been told, (by someone who knows ABBA), that neither they nor Universal have any plans to release ‘Deluxe’ Editions of ‘Greatest Hits Vol’2’ or ‘The Singles’. They regard the very idea as pointless. Universal have not finished yet, (for 2014). there will be the ‘Tin Box’ of the 3 Cd ‘Gold’ in October, & November will see all 8 ‘Deluxe’ Editions of ABBA’s Albums released in a Box Set. Even that is very unlikely to have anything in it that we don’t already have. Benny recently said that ABBA now have very little left in ‘The Vaults’ & what they do have they don’t really want to share with the Fans. Some Fans are fine with this & say ABBA owe the Fans nothing. As long as they realise that it means endless future ABBA ‘Hits’ Compilations, with the same old versions of the same old songs. What next? ABBA Diamonds? ABBA Platinum? ABBA Treasures? ABBA Gems? According to Benny it is all we have to look forward to from ABBA – Compilations of the old Hits..


I knew I should have never given my 1991 Abba The Hits volumes 1-3 and Abba The Love Songs CDs on Pickwick down to the charity shop. They’d probably be worth a small fortune now! :-)

Mike the Fish

*Thank You For The Music 80s LP rather than the 4CD set in the 90s*

Mike the Fish

Apologies for any unfriendly tone above – not mastered brain to text yet!

Mike the Fish

Yes, The Singles/First Ten Years got a CD release. I don’t think it’s very rare. GH vol. 1 even got a reissue with original Swedish release artwork some years back. GH vol 1 has earlier issues too. But re-releasing the compilations feels a bit boring – how many have they done now?! Thank You For The Music was a bit different as the tracks were largely segued IIRC. Also, which GH v.1 would you go for? The original sequence without Fernando, the revised sequence, the US sequence? Why not just make a playlist? Let alone all the other post breakup compilations. Even one through Reader’s Digest on 3xCD.


Jeez they’re squeezing the hell out of the 40th Anniversary. How about releasing the compilations?! How long’s it been since any were available on CD? Was The First Ten Years ever available? I know GHV2 was.


would you buy this set if you didn’t already have them on vinyl though? I guess that’s who it’s aimed at?


very boring.


Especially for £117!


Hmm, with no extra tracks at all I’m not quite sure who this is aimed at, apart from diehard Abba-heads.


Wasn’t a similar box released a couple of years ago alongside the cheapish CD box? Seems to weird to do another one already. what’s the difference?

Mike the Fish

Less stuff! There was a bonus LP of sorts with the last one that a selection of material that had already been released on CD at least twice.

Mike the Fish

Kind of laughable.