Alanis Morissette / Jagged Little Pill four-disc 20th anniversary set

Rhino will reissue Alanis Morissette‘s debut, Jagged Little Pill, as a four-CD collector’s edition in October.

Since its release in 1995, the album has sold over 30 million copies and this new set sees the audio remastered and adds a disc of unreleased demos selected by Morissette herself. The 10th Anniversary Jagged Little Pill Acoustic will be the third disc of the collection and more unreleased content in the form of a London concert  from 1995 (her live debut in the UK no less) completes the collector’s edition.

Original producer Glen Ballard has overseen the mixing and mastering from this edition which also provides a new essay from Morissette reflecting back on the era and providing stories behind the newly issued demos.

A two-CD deluxe (album and demos) will also be available, although the UK price for the deluxe is so good at the time of writing (just a few pounds more than the double disc set), that you may as well opt for the better packaging and superior content of the collector’s edition.

Jagged Little Pill Collector’s Edition will be released on 30 October 2015.



4CD collector’s edition


2CD deluxe edition


Disc One: 2015 Remaster
1. “All I Really Want”
2. “You Oughta Know”
3. “Perfect”
4. “Hand In My Pocket”
5. “Right Through You”
6. “Forgiven”
7. “You Learn”
8. “Head Over Feet”
9. “Mary Jane”
10. “Ironic”
11. “Not The Doctor”
12. “Wake Up”
13. “You Oughta Know” (Jimmy The Saint Blend) / “Your House” (A Capella)

Disc Two: Demos (Previously Unreleased)
1. “The Bottom Line”
2. “Superstar Wonderful Weirdos”
3. “Closer Than You Might Believe”
4. “No Avalon”
5. “Comfort”
6. “Gorgeous”
7. “King Of Intimidation”
8. “Death Of Cinderella”
9. “London”
10.”These Are The Thoughts”

Disc Three: Jagged Little Pill Acoustic
1. “All I Really Want”
2. “You Oughta Know”
3. “Perfect”
4. “Hand In My Pocket”
5. “Right Through You”
6. “Forgiven”
7. “You Learn”
8. “Head Over Feet”
9. “Mary Jane”
10. “Ironic”
11. “Not The Doctor”
12. “Wake Up / Your House”

Disc Four: Live At Subterranea, London 09/28/95 (Previously Unreleased)
1. “All I Really Want”
2. “Right Through You”
3. “Not The Doctor”
4. “Hand In My Pocket”
5. “Mary Jane”
6. “Ironic”
7. “You Learn”
8. “Forgiven”
9. “You Oughta Know”
10. “Wake Up”
11. “Head Over Feet”
12. “Perfect”

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Neil Kelly

Bought 4 disc for £13.99 today along with Paul Young’s 4 CD box set now at £10.99 so free postage too. My Amazon Prime ran out in September and i didn’t renue!

Matthew L. Ganoe

There’s a Target Stores exclusive 2 disc version of this in the USA with 7 additional tracks included on disc two. http://www.target.com/p/alanis-morissette-jagged-little-pill-deluxe-edition-target-exclusive/-/A-50245331

The additional tracks are all Live on Radio 3 DARA, Holland June 9th, 1995. Head Over Feet, Right Through You, Forgiven, Perfect, Not The Doctor, You Learn and Hand In My Pocket.

It’s worth noting that the Target website includes some comments under the Q&A section for this release that do not accurately list the bonus tracks.


Can’t wait for this release. But as an uber fan I have one big complaint…

Where is the studio version of No Pressure Over Cappuccino???
This makes me sad!


Still have my original promo stamped copy of this album and also a promo compilation sampler which I received when helping a high school friend at his record store that includes “You Oughta Know” and labeled as artist unknown. I saw one of the concerts in Virginia when Taylor Hawkins was the drummer. A lot of high quality soundboard bootleg pressed discs were released back then of the concerts and also studio demos. I’m seriously considering ordering this 4CD set although I wish it included a blu ray disc of one of her concerts and a hi rez version of the main album.


If you haven’t seen it, comedian Ed Byrne slates Alanis, for not knowing what irony is…
“A traffic jam when you’re already late, that’s not ironic that’s just a pain in the hole!”


Be nice to have that new remaster on Blu-ray…HFPA…


Hard to believe its 20 years old! I might dig out an old cd of it to see how its aged as not played it in years. Still have the cd singles and space cakes cd but not bothered playing them in almost 2 decades!


It’s aged very well, as there are no production or instrumentation signatures that you can really pin down to it’s era. As we all know some things like drum loops, synth sounds, echo effects etc are instantly dateable and the 90’s had it’s fair share of them. But there is nothing I can recall on JLP that shouts 90’s to my ears. Perhaps the guitar grunginess just hints at it. But it still sounds fresh.


It is too bad she didn’t use some of the leftover space on the CDs [2nd one in particularly] to thrown in the B’sides that were released at the time. The mid-90s were at the prime for B’sides. Probably could of filled a CD or so just on them. Acoustic album again. Argh.


bsides ? Just some live tracks, tho’…


Classic album except for the cringeworthy (IMO) Your House. Worth checking out the recent DVD / BD of her Montreux Jazz Fest gig too.


loved this at the time and still like some of her work, too good a price to ignore….ordered :)


Had a look in the official store. EU64 for the four disc box and an exclusive journal. I’ll stick with the 4cd set from Amazon.


I liked the singles on the radio at the time of release but never bought the album. Having watched The Trip To Italy I’ve been meaning to buy it. This is the perfect opportunity. Ordered!


Pretty sure JLP wasn’t her debut album…


Let’s say it’s her international debut album ;) She released 2 albums in Canada: Alanis (1991) and Now is the time (1992).


Ya. Both were pure pop stuff. Argh!


Im like some of the others about this album. I have this on cd and I probably haven’t played it in 15 years or so- this was around the last time I actually listened to the radio . Ill get this set as its a good deal and it’ll be nice to hear the demos of this.


Tape coulde bis this…

“Space Cakes is an EP by Alanis Morissette, released only in Japan in 1995 (see 1995 in music). It comprises acoustic recordings of some of the songs from her third album Jagged Little Pill. In other countries, the recordings have been released as B-sides.”

gary C

Cheers Frank
looks likely, I just checked on Discogs, but where did she get a tape of a Japanese EP? Well we had loads of record shops in the west end of Glasgow in 1995 so perhaps she wandered into one by mistake, thinking it was a bar…


What a difference between the German and the UK prize !
Interesting to see These Are The Thoughts, a Joining you bside (named These R The Thoughts) here, and not No pressure over cappuccino.
Btw, can’t really wait for this ! Do you know if there’s a single to promote this reissue ?


thank you anyway :/
Btw, there’s even a “deluxer” edition available through her website:


Ouch, that acoustic version of the album is so, sooooo dreadful. As much as I love the original album, so much I despise the acoustic, soulless remake… I could’ve done without that one on this set… Other than that it seems a great collection!

gary C

I remember dating a girl who had a tape of an acoustic set that had maybe 6 or 7 tracks on it, I don’t know if it was compiled from CD’s or whatever. Don’t remember where she got it from either, certainly wasn’t me, but it was on constantly in her flat.

Gary Russell

Oooh I’ll grab the 2-CD set, although a shame to have missed off the radio edits/clean versions of a couple of singles that are different from the album versions. Just to be a sad completist :-)

gary C

Excellent price indeed, and i remember being totally sick of every song on this album at the time given its ubiquity, you just couldn’t escape it back then.
Good set of demo’s there too. I think that many of the actual album tracks were reportedly touched up demo’s themselves, so this bodes well for the second discs quality.