Aretha Franklin / Aretha green vinyl

Aretha Franklin / Aretha green vinyl

Limited to 2000 copies • Numbered  • Includes insert • 180g green vinyl

Aretha Franklin‘s 1986 album Aretha is to be reissued on limited edition green vinyl in July.

Produced by Narada Michael Walden, Aretha was the fifth album issued on Clive Davis’ Arista label. It delivered three top 30 US hit singles, including the transatlantic number one I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me), which was of course a duet with George Michael and was issued about six months before he kicked off his post-Wham! solo career with ‘I Want Your Sex’.

The album boasts an excellent Andy Warhol-designed front cover (apparently his final work before his death in early 1987) and translucent green seems a decent choice when it comes to the colour of the vinyl.

This is limited to 2000 individually numbered copies and will be issued on 3 July 2020 via Music On Vinyl. You can pre-order from the SDE shop using this link or the button below.

Side 1

1. Jimmy Lee
2. I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) duet with George Michael
3. Do You Still Remember
4. Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Side 2

1. Rock-A-Lott
2. An Angel Cries
3. He’ll Come Along
4. If You Need My Love Tonight duet with Larry Graham
5. Look To The Rainbow

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Well, apart from Aretha’s imperial voice, this is clearly the wrong side of the mid-80s!


I think green is the perfect choice for this album. Even though there are other color triggers in the sleeve, green is quite unusual and I think perfect.
That said I won’t buy because I really don’t like 80s Aretha (except the stunning GM duet).

Ronnie Dee Williams

I truly think the Aretha LP was Great she really put solid soul into most of the singles Jimmy Lee was a huge hit dance and on R&B charts Jumpin Jack Flash shown her true Versatility and She used her Voice like an instrument with great skill and soul in the Rock and Roll Arena .He “ll Come Alone brought original soul and style which Aretha wrote the song herself. Also Rock A Lott was Favorable for Teens and Youth who enjoyed the remixes at that Time.


Rock-A-Lott was the chorus basis for Touch Me by The 49ers


On the fence about this one. It’s not as good as Who’s Zoomin’ Who, but was a decent follow-up. Her cover of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” was great, one of the best-ever Stones covers. The original vinyl is very easy to find and very cheap (at least in the US) and sounds great, so it’s not like this is an essential purpose unless you’re a completist. But still nice to see!

Jarmo Keranen

I’d win Aretha’s 1985 album Who’s Zoomin’ Who with autograph from the radio competition. I’m not sure if it’s really Aretha’s autograph!


Love the Andy Warhol artwork. Green vinyl ‘a decent choice’? Hmm. I take it you’re not a big fan of pink vinyl? I always go for blue myself.

CJ Feeney

The NMW era is very much 2nd tier Aretha Franklin. The voice is there alright, but the production doesnt do it justice.
A few good singles, but the label seemed to using her to bridge British talent to a US audience.