Cyndi Lauper / True Colors limited coloured vinyl

Cyndi Lauper / True Colors coloured vinyl

Limited to 2500 units • ‘Flame’ coloured vinyl • Numbered

Cyndi Lauper‘s 1986 album True Colors will be reissued next month on limited 180g coloured vinyl.

Lauper’s second album contains the much covered title track and ‘Change of Heart’, both of which were enormous hits, particularly in the USA, where the former topped the Billboard Hot 100.

This reissue is a numbered, limited edition (of 2500 units) and is pressed on 180g ‘flame’ coloured vinyl. It also includes a insert and a ‘secret’ inscription in the runout groove!

This limited coloured vinyl edition of True Colors is released on 21 August by Music On Vinyl and can be pre-ordered via the SDE shop using this link or the button below.

Side 1

1. Change of Heart
2. Maybe He’ll Know
3. Boy Blue
4. True Colors
5. Calm Inside The Storm

Side 2

1. What’s Going On
2. Iko Iko
3. The Faraway Nearby
4. 911
5. One Track Mind

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My copy arrived today and I must say that I expected it to look better, but on the other hand I didn’t expect it to sound as good as it does.

As far as looks are concerned: The vinyl doesn’t look like on the preview image at all. It’s very orange – a darker, more reddish orange with very few thin streaks of yellow. The cover is also more orange and more saturated. Comparing it to my original vinyl edition I also notice a slight fuzziness: The images are not as sharp as on the original – you can see it particularly well on the back cover. The big “CYNDI LAUPER” on the front also has soft edges and some of the decorative splatters around the name have been edited out.There’s also some minor editing visible on the album title. I wonder why.

The sound: There was zero noise when I first put it on and when the music started it was clear with a very nice definition of the individual elements in the mix. Overall it sounds a bit warmer and it has more punch than the original CD mastering, but it doesn’t sound over-processed or not true to the original work at all. The bass sounds really good as well, more defined and less hollow.

Cyndi’s voice is the highlight here. When you listen to the title track it’s almost like hearing it for the first time: Her voice sounds closer to the ear and more natural, less processed than on the original. I think this mastering sounds better than the Hi-Res digital version from a few years ago. I’m very happy with it, as the sound is definitely more important to me than the artwork, even though it would have made the package even better, if they had given the artwork as much attention and careful polishing as they clearly have done to the music.

Paul Taylor

Ordered from the SDE shop, however I’m wondering if and when we are going to see a UK anniversary reissue of its Split Enz namesake, which is 40 this year? Aside from a few coloured vinyl albums & a picture disc in Australia/New Zealand, things have been very quiet on that front.


As a massive fan and collector it is fantastic to see True Colors is getting the coloured vinyl reissue treatment. With the exception of the Japanese LP with a poster, US long box CD, Brazilian blinking light limited edition CD and the Colombian blue vinyl LP the True Colors album never received any more limited editions or special editions. At the time I was surprised that there were no coloured vinyl releases or a picture disc. The title track and lead single ends with true colors are beautiful (they’re beautiful) like a rainbow and I always wanted red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink coloured vinyl LPs

We only got the standard black vinyl reissue of She’s So Unusual 35 in the UK with the US and Australia both issuing yellow vinyl editions and the Japanese reissue in orange I am slightly disappointed with the colour selected for True Colors as it is to similar to the SSU coloured vinyl. It would be nice to see a clear vinyl with the 7 colours of the rainbow splattered in keeping with the SSU 30 coloured vinyl LP

Hopefully A Night To Remember, Hat Full Of Stars, Sisters Of Avalon (never released on vinyl) will follow


Love to see Cyndi’s catalog getting some attention, but I’ll pass on this. I’d like to eventually see an expansive True Colors deluxe set. I’m with those who think this is just a so-so set overall, but Cyndi sounds so good on all 10 tracks. The popular opinion that Cyndi’s career went off track with A Night To Remember, but it was with the True Color’s thin production & rather juvenile overtone that prevented a lot of fans from returning to another Cyndi Lauper album. After reading her autobiography I came to the conclusion that Cyndi’s ability to be more autonomous with this album didn’t quite match her ambition. For the greater sum, issues of personal pride should have been set aside & Eric Bazilian & Rob Hyman should have been tapped to produce True Colors. Instead of being a great one-two punch with She’s So Unusual, it’s a dated but competent follow-up that was fortunate enough to coast on its predecessor’s artistic & commercial successes.


Cyndi stepped up very ably to co- produce the Goonies project and her autobiography states that they wanted Eric Brazilian and Rob Hyman of The Hooters to play on True Colors album but they were contractually tied to the SSU producer Rick Chertoff. As Cyndi planned to continue coproducing with Lennie Petze who was executive producer of SSU.
While Nile Rogers adds some instrumental weight to Change of Heart I do feel TC misses the more organic instrumentation of SSU.
What Cyndi did by merging the horrible and the celebratory with What’s Going On and Iko Iko is a stunning highlight of the album. I have seen much praise for the Phil Thornally single mix of What’s Going On but I still think the album version is superior.
Cyndi stated there were 14 songs recorded for TC with Heading For The Moon being the 11th already released.A version of Across The Universe was also recorded during TC sessions.
A deluxe release including audio and video from the outstanding live video Cyndi Lauper In Paris (including live versions of all 10 TC songs) plus outtakes and mixes alongside more of the stunning Annie Leibowitz photography remains firmly on my wishlist.
I agree there has been various saturation levels of cover cross various releases but the above cover image saturation is perfect to my eye.


Glad to finally see had the original back in the day, just ordered


Cyndi Lauper needs more love in regards to reissues. So I will take what is offered. This will make a nice addition to the collection. Enjoyable album from a label I like. Win win.


I love Cyndi Lauper & am just excited something is getting released. I have the MOFI reissue which is ok, original LP & CD. So whilst not needed – I of course want this copy like a collector who hoards needlessly!

I really hope further albums get reissued – a lot of her best tunes IMO are on the albums that weren’t as successful. And it would be great to get them on vinyl.


About blooming time too! Can you imagine if MOV had decided NOT to produce it in coloured vinyl?


Hi. Is this record created from the original master tapes?


This is my favourite album of hers and the colour looks pretty, though it clashes a bit with the subdued saturation of the cover artwork.
I’ve seen this artwork in many different saturations on various re-issues and I find it a bit amusing that they’re going for a rather pale-ish cover when they put out such a vibrantly coloured record.

I’d also love to see a more expanded deluxe treatment for this album. My original vinyl edition sounded good but has gotten a few scratches in the early years. The early CD edition I got unfortunately sounds rather hollow in sound, lacking warmth and dynamics.

So I’m looking for a new copy, but I’m not sure if I’ll get this one or the Mobile Fidelity one or one of those Japanese Blu-spec CD editions. There are no sound clips available for a comparison of all these editions.
I did buy the HiRes-files, but I found them rather disappointing in sound as well – not really better than the early CD – a rather cold and distant sound, I’d say.

Does anybody have the Mobile Fidelity vinyl and does it sound better than the original early vinyl and CDs? And what’s the reputation Music On Vinyl has in terms of mixing/mastering and playback quality?

Derek Langsford

Makes me wonder how many are now rebuying vinyl to replcce the CD they bought to replace their old vinyl?

I guess it’s cheap for the labels to put out an old master on colored vinyl and make more money than they would if they remastered the album and added bonus tracks on a CD deluxe edition.

Russ Thomas

It’s a fair album. The title track is the obvious standout. Looks nice but it’s not an album I’d ever play in 2020.
On a side note – Definitely time we started correcting lazy English spelling on British releases (as the Americans do when things are released there). Ugh.

Stevie B

Interesting, we’re collecting numbers now.
It sort of does matter. Selling something as a ‘limited edition’ to then extend how many were in that ‘limited edition’ sort of makes it not that limited. (ie TinMachine). Unless of course Cyndi is numbering them herself, hopefully 2,500 means 2,500 (it means a lot to numbers collectors, and the odd record collector, that sort of thing) ;)

Pad C

Thanks for this fab news, my first purchase from SDE complete. <3


Bought this at the time. It has 2 good songs on it. As opposed to her first which has least 6 plus it it’s a solid album. Music on Vinyl would be better off releasing her Japanese The Best Remixes album. Cheers.

frank bruce

2 good songs? No, sorry but album is a classic full of great songs. From start to end. This said I won’t be ordering this issue, I’d like to see either a full boxset of the albums with live concerts, mixes, demos or individual deluxe CD sets. None of Cyndi’s albums have ever been re-issued properly


I thought the “She’s So Unusual (A 30th Anniversary Celebration)” dual disc release was well done until I found the Japanese version had a bonus DVD and the Goonies theme song as a hidden track.

So, yes, you are right. Color forms to dress-up Cyndi does not help.

JJ Sinders

I recently bought the Japanese Best Remixes on vinyl. Apparently there are 20 bootlegs floating around from Brazil. This is what I was told when I bought mine. Cost $100 too. But so worth it to me as I have been wanting it on vinyl for years. So i settled for the bootleg.


This is a hard decision to make, indeed is “Flame” really the true color for this album..


MOV have produced 2 previous “flame” coloured albums for Earth Wind and Fire, both basically marbled vinyl – one yellow with orange streaks, the other more orange with yellow streaks! So we’ll just have to wait and see!


Instant pre-order for me, absolutely love this album!
Thanks Paul!

Stevie B

Is that a limited edition of 2,500 this week then 10,000 later ‘due to popular demand’?

Paul Chapman

does it matter? it’s numbered