Aretha Franklin / The Atlantic Albums Collection / 19CD box set


Rhino will release The Atlantic Albums Collection, a new 19CD Aretha Franklin box set at the end of next month.

This collection contains 16 Aretha albums, including Lady Soul, Young, Gifted and Black and the deluxe version of Live At The Fillmore West. All CDs come in vinyl replica card sleeves, housed in Rhino’s usual clamshell box.

The Atlantic Albums Collection is released on 30 October 2015




In the box:

  1. I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You
  2. Aretha Arrives
  3. Aretha Now
  4. Lady Soul
  5. Aretha In Paris
  6. Soul ’69
  7. This Girl’s In Love With You
  8. Spirit In The Dark
  9. Live At Fillmore West [Deluxe]
  10. Young, Gifted And Black
  11. Amazing Grace: The Complete Recordings
  12. Let Me In Your Life
  13. Hey Now Hey (The Other Side Of The Sky)
  14. Sparkle
  15. Rare & Unreleased Recordings From The Golden Reign Of The Queen Of Soul
  16. Oh Me Oh My: Aretha Live In Philly, 1972

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Chris Marks

If they do release the last five atlantic albums from the 1970s, can we please NOT have them remastered, I DON’T want them BRICKWALLED!!!! Thank you from Sydney Down Under. :)


Everything seems to come down to money. Surely Aretha has made enough money from her fans and those who appreciate he work, so why doesn’t she release the five Atlantic albums, why doesn’t she allow the release of the Amazing Grace film?
The albums contained in this box set are available on iTunes, so this box set is nothing new, and i won’t be buying it, though I may have done if the five albums were included


This is a hoax to all aretha fans – not a complete set. We deserve remaster in 2015 and release the last 5 70’s LP on CD finally. I would love for BBR or FTG to handle getting these remaster and released. They did handle her 80’s LP


I’ve read elsewhere that this is a “no frills” package with no booklet, nothing extra. These individual albums are not hard to find. But there are five Aretha albums from 1974 – 1979 that are not included. I know she owns the rights and it’s said she wants a lot of money for them. But since they sold poorly when they were released, what makes her think she will get a fortune now? And without those albums, then this package is incomplete and not one that I will buy. Sorry, Aretha.


Did any of you get this?

Almighty Fire: Five Lost Aretha Franklin Albums Reissued, Expanded For First Time On CD
June 6, 2012 By Joe Marchese —16 Comments
The old Second Disc Crystal Ball is back in action! We’ve looked back to March 30, 2011, when our Reissue Theory column was dedicated to a hypothetical box set containing Aretha Franklin’s five “lost” Atlantic albums, all released between 1974 and 1979. Now, over a year later, we don’t have to imagine any longer, for a reissue of all five albums is upon us! Roger Friedman has broken the news at Showbiz 411 and Forbes.com that Franklin’s label, Aretha’s Records, has entered into a deal with Universal Music Group for the expansion and reissue of With Everything I Feel in Me (1974), You (1975), Sweet Passion (1977), Almighty Fire (1978) and La Diva (1979). The Queen of Soul’s deal with Universal will not impact her recently-announced contract with Sony’s Clive Davis (a mastermind of her successful 1980s “comeback”) for new material, but Friedman states that the Universal agreement might encompass further vault material and even new artist signings in the future.


As other have asked – are these newly remastered? How come it’s so difficult to get an answer to such a simple question – the only one that matters to most of us, apparently.


Thanks Guys
I was initially a little bit tempted but your comments helped me resist the temptation. I have the two 5 cd collections (under £10 each) so having read your views I went on Amazon bought Sparkle, Let Me In Your Life, and Rare and Unreleased for a total cost of under £20. Might get Live in Philly later but tell me do I need another Live Aretha album?


And another who wanted the later albums included;i have the earlier albums on cd already but it would have swayed me to buy the boxset if they were all there.

David Battey

No remastering no bucks from me. Boycott indifferent repackagings! Any definitive answer to that ?


Check this out: http://www.popmarket.com/details/117627482 $74.99 pre-order on PopMarket.com


I, too, read that Aretha has the rights for her last 5 albums on Atlantic. A few songs (4) were on Queen Of Soul box set back in 1992 but not on the similar one of 2014.

She also sued the producers of the documentary about her 1972 Amazing Grace concert (filmed by the late Sydney Pollack) last month, days before it was about to have its premiere at the 2015 TIFF.

I am pretty sure its all about rights and money in the end but sadly we, the fans, miss out in the end.

This box set looks pretty blah to me (and quite expensive in Canada) since I already have it all. Rhino really should “Take A Look” (pun intented!) on the great Columbia box set of 2011. That’s how you do a complete box set!


Rhino/Warner has no rights of Aretha’s last 5 atlantic albums. In 2012 there were the news that Aretha has a deal with universal music for releasing the 5 albums on CDs. But nothing followed…
This box will be only interesting when the singles are included and if there will be new remasters…


Strange then that material from the last five Atlantic albums was on the “Queen Of Soul” boxed set released by Rhino/Warner


Aretha agreed in 1992 to put some songs on the box you mentioned. It was the first and last time yet. You can see that in the copyright credits at the back cover of the box set.


Agree with the above that it’s no where near complete. But why include Rare and Unreleased? This wasn’t an Atlantic album per se but a Rhino collection from 2008.


I did pre-order this last week at under £50 but as it now appears the albums from the 70’s are missing it will probably be cancelled. Missed opportunity

Ronald Headen

I have been hoping for such a set like this for years and was very excited at first. I am disappointed that 5 of her last album releases for the label were not part of the box set. It would have made this set even more enticing if it included the albums With Everything I Feel in Me, You, Sweet Passion, Almighty Fire, and La Diva. I will buy it anyway and hope for later releases on the omitted titles.

Toby Walker

I agree with you Ronald. This is the most confusing release. Record Collector magazine listed some of the albums you list as missed. To confuse matters more, the box set is described as a 19CD box set, which contains 16 CD versions of her albums. Nurse! Amazon do not have a definitive listing, so I would warn anyone off buying this set, until they see a copy in their local store. Lost opportunity, all told.


This collection is a pure rag rug. What about ‘With Everything I Feel In Me’ (1974), ‘You’ (1975), ‘Sweet Passion’ (1977), ‘Almighty Fire’ (1978) and ‘La Diva’ (1979), all released by Atlantic Records?


Still no Sweet Passion, Almighty Fire or La Diva. Why does Atlantic continue to persist Aretha’s career with them ended in 1976 and did not include these albums? I suppose Collection does not necessarily imply Complete, but even so.

James Valenti

Aretha owns these last 5 Lps.


Thanks for the info James.


Are these remasters?