Big Star / Nothing Can Hurt Me / two-disc deluxe package


Nothing Can Hurt Me, last year’s award winning documentary about Big Star will be issued on blu-ray and DVD next month and will also be available as a special deluxe package which includes the band’s first two albums, No.1 Record & Radio City.

The feature length documentary was directed by Drew DeNicola and features rare music, never-before-seen footage and in-depth interviews with the original band members, family, friends and artists they influenced.

The film is on disc one (DVD) while the two albums are on disc two. There doesn’t appear to be a blu-ray + CD option although you can get the documentary as a standalone blu-ray.

Nothing Can Hurt Me is released on 2 March 2015.


Standalone Blu-ray


Deluxe track listing

Disc: 1
1. Nothing Can Hurt Me – Documentary (Video)

Disc: 2
1. Feel (Number One Record)
2. The Ballad Of El Goodo (Number One Record)
3. In The Street (Number One Record)
4. Thirteen (Number One Record)
5. Don’t Lie To Me (Number One Record)
6. The India Song (Number One Record)
7. When My Baby’s Beside Me (Number One Record)
8. My Life Is Right (Number One Record)
9. Give Me Another Chance (Number One Record)
10. Try Again (Number One Record)
11. Watch The Sunrise (Number One Record)
12. ST 100/6 (Number One Record)
13. O,My Soul (Radio City)
14. Life Is White (Radio City)
15. Way Out West (Radio City)
16. What’s Goin Ahn (Radio City)
17. You Get What You Deserve (Radio City)
18. Mod Lang (Radio City)
19. Back Of A Car (Radio City)
20. Daisy Glaze (Radio City)
21. She’s A Mover (Radio City)
22. September Gurls (Radio City)
23. Morpha Too (Radio City)
24. I’m In Love With A Girl (Radio City)

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Yes, as others have asked, does this package include the 2014 remasters (CD) and the deleted scenes (DVD)? If someone can confirm this information, please share it here!


This really is getting out of hand. #1 Record/Radio City was out for years as a 2 on 1 CD. Then Stax remastered and rereleased it a couple of years ago, again as a 2 on 1 CD, but it sounded virtually the same, and had the same booklet. Then last year they again remastered but this time split the 2 albums onto separate CD’s with new booklets, with little noticeable improvement in the sound. Now, this is the 4th time the 2 albums are being released, again on a 2 on 1 CD, but this time with the documentary on DVD, which has itself been out since 2014 on both DVD and Blueray. At what point does the consumer say enough is enough, and stay away from this?


Shame there isn’t a Blu-Ray & CD package.

I know the Blu Ray has deleted scenes etc – are these also on the DVD edition? Cos if they are I might just get that deluxe set with the 2 CDs thrown in if they are the new remasters

Charles Hodgson

Always thought the Big Beat vinyl & CD masters sounded superb. But if these are significantly different masters I may need to give them some attention. Some dickwads on that goddawful Steve Hoffman Forum say previous masters are ‘too bright’ or some such piffle, but those guys couldn’t find their own asses with both hands. (Or a girlfriend in a roomful of desperate single librarians.) Wonder how they dig ‘Like Flies On Sherbet’ or LX’s production work for the Cramps?(schnicker…)


Hmm. Tells me I made an error and then publishes my comment anyway. Apologies for double post.


Keep An Eye On The Sky is out now in what looks like a digipak and a book in a slipcase. I saw it in my local Fopp today for £20.


Will the blu-ray also contain “#1 Record” and “Radio City” ? If not now then hopefully in the future which I and I’m sure others would purchase. I still buy some CDs however would rather purchase Hi Rez releases.


The 2014 remasters are supposed to be stellar. I would like to know if these discs are sourced from the same master.

Charles Hodgson

Got the 2-on-1 Big Beat CD many years ago (and both albums on vinyl on Big Beat in the ’80’s) and the DVD for about £5 a year or so ago. Big Star is one of a handful of bands I will literally buy anything by if there is so much as one previously unreleased track or mix included, but there doesn’t seem to be anything new here. Strange that it comes with the first two albums and not the soundtrack CD’s though. Hasn’t the superb “Keep An Eye On The Sky” Box Set been re-formatted and re-released recently also?

I keep hoping for the complete ‘Third’ / ‘Sister Lovers’ Sessions to be released. Quite a lot has emerged already, but I want every demo and alternate take / mix. And any contemporary live or radio sessions (the frankly shocking ‘Riding Through The Reich’ included!)

(Controversy: Big Star are better than the Beatles! And I say that as someone who loves the Beatles too.)


Wasn’t this already released at the beginning of 2014? I’m confused…