Blondie 4(0)-Ever / Greatest Hits Redux / Ghosts Of Download


In celebration of 40 years since the formation of the band, Blondie are releasing a special 2CD+DVD deluxe set that includes their new album Ghosts Of Download.

Ghosts Of Download cover art

The package is dubbed Blondie 4(0)-Ever and includes a CD of re-recorded greatest hits, the new 16-track album (featuring singles Sugar On The Side and A Rose By Any Other Name) and a DVD Live at CBGB 1977.

The deluxe package will include five photo prints from the archives of Chris Stein as well as a reproduction of a concert poster from 1979. There is a cut-down 2CD edition which does not include the DVD element, as well as a 3LP vinyl package.

At the time of writing a tip for those in the EU would be to opt for the 2CD+DVD French Amazon pre-order  since that is just over £13 compared to nearly £21 in the UK.

Blondie 4(0)-Ever will be issued on 19 May 2014.

Blondie 4(0)-Ever 2CD+DVD Deluxe

Blondie 4(0)-Ever 2CD Edition

Blondie 4(0)-Ever 3LP Vinyl Edition

Track listing

CD 1:  Greatest Hits Redux (newly re-recorded)

  • 1. Heart of Glass
  • 2. Dreaming
  • 3. The Tide is High
  • 4. Maria
  • 5. Sunday Girl
  • 6. Hanging on the Telephone
  • 7. Rapture
  • 8. One Way or Another
  • 9. Call Me
  • 10. Atomic
  • 11. Rip Her To Shreds

CD 2: Ghosts Of Download (new studio album)

  • 1. Sugar on the side
  • 2. Rave
  • 3. A rose by any name
  • 4. Winter
  • 5. I want to drag you around
  • 6. I screwed up
  • 7. Relax
  • 8. Take me in the night
  • 9. Make a way
  • 10. Mile high
  • 11. Euphoria
  • 12. Take it back
  • 13. Backroom
  • 14. Put some color on you
  • 15. Can’t stop wanting
  • 16. Prism

DVD: Live at CBGB 1977

  • 1. Kung Fu Girls
  • 2. In The Sun
  • 3. Little Girl Lies
  • 4. Look Good In Blue
  • 5. Man Overboard
  • 6. A Shark In Jets Clothing
  • 7. Rifle Range
  • 8. In The Flesh
  • 9. X-Offender
  • 10. Youth Nabbed As A Sniper
  • 11. Rip Her To Shreds
  • 12. Heart Full Of Soul
  • 13. I Love Playing With Fire
  • 14. Palisades Park
  • 15. Denis (rehearsal)

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Can anyone clarify the 13/16 tracks on “Ghosts of Download”? Does the Deluxe Edition 2CD+DVD version include all 16 tracks or only 13 tracks? The tracklisting on all amazon sites lists only 13 tracks while the blondie.net US shop lists 13 tracks plus 3 bonus tracks for the Deluxe Edition 2CD+DVD.

[…] is the first picture of the forthcoming deluxe Blondie set we told you about on Friday. Dubbed Blondie 4(0) Ever this three-disc collection contains Ghosts of Download (the new studio […]


The cover could be a lot better, and putting the new album on CD 2 instead of CD 1 doesn’t show much faith in the new material – makes it seem like a bonus CD.

Thomas Williams

Will the 16 track version of the main disc be released in the UK as well? I read somewhere this was only in France and that the rest of the world only got a 13 track version?

Can anyone who knows clarify?


Also not wild about the re-recorded hits (but will give it a chance). Hate the cover. If they wanted to have a retro pic of Harry, there are a millon better choices. Looking forward to the new music and dvd.


Not too impressed with the best of. 11 tracks of re-recorded hits ? The originals weren’t good enough ?

Boaz Halachmi

[ahmmm… the name is, I’m afraid, stupid].


I am looking froward to the re-recorded versions and the DVD.
But I don’t understand Amazon – why is the french store 11 €uros cheaper then the german store? Even with included shipping I save 7 Euros ?!


I can’t help thinking that once you start packaging your new album along with things from your past, that someone somewhere doesn’t have much faith in the new album to sell.

Paul Rymer

This looks like a great package, if the re-recorded hits are like the live versions they’ll be fast and furious! Saw the band live a couple of years ago and was amazed at how they played so many songs back-to-back, Clem is a machine!


The ‘newly re-recorded’ aspect does not instill me with confidence I’m afraid. Good way to promote new album though.