BOX SET ALERT: Meet The Beatles! (again): The US Albums box set


Universal Music continue to exploit their newly acquired Beatles catalogue, with a comprehensive reissue of the band’s output as released in North America via a 13CD ‘The U.S. Albums’ box set as well as limited individual CD reissues of 12 of those Capitol Records’ titles.

The reissues span 1964’s Meet The Beatles! to 1970’s Hey Jude and are released in January 2014, exactly 50 years after the mop tops celebrated I Want To Hold Your Hand becoming their first American number one.

Key points:

  • • Each CD in the box set will contain mono and then stereo versions of the original albums except The Beatles’ Story and Hey Jude which are stereo only.
  • • The 2009 remasters have been used to create these US albums newly EQ’d from a 24/192 digital source alongside original 1960s U.S. master analog tapes to preserve specific mixes and edits
  • • Each album is a mini-LP CD vinyl replica faithfully recreating original artwork including inner sleeves (think Mono box)
  • • Yesterday And Today will use the infamous ‘butcher cover’ but will come with a sticker of the ‘trunk’ cover which you can choose to paste over the top!
  • • The 13 CDs are accompanied by a 64-page booklet with Beatles photos and promotional art from the time, as well as a new essay by American author and television executive Bill Flanagan
  • • A Hard Day’s Night (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), The Beatles’ Story, Yesterday And Today, Hey Jude, and the U.S. version of Revolver make their CD debuts with these releases.
  • • The colourful red, white and blue box will have an inner ‘drawer’ which slides into the outer box.


The uninitiated might wonder what the difference is between what The Beatles released in the UK and what was put out in the United States. Well, in the sixties, Capitol Records (EMI’s American operation) famously went ‘off-piste’ with their Fab Four releases, and didn’t just echo the official Parlophone issues. The US label created completely different Beatles albums (Meet The Beatles, Yesterday And Today) or chopped, amended or edited familiar titles (Help!, Revolver). It wasn’t uncommon for tracks from one British release to be spread across three separate US titles.

Also, it was common practice in the UK to leave singles off albums to give ‘value’ to the pop picker, but that wasn’t something that troubled Capitol executives’ collective consciences, and all the big hit 45s were bolted on to the various long players. The US eventually fell into line with the UK and from 1967 – starting with Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – the albums were always identical (although the Magical Mystery Tour (1967) and Hey Jude (1970) LPs were still unique Capitol creations).

Obviously, the US releases will have great resonance to anyone who grew up buying them in that part of the world, but for collectors and Beatles enthusiasts outside America, they still represent something of a treasure trove, with lots of alternative and unique mixes found dotted across the individual albums – both in mono and stereo (sometimes duophonic or ‘fake’ stereo). Most of the quirks of the original Capitol audio –  fake stereo and added reverb and the like – will not feature on these reissues because Apple are reverting to the 2009 remasters. However according to this article unique edits or mixes that were supplied to the US by George Martin have been maintained.  So the track listings have been recreated by a mix of 2009 core catalogue remasters and original 1960s Capitol analogue master tapes. and EQ more in line with the US audience of the 1960s has been applied.

The following CDs are in the box (see full track listing below)

  1. Meet The Beatles!
  2. The Beatles’ Second Album
  3. A Hard Day’s Night (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  4. Something New
  5. The Beatles’ Story
  6. Beatles ’65
  7. The Early Beatles
  8. Beatles VI
  9. Help! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  10. Rubber Soul
  11. Yesterday And Today
  12. Revolver
  13. Hey Jude

The U.S. Albums box set and the individual reissues are released on 20 January 2014.



Meet The Beatles (January 20, 1964)

  • I Want To Hold Your Hand
  • I Saw Her Standing There
  • This Boy
  • It Won’t Be Long
  • All I’ve Got To Do
  • All My Loving
  • Don’t Bother Me
  • Little Child
  • Till There Was You
  • Hold Me Tight
  • I Wanna Be Your Man
  • Not A Second Time


The Beatles’ Second Album (April 10, 1964)

  • Roll Over Beethoven
  • Thank You Girl
  • You Really Got A Hold On Me
  • Devil In Her Heart
  • Money
  • You Can’t Do That
  • Long Tall Sally
  • I Call Your Name
  • Please Mr. Postman
  • I’ll Get You
  • She Loves You


A Hard Day’s Night (Original Motion Picture Sound Track) (June 26, 1964)

  • A Hard Day’s Night
  • Tell Me Why
  • I’ll Cry Instead
  • I Should Have Known Better (instrumental)
  • I’m Happy Just To Dance With You
  • And I Love Her (instrumental)
  • I Should Have Known Better
  • If I Fell
  • And I Love Her
  • Ringo’s Theme (this Boy) (instrumental)
  • Can’t Buy Me Love
  • A Hard Day’s Night (instrumental)


Something New (July 20, 1964)

  • I’ll Cry Instead
  • Things We Said Today
  • Any Time At All
  • When I Get Home
  • Slow Down
  • Matchbox
  • Tell Me Why
  • And I Love Her
  • I’m Happy To Just Dance With You
  • If I Fell
  • Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand (I Want To Hold Your Hand… sung In German)


The Beatles Story (November 23, 1964) *CD is box set only

  • On The Stage With The Beatles
  • How Beatlemania Began
  • Beatlemania In Action
  • Man Behind The Beatles – Brian Epstein
  • John Lennon
  • Who’s A Millionaire?
  • Beatles Will Be Beatles
  • Man Behind The Music – George Martin
  • George Harrison
  • A Hard Day’s Night – Their First Movie
  • Paul Mccartney
  • Sneaky Haircuts And More About Paul
  • The Beatles Look At Life
  • “victims” Of Beatlemania
  • Beatle Medley
  • Ringo Starr
  • Liverpool And All The World!


Beatles ’65 (December 15, 1964)

  • No Reply
  • I’m A Loser
  • Baby’s In Black
  • Rock And Roll Music
  • I’ll Follow The Sun
  • Mr. Moonlight
  • Honey Don’t
  • I’ll Be Back
  • She’s A Woman
  • I Feel Fine
  • Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby



The Early Beatles (March 22, 1965)


  • Love Me Do
  • Twist And Shout
  • Anna
  • Chains
  • Boys
  • Ask Me Why
  • Please Please Me
  • P.s. I Love You
  • Baby It’s You
  • A Taste Of Honey
  • Do You Want To Know A Secret


Beatles VI (June 14, 1965)

  • Kansas City
  • Eight Days A Week
  • You Like Me Too Much
  • Bad Boy
  • I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party
  • Words Of Love
  • What You’re Doing
  • Yes It Is
  • Dizzy Miss Lizzie
  • Tell Me What You See
  • Every Little Thing


Help (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (August 13, 1965)

  • Help!
  • The Night Before
  • From Me To You Fantasy (instrumental)
  • You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
  • I Need You
  • In The Tyrol (instrumental)
  • Another Girl
  • Another Hard Day’s Night (instrumental)
  • Ticket To Ride
  • The Bitter End/you Can’t Do That (instrumental)
  • You’re Going To Lose That Girl
  • The Chase (instrumental)


Rubber Soul (December 6, 1965)

  • I’ve Just Seen A Face
  • Norwegian Wood
  • You Won’t See Me
  • Think For Yourself
  • The Word
  • Michelle
  • It’s Only Love
  • Girl
  • I’m Looking Through You
  • In My Life
  • Wait
  • Run For You Life



Yesterday And Today (June 20, 1966)

  • Drive My Car
  • I’m Only Sleeping
  • Nowhere Man
  • Dr. Robert
  • Yesterday
  • Act Naturally
  • And Your Bird Can Sing
  • If I Needed Someone
  • We Can Work It Out
  • What Goes On?
  • Day Tripper


Revolver (August 8, 1966)

  • Taxman
  • Eleanor Rigby
  • Love You To
  • Here, There And Everywhere
  • Yellow Submarine
  • She Said She Said
  • Good Day Sunshine
  • For No One
  • I Want To Tell You
  • Got To Get You Into My Life
  • Tomorrow Never Knows


Hey Jude (February 26, 1970)

  • Can’t Buy Me Love
  • I Should Have Known Better
  • Paperback Writer
  • Rain
  • Lady Madonna
  • Revolution
  • Hey Jude
  • Old Brown Shoe
  • Don’t Let Me Down
  • Ballad Of John & Yoko


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[…] Apple had already decided with the recent The Beatles: The US Albums box that 21st century masters would be used in these types of re-releases, so to employ an old […]


wow, how confusing. is there a websight that list track by track each box set and what the source was for them. And what was done to each track to make it different from the master tape from the 60’s used to cut the record. or if it was not even the same master. I would think that would be pretty easy. Just list each song and say if it was from the same master as the vynal or not and what was done to it besides a digital re eq’ing to make it sound “better”. One more question I had, were the Capital Records Vol 1 & 2 remastered or are they an untouched copy of the master tapes? Thanks.

sweat hollister ado

Il est encore un bon moment pour planter des pelouses de gazon, dit Hollister. "Tant que ce n’est pas la pluie ou boueux, vous pouvez planter du gazon, y compris les graminées de saison chaude comme les Bermudes," dit-il. "Planter des graminées de saison chaude maintenant et ils vont établir un système racinaire puissant et être prêt à décoller au printemps quand le temps se réchauffe.».


Did anybody else’s “Yesterday and Today” come with two discs in the box set?

Adrian Everett

No, Yesterday and Today is The original Butcher Cover and it comes with The Steamer Trunk Cover in sticker form so you can stick it over The Butcher Cover. Like you really wanna do that when everyone knows the Butcher Cover is the most sought after original Beatles album cover of all time.

Jerry M

BEWARE! I purchased the new set and it is all the UK mixes put into US album format and NOT the original Capital records mixes. The first two Capital records box sets ARE the correct US mixes.
If you are looking for the original US mixes like I was, DO NOT purchase this box set. You will be sorely disappointed. I wish there was someone to complain to, but I have had no success finding anyone.

michael u

I hope they use the mix of and i love her from the United artist lp. I purchased a newer Capital vinyl version of that lp and they used a different mix.I do own the Capitol vol. 1 and 2. I think i may just buy the missing cds, Revolver,Hey Jude etc. I just wished they used the original U.S. masters. If they are using the UK masters,what about help and Rubber soul? I read that they used a 1980s remix of the two albums for the 2009 set.

Paul Gordon

I own the higher resolutioon Beatles USB stick, which contains the stereo versions of the album, and also the 2009 Mono Box set and most of the 2009 stereo CDs. I have many of original U.S. LPs, some stereo, some mono, including Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (censored cover). I’m interested in the U.S. Beatles Box Set, but I would want it on Hi Rez USB (Stereo and Mono). I don’t need another bulky box that takes up room with my other sets.

[…] previously announced on this blog, this special collection is released on 20 January 2014 and contains 13 CDs; titles released by […]

[…] to allow the reverb-drenched and fake stereo Capitol versions of some songs appear on the new U.S. Albums box set despite the fact that they are historically […]

[…] to allow the reverb-drenched and fake stereo Capitol versions of some songs appear on the new U.S. Albums box set despite the fact that they are historically […]

Ben Mills

Following the Amazon.ca thread: I just received my Complete Benjamin Britten set for the Canada Amazon and i had to write the UPS driver a $25 check for some fee (can’t remember exactly what). It wiped out any savings I might have realized. Anyway, I think I am passing on this Beatles set until I get reviews from folks once they have heard the discs.

[…] recently announced 13CD box set of The Beatles Capitol albums is due for release on 20 January […]


I was excited at first about this box set but after further reading I believe I will pass. I’ve got the Mono and Stereo box sets from 2009 and the Capital Box Sets Vol. 1 & 2. so except for the packaging I could probably burn my own CDs using what I own. Having 3 to 5 unique mixes from Yesterday and Today sounds nice but at least 3 won’t be authentic because the stereo versions of those were fake stereo I believe. The stereo versions on A Hard Days Night were also fake stereo so except for the instrumentals (I could probably download for free) I already have what you are purposing. Basically I’ve got the Hey Jude Album from my 2009 collection too so what’s the point. No I’ll pass. Thanks but no thanks. Another corporate screw up. Would have been easier and real had you just made a vol.3.

gary c

I got an email from Amazon.com offering the set for USD 160 and if you pick the 8-14 day delivery option which guesstimates the import taxes for you (you get refunded the difference) it comes in at USD 204 so you save around £25.
Just saying.


Before everybody jumps on the USA pricing, I suggest you check out Amazon’s Canada price – as of 17th Dec around £80 (ex-tax, post etc.) but still a worthwhile saving.

gary c

Cock a doodle do!
No import tax issues then? Has anyone here ordered anything from Amazon Canada before?

Seth hollander

Using Google shows that my memory and I are completely WRONG.
Wish I had Googled BEFORE I ordered 3 of these albums!


I have to agree with Paul & say that the 2009 remasters were indeed a very comprehensive remastering of the Master Tapes. They did repair & patch the odd drop out & tape deterioration (the classic guitar riff drop out on Day Tripper, etc, etc). The Mono masters hadn’t been used for so long apparently the tape used to link the tracks together on the Master tape had begun to undo. Thankfully EMI unwittingly used very good quality master tapes for that time.

So they did not remix in anyway, unlike they did with Yellow Submarine Songtrack & the Love project. Which just goes to show how good a remix & remaster would have been. That’s for the future … A long way in the future.

I also agree with the chap that said a Capitol Volume Three with the rest of the Capitol albums with correct US mixes would have been a better idea. I think the constant reissuing here is to protect future copyright laws of the Beatles material in the US & UK, so a missed opportunity for this (supposed) US box by using 2009 UK remasters as a basis. Oh well! Who would have thought this would have got so complex?! Cheers everyone!

Josh Agulnick

Hi Paul,

Would you be able to confirm if the albums with tracks from the UK “Help!” and “Rubber Soul” (“Beatles VI,” “Help!,” “Rubber Soul,” and “Yesterday and Today”) will contain the original 1965 UK stereo mixes (that were used as a bonus on the mono CDs) or the 1987 stereo remixes that remained canon in 2009? Any information on this would be very helpful.


Any definitive confirmation of that or is it just a hypothesis?

Seth Hollander

If I remember correctly, the 2009 reissues were NOT JUST remasters. They were reconstructed from the multitrack tapes to replicate the original mixes while capturing all the audio info that 60s mixing boards would lose. The 2009 mixing engineers studied the 60s mixes for reference.
In the 60s, the UK master mix tapes were manipulated to make the US variant versions. I think this new box is being made by manipulating the 09 reconstructions so that they match the 60s US variants.


Can’t you people see that Capitol/EMI are taking you for an expensive ride?



Seth Hollander

Weren’t the original (1960s) US different versions made by modifying the UK masters? And weren’t the 2009 masters made from the multitracks, remixed? And when the remixing was done in 2009, weren’t the original UK 60’s mixes used as templates for the new mixes? So, isn’t “(using) (t)he 2009 remasters … to create these US albums newly EQ’d from a 24/192 digital source alongside original 1960s U.S. master analog tapes to preserve specific mixes and edits”, the right way to get both the richness of modern audio technology and the differences of the 60’s American-release alterations? Maybe we aren’t getting the versions we are buying these for, but maybe we are! I ordered RS, Y&T, and Revolver and have my hopes up high!


Soooo, this is a fake box set?! That is really bad.

Paul English

I might as well make my own CDRs.


Basically, if you already own the 2009 remasters, all you are getting in the UK for your hard earned £145 is a nice set of replica sleeves because 99% of honest people will not hear any difference in the audio.

If they had taken the time to do it properly and sourced the original audio then I would have bought the set but I’m not paying for the same audio. Especially at that ridiculous price.

£145 is a joke.

Ben Mills

Paul, you stated that, “So the answer to your question is yes, they went back to the 24/192 and did not use the digital source that created the 2009 remaster CD versions.”
Maybe it is me who is confused, but this seems to read that they will not use the versions from the 2009 reissues.

Ben Mills

From the Examinr web site (http://www.examiner.com/article/beatles-label-says-they-worked-to-preserve-mixes-used-new-u-s-albums-box) , the 2009 masters were used for this box:
The company says that in preparing the albums for reissue, they decided not to remaster from the original Capitol master tapes.

“While doing so would have been the easiest way to go, it would not have created the best possible listening experience. In an effort to preserve the original intentions of the band and the producers, the masters used are, in most cases, the same as the stereo and mono remasters released in 2009 as part of the Parlophone/Apple core catalog, all approved by George Martin and The Beatles. All of the duophonic mixes have been replaced with the approved stereo mixes when available and some mono mixes in the few instances where no true stereo mix exists.”

Ben Mills

I understand, but I thought that point had been refuted in your post about your reliable source who stated that the 2009 was not used. Don’t post this, just felt a bit “hollered at” in your reply…..


The new EQ is the only audio bait they can throw out there and I doubt that it will be distinguishable from the 2009 audio. Regardless, it is still not faithful to the music the sleeves are promoting.

Having observed what the industry is putting out in recent years through helpful sites such as this, it is now entirely obvious when genuine, faithful and quality products are being offered and when record companies are trying to take your cash for sub-standard products requiring as little effort as possible on their part.

I’d prefer authentic vinyl rips on these CD’s rather than the wrong audio that offers nothing different to what I already own.

I may as well just go and look at the US sleeves in a book or online rather than have them in a box as an ornament on my shelf.

James Kelly

I read there is also a vinyl set as well. As an American, I welcome these releases. It reminds me of growing up with these LP’s. I am especially glad finally have Help, and A Hard Days night re issued! Can’t wait.


Wasn’t Help on Vol 2 of the Capitol Box set?

[…] Fonte: Superdeluxedition […]


Most favorite version of I Want To Hold Your Hand is the fake stereo one recorded in Meet The Beatles.
I’m so sad that version will be erased from beatle history…


Hey Paul,

Where did you hear about the albums being created newly EQ’ed from 24/192 source? Does it mean they went back to the 24/192 transfers to create new remasters and not use the existing 2009 24/44.1 “approved” versions? That’s a very interesting possibility….


Thanks Paul! So basically we are getting all new 2013 remasters for the UK mixes as well. That makes this box a lot more interesting.


They should’ve just gone with Capitol Albums Vol. 3 and continued that series FROM THE US MASTER TAPES. This is a ridiculous facsimile. And an expensive one.


This was a definite purchase for me, but now that I’ve heard it’s just the 2009 remasters… I’m not so sure. I’d still love to have the instrumentals and the packaging, but if the mixes aren’t different there just isn’t that much worth in it. Not to mention I’ve already bought all of these albums countless times anyway, in one form or another. I would also like The Beatles Story out of curiosity, since I haven’t been able to track it down on vinyl (nor have I really had the drive to, honestly), but it’s box set only. I’m going to have to really think about if this set is worth it. I’m not sure.


Uk rip off prices again, £99 USA £145 UK ………….


As clearly stated, the audio is being sourced from the 2009 remasters, so all your £145 is getting you is a set of pretty replica sleeves.

The audio is not an authentic reproduction of what was originally on the albums.

Do it right or don’t bother, especially at that price.

Seems like another money-grab from a label knocking half-baked product out on the cheap.

If the audio was as authentic as the replica sleeves I’d buy it as a companion piece to the original mono/stereo CD boxes but I’m not stupid enough to pay for the exact same audio masquerading as something completely different.


sorry to hijack this thread but it is Beatles release related.

On Tuesday, Universal plans to release, on iTunes only, “The Beatles Bootleg Recordings 1963,” a compilation of 59 recordings, among them a handful of studio outtakes; a few dozen BBC performances, drawn from the same well as the recent “On Air” two-CD set; and informal demonstration recordings of two songs the group gave to other artists — Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s acoustic guitar duet version of “Bad to Me” and a Lennon piano demo of “I’m in Love.”

The releases are a response to a new European Union copyright law that will extend copyright protection to 70 years — but only for recordings that were published within 50 years after they were made. So in the case of the Beatles, the group’s 1963 debut album, “Please Please Me,” already benefits from the copyright extension, but the unreleased session tapes — unused versions of the same songs on the album — did not, hence the release. Similarly, the BBC performances released on “Live at the BBC” (1994) and “On Air — Live at the BBC, Vol. 2” (2013) — are protected, but they represent less than half of the 275 performances the Beatles recorded for the BBC between 1962 and 1965. Another 44 of those recordings are included in the set to be released on Tuesday.


Thanks for the info. Buy, download and stash on another device ASAP.

Paul Rymer

I think there’s going to be trouble if these don’t properly replicate the unique versions that are on vinyl.

Yesterday & Today was out a couple of years ago on a great mini-LP format, with sticker, from a Russian website, an absolutely lovely item (these turn up at record fairs and on ebay). I feel that this box is official competition for these high quality unofficial pressings – they must get the contents right!


Speaking as a Canadian fan, I grew up never knowing the authentic UK versions of Beatles albums. I can appreciate that the Beatles themselves hated what Capitol did in North America. However, we here grew up with the titles presented in this new box set, and as a souvenir of our youth, these versions will bring back many happy memories. I used to love playing the Beatles VI and Hey Jude albums on my stereo, and look forward to having the pleasure of reliving those magical times.


Sort of misses the point of the Capitol vols I and II..which was mainly the sound of the original US releases brought about by the different mixes/edits/treatments (whether fake stereo or reverb) as well as the sequencing and stretching of releases. As has been pointed out, using the 2009 masters takes this away…and you’re left with nice but pricy rep sleeves.


I bought the two Capitol sets, which sadly stopped with “Rubber Soul”. I had been awaiting “Yesterday…and Today”, which was the first Beatles LP I owned as a kid. I would have bought the next volume just to get the US mix of “I’m Only Sleeping”, which was very different from the UK version. If all that is being provided is tweaked versions of the UK tracks, I’ll have to pass.


According to the info, ‘special care wail be given to the US tracks that differed from the UK releases.’ Why not just release the songs as a download?

Robert Popik

I agree with the prior post 100% , very skeptical , and where is the “Live At The Hollywood Bowl CD” it was a Capitol release …..


They didn’t include the “Rock And Roll” or “Love Songs” or “Reel Music” collections from the late 70’s or the 80’s either. This was meant to be a set of original albums released in the US while the Beatles were still The Beatles, not “cash-ins” after they broke up.

[…] On 20 January Universal Music celebrate 50 years since Meet The Beatles and I Wanna Hold Your Hand went to number one in America by reissuing 12 Capitol titles on CD and a special The US Albums box set. […]

Mike F

Hmm, seems a bit pointless if they are losing some of the quirks of the American issues. Also, are they going to use the correct mixes for these? I am sceptical (skeptical for our U.S. friends.) However the trunk sticker thing is a nice touch.


Looks good, i think i’ll pass at that price though, but why use the 2009 remastered tracks to recreate these albums? Surely they should be using something like the Capitol mixes Vol. I & II. After all, the US mixes where very different, often using fake stereo effects on mixes, making them sound very different. So does that mean that this US box is a make up of of the very same UK 2009 remasters!? Seems a bit odd! What about US only tracks on some albums, what remasters are they using … !? Perhaps it’s me missing something … :-/

Robert Popik

Agree Si