‘Brilliant Live Adventures’: Parlophone announce six 90s-era Bowie live albums

Three due before Christmas and the rest in the new year

As hinted by the official David Bowie site earlier this week, there is a new product announcement today. Parlophone will soon issue as series of Bowie live albums with material recorded between 1995 and 1999 under the banner ‘Brilliant Live Adventures’.

These are six albums which will all be made available on CD and vinyl, but as “limited one run only pressings”. The first release is called Ouvrez Le Chien. This was previously a streaming-only live album but will be released physically at the end of this month. It features audio recorded at the Starplex Amphitheater, Dallas, 13 October, 1995, during the U.S. leg of the Outside tour.

Ouvrez Le Chien was produced by David Bowie and recorded by Steve Guest. The musicians are David Bowie – vocals and saxophone, Carlos Alomar – rhythm guitar, Reeves Gabrels – lead guitar and vocals, Gail Ann Dorsey – bass and vocals, Zachary Alford – drums, Peter Schwartz – musical director, keyboards and synthesisers, George Simms – vocals, Mike Garson – piano and keyboards.

Ouvrez Le Chien’ is the first of six 1990s live release promised by Parlophone

I think it’s reasonable to presume that the two other streaming exclusives – Something In The Air (Live Paris 99) (check it out on Spotify) and LiveAndWell.com (listen here) will be amongst the remaining five yet-to-be-announced concerts, but we’ll have to wait and see about the other three.

All these live albums will ONLY be available via David Bowie’s online store or the newly rebranded Rhino store ‘Dig!’ and for now Ouvrez Le Chien is the only one you can pre-order.

Parlophone are incentivising you to buy all six albums, by offering empty boxes with ‘Brilliant Live Adventures’. The idea is you buy the boxes to house your purchases. Neither are available yet from the Dig! store – you have to ‘register your interest’ but on Bowie’s shop they are showing as ‘sold out’ (CD was £12, vinyl box £17). As we approach the season of goodwill, you’d think, if you buy all six albums under one account, they might actually GIVE you a box… but apparently not (Disc Union in Japan do this very thing – if you purchase a ‘set’ of mini-LP CD vinyl replicas, they give you a ‘free’ box).

Ouvrez Le Chien will be released on 30 October 2020.

Empty box to collect the CDs was retailing for £12

Ouvrez Le Chien
Recorded live at the Starplex Amphitheater, Dallas, 13th October, 1995


Look Back In Anger
The Hearts Filthy Lesson
The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)
I Have Not Been To Oxford Town
Andy Warhol
Breaking Glass
The Man Who Sold The World
We Prick You
I’m Deranged
Joe The Lion
Nite Flights
Under Pressure
Teenage Wildlife

Ouvrez Le Chien
Recorded live at the Starplex Amphitheater, Dallas, 13th October, 1995



Look Back In Anger (David Bowie/Brian Eno)
The Hearts Filthy Lesson
The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)


I Have Not Been To Oxford Town (David Bowie/Brian Eno)
Andy Warhol
Breaking Glass


The Man Who Sold The World
We Prick You
I’m Deranged
Joe The Lion


Nite Flights
Under Pressure
Teenage Wildlife

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Finally got the 6th and Last Brilliant Live CD Kit Kat club and the CD slip case box today. Since october 2019 30 euros (CD+shopping costs) x 6= 180 , the box 25 euros. :205 euros for à 6 CD boxset without book or goodies or memorabilia !! The best job in the world ? Being a member of Bowie estate and legacy office Duncan , Alex don t’ worry stupid fan like me will make you live a beautiful life


Now that this catastrophe is over, I look forward to Paul’s hot take on it all.

Sascha H.

Watch out, the empty box can be ordered again on the rhino website !


Finally got the 4 th cd (Look at the Moon Phoenix Festival today 2 cds )through Bowie Store and should got the 5 th (old out on Bowie and Dig sites when i checked)through a command on E bay for 50 euros (30 cd plus 20 shipping cost)!
Ordering the 6 th and last WITH the cd box will be a mess i guess


Looked for part 5 day before yesterday, looked today and sold out..not happy

Sascha H.

I finally get a parcel BUT know I got the 3rd CD twice. Anyone who wants that CD ? I need the 4th CD. So the 3rd CD for the 4th CD anyone ?

Christophe ODDONE

It s getting more and more difficult to have the cds : i have the third three and i m waiting for the fourth ordered through Bowie store. These last days i was checking every morning for the 5 th release and i missed it ! this morning everything on every site was sold out …so i had to buy Something in the Air in cd through Ebay for about 50 pounds !
The good news is that on the Bowie store they say that a box for the cds will be avalaible with the orders for the 6th cd ….if i can get it from the store at decent price
completely mad


Serious buyers regret with these. Each title is harder to get than the previous, and completing a set will be difficult to do without paying multiples for the 5th and 6th releases.
Suspect I will end up ditching what I have and moving on with the rest of my life.
After the Mother 45 debacle where the same thing occurred I am now no longer a Bowie completist.

Sascha H.

I did get the third CD today. Great stuff. Love it. So the 4th has been released on the 11th of February and is on the way to me. Can´t wait.

Sascha H.

I ordered the 3rd one in December but didn´t get mine until today. Release date was the 15th of January but I did not get a message from them that it has been send, no, they can´t even find the my money order, so I send several mails but they doesn´t seem to check it. What a frog !


Ik heb de derde cd ook in december besteld. Die is nu kwijt. Krijg mijn geld terug maar cd is inmiddels nergens meer te krijgen!! Tegelijkertijd het bijbehorende shirt besteld. Die is in januari verscheept (waarom niet tegelijkertijd sowieso?) maar die zou nog onderweg zijn. Ik ben benieuwd. Je kunt beter via de bowie site bestellen dan via rhino of – dit keer in mijn geval – merchbar.


Ordered 3rd in mid December,still haven’t got it,sent e-mail but have had no response.It’s a joke,why not just release the whole set together,as with other box sets? Actually feel like telling them to stuff it ! Anyone know the 4th release date ?

Sascha H.

Folks, don´t miss this ! The fourth CD can be pre ordered right now.


Man this is one wacky campaign. In the USA, Bowie site now only lists the liveandwell.com CD and some shirts. The Rhino site still has all 3 titles available in both formats and bundles. People are complaining they still have not received orders and some are paying double-prices on eBay. I myself was able to order a LP box even though it said “sold out”. Later that day they took the “buy now” button off the page. Very strange…

Arr Gee

I got LP +CD on rhino.com for $65 including delivery. About £50. Was £36 for each of two previous LP+CD bundles, so a £14 premium. (sigh)

Arr Gee

small tip if you are ordering from Rhino US is to create an account first. They send a newsletter with a 10% discount code. Use that to get $5 off LP+CD package


Update: The lps for the first two are now out of stock on Rhino USA. You can pre-order all formats of liveandwell currently.


Inow have the first 2 cds, but, after looking at prices on ebay, from now on I’m gonna order the vinyl and cd bundles (for the remaining releases) once they’re up for pre order, with a view to selling the vinyl to pay for the cds (as they say, if you can’t beat em, join em!). I suspect many fans are already doing just that…

Sascha H.

The 3rd one is ready to order so get it while you can. It will be shipped on the 15th of January 2021.

Arr Gee

Sold out already! in less than 24 hours


The second live album is from the same tour and is already sold out in Europe but still available for pre order in US. With higher delivery coast of course, Not a word about the new release from you Paul. Is it because of the infamous Boxgate?


My LP box arrived today, it’s a single sleeve box (unlike the other Bowie boxes that are double sleeve (box in a box)).
Not sure they cost the price paid to manufacture but they’ll look nice alongside the other box sets.

Arr Gee

Think I will pass on the boxes. Seems crazy to spend £30 on a couple of boxes. I just want to listen to the music.

Richard Anderson

Just got the dispatch note to say that my Brilliant Live Adventures empty cd box is on the way. Boxes weren’t supposed to be released until December so they must be sending them out early to coincide with the Ouvrez Le Chein release this week.


Thank God that David is not around to witness this debacle. So when does IMAN step in & shut this nonsense down? Embarrassment!!!


Sold out on the David Bowie store, had to order on the Dig store.
£7,39 shipping to Belgium + £25 for the double LP, not cheap but the only place to buy it.
Hope I can get my hands on the box to store the lp’s, although I will have to pay for it, so won’t be cheap either.
They could have found out a way to offer the box free of charge to people purchasing the 6 LP’s.


Delayed, but I really feel the way they’re rolling out these releases is testing the goodwill of loyal fans. It seems like they are rolling out announcing these separate releases one by one, but not shipping till a later date. There better eventually be a way to combine shipping on some of these items. If we’re forced to pay separate shipping on each item… what a waste in many respects ??!? (our money, environmental, etc)


It’s really a problem with the limited editions. I pay for delivery to Germany, each time almost 6 € for the delivery. That’s 36 € for 6 CDs. In the worst case, I will pay for the delivery of the box, if it is available, another 6 €. One solution to order everything at once and pay 12 € for delivery is clearly more sympathetic to me.
And then you don’t even know if you will get all 7 units. This is real ….. crap and spoils your desire to collect.


All this moaning about the websites, what about the people who bought more than one box? They’re no better than ticket touts.
I’m sure ebay will be flooded with them around mid november…

John MC cann

Well if it’s flooded with them they should be cheap then!

Sascha H.

I just pre ordered it from the Bowie website. From Rhino UK I wanted to pre order the empty box but: I used the link but within minutes the box has been declared sold out. What a frog ! But I did get a mail with the info that there will be a box after they released all 6 CDs. Good. I hope that I get one of these boxes.


Ordered CD. Box ordered and confirmed. Will have to wait and see if/when it turns update

Roger Jarman

My experience ….

My question:
I placed an order for this item and then 30 minutes later, I was told the item was sold out. PLEASE confirm whether I will be receiving or wait until next year? Thank you

Their reply:

Hello Roger,
Thank you for contacting us.
Your order is currently processing. Once it ships from our warehouse, we’ll send you an email confirmation.
RELEASE 12/11/2020
We appreciate your patience! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Rhino Store – http://rhino.com/

70s Guy

Went to pre-order the CD ….25 US + with post for a single cd. As much as I love to listen to anything Bowie, gotta say I am going to pass on this whole shebang for this series.

The avid collector

I’ll tell you what’s a shame. It’s record companies thinking they need to use strategies and gimmicks to sell an artist of the stature of Mr David Bowie. They just need to put the product out there. We’re not dealing with some new artist in the 1980’s or whatever that needs a whole lot of strategies and hype behind them to sell the records. It’s Bowie! Just put enough of the product out there. I would love to know how many allocations of the boxes were released each time. I mean there’s limited and there’s limited. We are usually all saying that limited editions usually seem to be open ended these days, but they definitely don’t seem to have got the numbers correct on this one, there’s obviously been far to few available.

Bowie Collector

I agree all of these new so called limited editions re recorded albums are just a money making scam. Mr Bowie never released re prints like they are doing now and all the songs on these are all already out there. I am a huge fan and met him back stage a the original Live Aid in London and I was collecting his Vinyls from 1976 and I have 78 in my collection and all first prints and the only ones I have that are recent are the last ones eg: Black Star. I will admit that I did buy a copy of his portfolio that was a limited of 1000 and I got number 777 but as far as all these new albums that are being sold now I don’t know why anyone would want them as they only have songs that are already on the albums he released and he never did this himself so I guess someone or a company are making a large fortune. Why can’t people just leave things be and just be happy with all he gave us and also what he left us with as his goodby. Well that’s my rant over with and no offence meant by it, just my personal opinion


I find it brilliant that more slipcases are coming. I’m considering just getting six of those and ignoring all the albums.

I certainly hope this is how they’ll handle the next career spanning sets as well – setting up a biweekly goose chase for the albums, making us pay enough p&p to take out a mortgage, then perhaps producing enough boxes for everyone. I mean we’re loyal fans, aren’t we …?


All this moaning and groaning about not getting the box has reduced a highly desirable Bowie collectable to nothing special at all now. Shame.

Paul Quinn

Could I ask you a question did you manage to buy any slip cases from either site? If so you are a very lucky person. I think it is the sending of emails to people when they have signed up to be notified when the boxes are available to buy and finding out they have all been sold. I haven’t managed to get a lp or cd box but have purchased both cd & album but it would be nice to have the boxes to house them. And that goes for most people on this forum who have been disappointed with what as gone on. The sad thing about this is they have let people order as many as they wanted so they could sell them on ebay or other auction sites, that’s what you call a proper shame to genuine fans who like me collect everything to do with Bowie.

Jonathan Riley

oh i know, i ordered when I received the email yesterday when they were in stock, and I was able to get one with a copy of the 1st cd
wasn’t hard at all
I think it would be awesome if the first printing of the boxes were different somehow then the reprint ones, aka making the first printing limited like they stated on their listing.


Just recieved another email from “them”, the title being,” Brilliant Live Adventures Pre-Order **Limited Quantities Remaining** + Additional Slipcases Coming Soon”, yet in the actual email its still saying the slipcases are being released to coincide with the sixth cd/ vinyl release, so the “coming soon” bit sounds like more clickbait, unless they’ve finally got the message from us fans on sde…

Tom m hans

I contacted Rhino UK and asked to cancel my preorder due to boxgate. Hopefully they are more reasonable than the Prince Estate refusing to cancel my preorder some weeks back.


Surely a company refusing to cancel your pre order, is in beeach of uk consumer laws?


I managed to cancel mine after (finally) finding a contact number for them. The woman was very helpful (sounded like she was working from home). She apologised and said there was a backlog of messages from people that they were working through.
The cd was refunded within 5 minutes of getting off the phone.
I feel free and no longer tied in to their marketing plan…

Richard S

I got the same email from Rhino last night saying they’d sold out. I only realised today that I’d missed the earlier one saying they were available.
I guess the whole point of this is to collect the six items and put them in a box, creating a nice set. If you can’t guarantee you have a box, then for a lot of people that is frustrating. I know there are much bigger things to worry about in the world right now, but that is the situation with this.
I’m not the biggest Bowie fan in the world, but I’ve enjoyed collecting the box sets so far, as I had none of the originals, just a couple of compilation albums. I was contemplating getting this set as it would fit in nicely with the existing (and future) boxes. But I would have much preferred to have just bought the whole thing in one go. That would have been a much better expereience all round.
As it is, I’m thinking I don’t really need six more live albums, there’s been plenty of them in the other boxes. So, yes, to use the Dragon’s Den analogy…I’m out. I’ll wait for the next box and save my money for something else.


I’m out too. This sounded quite fun at first, I like collecting things! But the vague promise of another opportunity to buy the box at the end makes it seem very likely that you’d be collecting a set you’d never be able to complete. And what’s the point in that.


As they would say on tv’s dragon’s den, “if i treated any of my customers in that way, they would have all left by now. The whole thing comes across as a massive cash grab, with no thought at all for loyal fans (customers). I’m sorry, but I’m definitely out….”

Gareth Pugh

I’m not sure if the marketing team behind this launch planning and execution are really clever at their jobs, or really incompetent. Sometimes, the visible evidence for both can look exactly the same! The cynic in me is wondering if they have all read their behavioural science textbooks about creating scarcity effect, FOMO etc. and are (remotely) high-giving each other for a potential ‘marketing effectiveness award’-winning campaign (I work in that world a bit and such gongs DO exist!). But I can’t help but feel this is a bad idea for the long-term goodwill of your paying and loyal audience.When you’ve got one like Bowie’s, it’s quite an asset to gamble doing harm to…

What? Bowie? Worry

Even if Parlophone issue the box at the end of the campaign, it’s forcing everyone to buy the CD/LP’s to fill the box. Of course what’s the chances of getting a box at the end of the campaign before the ebay scalpers and the bots pick them all up? of course by then fans would of been fleeced to death on ebay anyway as the price of a cardbox (yes – a cardboard) will rise to stupid figures. I’m gonna enjoy what I have, I’m out.


They also raised the price $3.00 on both boxes since the initial announcement/sale. This has been a terrible roll-out for this campaign. — Some stuff is gonna come out over the next half year but you don’t really know what it will be. Here’s a box to put them in. Oh and it will cost extra. Ooops it sold out! Well we’ll have some more later, maybe. :/

John MC cann

Yes Shaun the world’s cardboard market is very volatile at the moment,its the principal of supply and demand,panic buying in the supermarkets again,means companies like Kellogg’s ect are having to work round the clock to get Tony the tiger back on the shelves of your local Tesco’s, cardboard box suppliers have them over a barrel and have cranked the price up,,


I wonder how much the boxes will be next year? Maybe they’re thinking they actually didn’t charge enough for them in the first place, so they’re pushing the price up bit by bit to squeeze more money out of folk.
It wouldn’t surprise me if next years “brilliant” cd/ vinyl releases have their prices bumped up by a few quid, without warning, as they will know how many will have bought the first 3 (they haven’t confirmed prices will stay the same, have they?)
And some people are STILL lapping it up!!!


You would think that if parlophone gave a toss about genuine bowie fans, they would make significantly more boxes available NOW, in order to stop people being ripped off big time by ebay chancers…
Clearly they couldn’t care less imho


This boxgate actually makes the average rsd event seem like a pleasant experience!


Maybe if enough oeople cancelled pre orders for the cd or vinyl, and told them the reason for cancelling, parlophone would sit up and listen.
If bowie had passed away in 1981, at least then, if we were being ripped off by parlophone, the releases would be at least worth listening to….

Elizabeth Hirst

That’s me out. They are treating fans like dirt – I will get the era boxes and that is all the money that I’ll ever spend on Bowie – I wonder if they realise quite how they have shot themselves in the foot on this one. Unfortunately I have pre-ordered the first vinyl set – I will have to look into whether I can cancel that order, but I expect not.


Elizabeth, i’ve just emailed them to cancel my order of the first cd. I’ve also stated the reason why (cynical marketing ploy regarding the boxes). I’ve had an automated reply, so at least i know they’ve acknowledged my message!
In future i’m sticking to new releases of earlier bowie recordings (if they’re value for money), as i have a shelf full of post “lets dance” cds and box sets etc ALL still sealed. Looking back now, i don’t even know why i bought them, as to be honest i find anything after scary monsters or christaine f to be boring as hell.
I probably would have carried on, but this latest record company shambles has made me finally wake up. To hell with this completist rubbish now….


If you find Outside and Earthling boring, I am sorry… But I don’t know why you would buy and not even open things you find “boring as hell.”


I suppose its called being a “completist”. I bought them with a view to playing them, and giving them the time of day, but the longer i left it, well, i just never really got round to it (i got all the releases and imports etc with staff discount as i was atill working at hmv at the time)
Imho at least i didn’t buy them for profit, in the way many vinyl collectors/ speculators buy stuff. It wasn’t as if bowie was “hot property” during the 90s…


I wrote an angry email criticizing this marketing campaign and the way it lead you to sign up to be notified about the availability of the boxes and then only to find out that it was immediately sold out, again.

I too had said I am going to cancel my cd order and the reply back was that they would have more boxes available after the sixth cd was released, ie read as “we have your money, use an empty cereal box, scissors and glue to make your own box”, because if they cannot provide you with the option to buy a box with a CD or LP purchase, then what is the point of even supporting this campaign?

What a cynical way to treat your fans with disdain.


New info from the Rhino Store site :

“We’re sorry to tell you that the Brilliant Live Adventures CD & LP Slipcase Boxes are currently sold out.

The good news is that due to overwhelming demand, we will be making more available to order next year. These will be available to buy in line with the sixth and last release of the Brilliant Live Adventures campaign.“


All they achieved is me buying only the live albums I will really like, for sure not all six. I pre-ordered the first one, Live Dallas 95, because I like it a lot, but I will not buy all six and perhaps I will end up getting this first one only. There’s no way I’m falling into this marketing trap and buying all six releases hoping I will be able to snag the boxes when they become available again. I’m not going to care about it anymore.

Paul Quinn

Yes it looks like they are worried that people are so fed up with the disgracefull way that they have treated the genuine Bowie fans and wont buy the albums & cds. And have now had second thoughts with all the comments that have been posted on this forum. I’m sure that like me you have all spent thousands over the years collecting everything that comes out to do with Bowie. I’m really getting fed up with the carrot been dangled in front of us to make us part with our hard earned cash. Examples all the limited V&A exhibition limited vinyls, gold,silver space oddity coloured vinyls and now the man who sold the world coloured vinyl. And to top it all this latest episode regarding the boxes, are they going to make enough so everyone who wants to buy one can do? I certainly hope so. Ok rant over.

John MC cann

That’s the boy! just try and forget all about it!


Commuting, got home and saw the email followed by the ‘sold out’ notice. It does say though:
“We’re sorry to tell you that the Brilliant Live Adventures CD & LP Slipcase Boxes are currently sold out.

The good news is that due to overwhelming demand, we will be making more available to order next year. These will be available to buy in line with the sixth and last release of the Brilliant Live Adventures campaign.

As predicted on the forum here, build up demand with a small run and a license to print money at the end whilst knowing what numbers they need to produce. You’d nearly admire the cynicism.

Please stayed tuned for more information.”

Dave B

I live in Melbourne, Australia, which means I live in a vastly different timezone to the UK, where I understand Dig! is located.

Dig!’s first email hit my In Box at 3am this morning, advising me of the availability of the Bowie slipcase (which I would have purchased had I not been…wait for it!…SLEEPING!!)…how selfish of me to not stay awake 24/7 waiting for that blessed notification. Aren’t I hopeless! Oh, and then, at 6.12am this morning, just to rub my somnolent face in it (I was selfishly still…you guessed it…ASLEEP!)…they kindly informed my unconscious self that the slipcase was now SOLD OUT.

Well done Dig! for pissing off your customers with this MORONIC, ILL-CONCEIVED marketing scheme.

Seriously – who the f#$k comes up with this bullsh#t!!??


The record company is clearly worried that we won’t buy all 6 albums. Why bother if there isn’t a box to put them in, right? And does anyone really want a live album of the ‘hours…’ tour? This from the Dig site:

“We’re sorry to tell you that the Brilliant Live Adventures CD & LP Slipcase Boxes are currently sold out.
The good news is that due to overwhelming demand, we will be making more available to order next year. These will be available to buy in line with the sixth and last release of the Brilliant Live Adventures campaign.”

aka PLEASE buy all 6 albums!


More than 250 comments on this subject!
Lets hope that Rhino, Warner and any other record company reads this and understand that the buck stops here.
I’m sure that businesswise there is no problem, they will sell out the empty boxes, the random coloured records, the limited live albums, but they don’t do justice to the real David Bowie fans. They only make sure that even more money is made on Ebay and Discogs, by the clever dudes that buy this to re-sell for a profit.
I would love to have a box with 6 Bowie live albums, but I refuse to pay over 250 pounds/euros for this. Would it have been sold as one box, the price would have been a lot lower.
I want to have The Metrobolist vinyl, but I am not going to order more than one, whatever colour I get.
I am completley fed-up, I’ve had enough, no more…..this is where the buck stops.

Gareth Pugh

Just added to the Dig! UK page in the last few seconds:
“We’re sorry to tell you that the Brilliant Live Adventures CD & LP Slipcase Boxes are currently sold out.

The good news is that due to overwhelming demand, we will be making more available to order next year. These will be available to buy in line with the sixth and last release of the Brilliant Live Adventures campaign.

Please stayed tuned for more information.”


Not much of a brilliant adventure for us fans!


We’re sorry to tell you that the Brilliant Live Adventures CD & LP Slipcase Boxes are currently sold out.

The good news is that due to overwhelming demand, we will be making more available to order next year. These will be available to buy in line with the sixth and last release of the Brilliant Live Adventures campaign.

Please stayed tuned for more information.


Jonathan Riley

the sad thing is the boxes could become more rare then the cd’s themselves


The whole release is a joke and an insult. After spending hundreds upon hundreds of pounds collecting all the recent releases these past few years, this has left quite a sour taste. Yes, it’s only a box. Yes, I can still buy the music. But I won’t. These to me are not essential, however I would have got them for completeness sake to have next to my other box sets but I won’t buy the CDs to have on their own.

The avid collector

I just can’t understand what they are doing with these boxes! As a life long Bowie fanatic it actually makes me feel a bit sad that the powers that be are doing this to us. Why make it into such a wild goose chase to buy your idols product? Unless you happen to be sitting there refreshing your email you miss out!


And they’re now sold out on Rhino – email at 17:01 – sold out by 17:25

Martin Kilroy

Philosophically it’s probably better that fans can’t get hold of a box , rather than buying a box and the CDs being sold out!


The CD and vinyl “empty boxes” are now available on the David Bowie Dig ! site.

Sorry – they were – they are now sold out

It appeared that you could buy more than one of each. So watch out for e-bay resellers.

Me, I’ll not bother


Empty boxes back in stock… go, go, go!


… and gone again. Got an email to say they are making more next year in line with the final release.