Circles: The Mod 45s vinyl box set


A new Mod themed seven-inch vinyl box set will be issued on 26 August 2013.

Circles: The Mod 45s is a lift-off lid box that collects six 45rpm vinyl singles, from eleven different sharply dressed British bands, that include The Birds, the Small Faces, and The Alan Bown Set.

All of the singles appear on their original labels, housed in replica range bags (company sleeves) of the period and in are in the original Mono mixes. A download voucher is also included.

Circles: The Mod 45s Box / Track listings:

Single 1

  • The Birds – Leaving Here
  • The Poets – That’s The Way It’s Got To Be

Single 2

  • Jimmy Winston And His Reflections – Sorry She’s Mine
  • Small Faces – Own up Time

Single 3

  • Loose Ends – Tax Man
  • The Hipster Image – Make Her Mine

Single 4

  • The Eyes – When The Night Falls
  • The Eyes – I’m Rowed Out

Single 5

  • The Quik – Bert’s Apple Crumble
  • Robb and Dean Douglas – ‘Phone Me

Single 6

  • The Alan Bown Set – I Really Really Care
  • The Koobas – A Place I Know


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Anna Granfors

…wow, I’ve heard of long advance release dates, but 2103…? :)

Ah, well…ninety years goes by like nothing these days…