Clash “Sound System” box to be the last reissue, says Mick Jones

The Clash Sound System box set

Mick Jones has told Rolling Stone that there will be no more archival Clash reissues after the Sound System box set.

When asked about specifically about the lack of live recordings on the new box he responds by saying they’re “already out there” (i.e. bootlegs) and then goes on to say “I’m not even thinking about any more Clash releases. This is it for me, and I say that with an exclamation mark.”

In a fascinating interview he says there are “not really” any outtakes left in the vault and acknowledges that the band should have probably taken a break, rather then splitting up.

Read the full Rolling Stone interview here.

Sound System is out tomorrow, as well as the 5 Studio Albums box sets and the Clash Hits Back compilation.

 Sound System box

5 Studio Albums CD box

5 Studio Albums Vinyl box

The Clash Hits Back 2CD

The Clash Hits Back 3LP Vinyl

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Sooo much great stuff in that box. I love it. I actually was watching the unboxing video and it makes me even more excited about the whole set http://smarturl.it/theClashUnboxing really great idea


Just to add to the argument how can Jones claim that the vaults are empty, when his version of Combat Rock has never seen the light of day?


To be fair the majority of Black Market Clash is contained on the extras CDs so its not like they’ve missed off all the key non-album singles and B sides.


This box set is a all around mess. London Calling fits well on one cd and Sandinista sounds great on a double cd. If you need put out more cd’s so to justify the outrageous price, well you should have included black market Clash. That cd made complete sens, back then, because when Sandanista came out, even for hardcore fans of the Clash, it wasn’t a done deal. BMC made a easier transition between London Calling and what ever came afterward. And why not includ the two live albums that they put out.
To make things worse, most if not all of the rare tracks from the Broadway box set are missing. I could go on but I guess you get the idea by now!