Cliff Richard / 75 at 75 compilation


Parlophone Label Group are to release 75 at 75, a new three-CD Cliff Richard collection ahead of the singer’s 75 birthday in October.

As the title makes fairly obvious, the set contains 75 tracks kicking off with the early rock ‘n’ roll of Move It from 1958 (the 2006 remake also features) and working its way through an impressive five decades of material, including familiar hits such as Living Doll, The Young Ones, Summer Holiday, We Don’t Talk Anymore, and Wired For Sound.

A new recording Golden – written by long standing collaborator Chris Eaton – was performed regularly in 2008 when Richard was celebrating 50 years in ‘the biz’, but this is the first studio recording of the song (it’s the new single, in fact).

Although the cover is abysmal, 75 at 75 isn’t bad for a tenner and as can be seen by the track listing there are a variety of masterings used in pulling it together.

75 at 75 is released on 18 September 2015.



Disc: 1
1. Move It (2002 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard And The Drifters
2. High Class Baby (1998 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard And The Drifters
3. Mean Streak (2005 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard And The Drifters
4. Living Doll (2003 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard And The Drifters
5. Travellin’ Light (1998 Remastered Version)
6. A Voice In The Wilderness (1998 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard & The Shadows
7. Fall In Love With You (1999 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard & The Shadows
8. Please Don’t Tease (1998 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard & The Shadows
9. Nine Times Out Of Ten (1998 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard & The Shadows
10. I Love You (1998 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard & The Shadows
11. Theme For A Dream (2003 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard & The Shadows
12. Gee Whiz It’s You (2001 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard & The Shadows
13. A Girl Like You (1998 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard & The Shadows
14. When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart (2000 Remastered Version)
15. The Young Ones (2006 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard & The Shadows
16. I’m Looking Out The Window (1999 Remastered Version)
17. Do You Wanna Dance (1998 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard & The Shadows
18. It’ll Be Me (1998 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard & The Shadows
19. The Next Time (1998 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard & The Shadows
20. Bachelor Boy (2003 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard & The Shadows
21. Summer Holiday (2003 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard & The Shadows
22. Lucky Lips (1998 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard & The Shadows
23. It’s All In The Game (2002 Remastered Version)
24. Don’t Talk To Him (1998 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard & The Shadows
25. I’m The Lonely One (2000 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard & The Shadows
26. Constantly (L’Edera) [2007 Remastered Version]
27. On The Beach (1998 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard & The Shadows
28. The Twelfth Of Never (2007 Remastered Version)
29. I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You) [1998 Remastered Version] – Cliff Richard & The Shadows
30. The Minute You’re Gone (Live) [2003 Remastered Version]
31. Wind Me Up (Let Me Go) [2001 Remastered Version]

Disc: 2
1. Visions (2005 Remastered Version)
2. Time Drags By (2005 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard & The Shadows
3. In The Country (2005 Remastered Version) – Cliff Richard & The Shadows
4. It’s All Over (1998 Remastered Version)
5. The Day I Met Marie (1999 Remastered Version)
6. All My Love (Solo Tu) [1999 Remastered Version]
7. Congratulations (2001 Remastered Version)
8. Big Ship (1998 Remastered Version)
9. Throw Down A Line (1998 Remastered Version)
10. Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha (1998 Remastered Version)
11. Power To All Our Friends (1998 Remastered Version)
12. Miss You Nights (2010 Remastered Version)
13. Devil Woman (2006 Remastered Version)
14. We Don’t Talk Anymore (2006 Remastered Version)
15. Carrie (2003 Remastered Version)
16. Dreamin’ (2003 Remastered Version)
17. A Little In Love (2001 Remastered Version)
18. Wired For Sound (1998 Remastered Version)
19. Daddy’s Home (2003 Remastered Version)
20. The Only Way Out (1998 Remastered Version)
21. She Means Nothing To Me – Phil Everly & Cliff Richard
22. True Love Ways (Live) [2007 Remastered Version]
23. Please Don’t Fall In Love (2002 Remastered Version)
24. All I Ask Of You – Sarah Brightman & Cliff Richard
25. My Pretty One (2003 Remastered Version)

Disc: 3
1. Some People (2003 Remastered Version)
2. Mistletoe And Wine (1999 Remastered Version)
3. The Best Of Me (1998 Remastered Version)
4. I Just Don’t Have The Heart (1998 Remastered Version)
5. Silhouettes (2008 Remastered Version)
6. From A Distance (1999 Remastered Version)
7. Saviour’s Day (2002 Remastered Version)
8. We Should Be Together (2001 Remastered Version)
9. I Still Believe In You (2007 Remastered Version)
10. Peace In Our Time (2008 Remastered Version)
11. Can’t Keep This Feeling In (2000 Remastered Version)
12. The Millennium Prayer
13. Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World (TV Edit)
14. Santa’s List
15. Somethin’ Is Goin’ On
16. 21st Century Christmas
17. Move It (Remake) [2006 Remastered Version] – Cliff Richard With Brian May And Brian Bennett
18. Thank You For A Lifetime
19. Golden

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nick j c

I suppose if you asked his fans and the public then it would be a 300 track compilation as different people like different era’s. I personally love his last album The Fabulous Rock n Roll Songbook and looking forward to volume two. With Golden i thought they should have released the live version from 2008 as it has raw emotion. I do love the Tarney era including Stronger but failed badly with Wanted. Glad to see he has got away from his comfort zone and now working with producers in Nashville where he isn’t that well known, the 2004 album, Something’s Going On was a fantastic album and probably my favourite since Always Guaranteed !

Jarle Lilledal Nyvoll

As far as I know, it has not, barring the odd bootleg.


Would someone know if the 12 inch of ‘My Pretty One’ has ever been released on a CD compilation?


The Extended Mix of Some People is, bizarrely, on a 1997 Canadian compilation called ‘Hi-Nrg Classics’

Jarle Lilledal Nyvoll

YEs, and I bought it, just for that track. The sound quality is good, so I never regretted that. Now I just hope they´ll release “Never Say Die”, which by the way would have fitted to format much better, but was a smaller hit. (No. 15.) “Some People” on a Hi-NRG compilation? That´s creative marketing.

Jarle Lilledal Nyvoll

I could not agree more! Most of the remixes and/or extended remixes were uninteresting, but “Never Say Die (Give a Little Bit More)”, “Some People” and “Born to Rock n Roll” are all better in their long incarnation, especially the first one. Great lost remix.


Why are the 12 inches from the 80’s missing on all these Cliff compilations, time after time? I don’t get it. When do they get a CD-debut?

Jarle Lilledal Nyvoll

Agree about Alan Tarney! Though I think he lost the magic touch in the 90s, most of his work in the 80s still shines. His production work for Barbara Dickson, a-ha, Leo Sayer, Cliff, Charlie Dore etc has a certain magic about them that I still like. You should all check out the three albums of his band Tarney Spencer Band. They are all available on CD: “Tarney Spencer” (1976). “Three´s a Crowd” (1978) and “Run for Your Life” (1979). I discovered the LPs in a bargain bin, and never regretted picking them up. The latter two LPs cost me about £2. Combined!

Chris Brown

Cliff is one of those acts where I wish you could make your own compilation (legitimately) because there’s undoubtedly some great songs on there but some that I think are hideous.
Eventually I did get one for 99p in a charity shop that covered all the stuff I really wanted and at that price I can just ignore the rest.

For the record, I have heard the studio version of ‘Golden’ and I do think it’s overproduced but I think that about most of what he’s done in the last 30 years ago so fans may not agree. And since somebody mentioned it, Cliff & The Shadows released ‘A Girl Like You’ in 1961; Edwyn Collins was born in 1959 (at time of writing it’s his 56th birthday).


I really like the sleeve on this album, it is very busy but it works. Much better than just a boring single pic with the title of the album and artist.
Cliff has certainly had an amazing career.


Having zero Cliff atm, I might well go for this, even though I’m nt a fan of compilations (I wish people would buy the albums the hits are from! :-)

Alan Tarney was on fire production-wise 1980-1985.

Mike the Fish

FACT ATTACK: Spider Man is a shorter edit on the Every Face Tells A Story album U.S. vinyl on Rocket. It (and therefore the whole album) ends with the very beginning of a word before the final cut!

Jarle Lilledal Nyvoll

I would extend the time periode to 1976 to 1995, to include the songs from “Songs from Heathcliff”, which I really liked, and add the 2005 album “Something Going On”. Apart from that, I agree the quality control didn´t work that well after 1995.


Cant beat the 76 to 93 material. Shame quality control slipped after but cant argue with his contribution to british pop. I quite like the sleeve as a pastiche.


I much prefer the 6 Disc Boxset from 2002, titled “Cliff Richard: The Singles Collection” which features all 127 solo singles from ‘Schoolboy Crush’ (1958) to ‘Let Me Be The One’ (2002 version).


agreed. picked this up on ebay sealed for a mere £22 .a steal for sure !


I notice my reply to the idiot who put the “Yuck” comment on has also been removed even though I was on Cliff’s side other the matter. Odd that a positive comment should be taken off.


Good to see the comment “Yuck” has been removed with regard him possibly being charged by the Police over the his recent runin with the law other certain things. Why the comment appeared in the first place is beyond me as it has nothing to do with his music.


I know most of the song are available already elsewhere, but what a BARGAIN price of just £10. I thought about £15-£20 would be a fair price for so many songs – a TENNER is extremely reasonable. Shame a few of the usual ‘minor’ hits and best of Cliff’s back catalouge are missing like ‘Up In The World’ (Great ‘Live’ track from 1982 Live in Concert LP) & ‘When 2 Worlds Drift Apart’ (UK No.46). Both songs from LP ‘Every Face Tells A Story’ 1977. Cliff’s best album is with Norrie Paramour Orchestra called ‘How Wonderful to Know’ later re-released as ‘ 21 Today’ – Released 14.10.1961 (Cliff’s 21st Birthday) and including a version of Happy Birthday by Cliff & The Shadows to celebrate Cliff’s 21st Birthday. Can;t see any from this LP either. Check that album out – songs like ‘Tea For 2’, ‘Outsider’ and the quirky ‘Y Arriva’ are some of his not so often heard greatest songs. Most fans will have these already but great CD Set for new younger fans!


I meant ’21 Today’ (1961) released earlier than How Wonderful to Know (1964) – ‘World Record Club’ Release. NOT later!

André Mes

Forgive my ignorance (I’m not a fan), but has Cliff (co-) written any of the songs on this set list?

Craig Hedges

He cowrote ‘Batchelor Boy’.
Cliff has relied on other song writers and producers, like a lot of artists from this period – and indeed nowadays except now the artist gets a cowrite credit when then dont even contribute to the song.
I liked the albums Cliff made with Alan Tarney and Craig Pruess where they used lots of electronics and synths. ‘Locked inside your prison’ from the album Silver features early uses of sampling

David Burrows

Not a bad comp but why don’t EMI do new remasters??? It’s the same with the Shadows, the Hollies etc- all have great back catalogues but unlike the Beach Boys or the Beatles they get poor treatment when it comes to remastering. I’d love a full set of Cliff LPs on cd all newly remastered- but what chance is there that EMI will ever do this when they can carry on releasing comps using old remasters. And with the 40th anniversary of “I’m nearly famous” just around the corner will there be a special edition to celebrate it .. with EMI in charge it’s highly unlikely ..

Craig Hedges

Hi David
EMI doesn’t really exsist anymore, they were bought by Universal but in the deal they had to sell part of the company so they sold the Parlophone label (which then covered the majority of EMI artists) to Warners who seem to be plundering the assets they’ve bought. This compilation has been released to replace the countless ones previously released for every anniversary of Cliffs which are all now defeated, start buying them on ebay!
So Universal were left with The Beatles and The Beach Boys and they are getting some decent treatment, having said that they are still to release new remastered of the Beach Boys 70s output. I think we’ll have to wait until next year for the 50th anniversary of Pet Sounds, unless Mike Love begins another lawsuit.

Craig Hedges

Deleted not defeated , damn spellchecker

David Burrows

Thanks Craig .. but still no deluxe edition of “I’m nearly famous” shame .. and why no “Good Times” instead of “Big Ship”? I know we all have our favourites but who liked ‘Big Ship’ …


Paul, you said the other day that you were monitoring replies before posting them to ensure they added something to the thread. Darren Kerr’s post is nothing but a troll post, how come you allowed it?


Still no “Drifting”…


Hang on…… where is ‘Take Me High’…??

Jarle Lilledal Nyvoll

Glad that other people remember and miss “Take Me High” and “Drifting”. Two of his best songs, though sadly neither were big hits. The former has been released on several compilations and the soundtrack album, whereas “Drifting” is one of the few Sheila Walsh songs never to be released on CD. Too bad, because it´s a classy song.

Michael Leek

Lookout – Cliff…


That’s an old joke and not good either.

Jarle Lilledal Nyvoll

A great compilation, perfect starting kit for a new Cliff fan. (Though I doubt they exist anymore, unfortunately.) But once again – adding a new track, a previously unreleased one – is cheating. The song itself, “Golden”, is a heartfelt thank you to his fans, penned by Chris Eaton. The live version is wonderful, I hope the studio version is not overarranged. (And “Golden” is a thousand times better than “Thank You for a Lifetime”, which covers the same ground lyrically, but is enveloped by one of the least interesting songs Cliff ever recorded. And that is no mean feat!) And I´m a fan…


Gary it was probably recorded before Edwyn Collins was born!


There are many singles missing, such as “Green Light” and “Yes He Lives”.

Gary C

Track 13 disc 1, please let it be a cover of the Edwyn Collins song


Yet again Living Doll with the Young Ones missing


I know what you mean but it did reach number 1 in the uk and i`m sure it was there for around 3-4weeks it would have been nice to have seen it included, so i could finally get a decent copy.


I’m surprised to see Devil Woman so prominently featured on the cover as I thought Sir Cliff had long-since tried to distance himself from the song.

Mike the Fish

I thought it was the Honky Tonk… single he distanced himself from.


Excellent track list and I love the cover! So there!!


well that’s a lot of font styles going on ;)
and the cover as a whole is pretty bad.
*but* that said, you can’t knock the songs.
I’d get this just for the early 80s singles and late 80s ones
all the other tracks are a bonus


guess i didn’t score too bad then, 19 faves out of 75
lots mi9ssing, but i’m just 1 in a million fans out there
cover could have been so much nicer, lots more nicer pic of cliff out there
on a whole ok