Cyndi Lauper reissue with autographed booklet


US indie retailer Newbury Comics are offering fans the opportunity to purchase a Cyndi Lauper She’s So Unusual reissue with a signed CD booklet.

Regular readers of this blog will know that the merits of this 30th Anniversary Celebration have prompted much debate, but if you are amongst those planning to pre-order the two-CD deluxe set, then Newbury Comics could be a good bet. The autographed CD booklets will be available while supplies last and are valid for both domestic and international orders.


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Joe H.

I loved this album but this is not worth it. I have the Japanese remix cd and that (goonies) is good enough!

Side-note: Last year at Amoeba records here in SF I found a gloriously signed Sisters of Avalon for $4.99!!!


This shop often does this with Cyndi releases. Why spend that kind of money to obtain a Cyndi autograph when it is terribly easy. Just send your stuff to her management team.

Sadly, this set is uninspiring and badly thought through. Rubbish modern remixes and bonus material lacking.

From what I have read Cyndi has played a huge part in putting this together. The packaging seems to be at the forefront here and not the music. I personally believe both Cyndi & her team haven’t a clue what fans really want. Shame!

Maybe Cyndi & her team should speak with the team who put together the amazing The Hurting box set from Tears For Fears.


With shipping its over 50 bucks, I kind of want it but its really not worth it.

Tim H

STILL not good enough to buy…if Cyndi hand delivered and serenaded the entire album!….ok, well maybe then but u kno what I mean.