David Gilmour / Rattle That Lock



David Gilmour releases, Rattle That Lock, his fourth studio album in September.

The album comes nine years after the previous On An Island and once again features novelist Polly Samson as primary lyricist, as well as Phil Manzanera, who co-produced the album with David.

The album as a single CD edition (with clothbound, foil-blocked cover, and 22-page booklet) , but also CD+Blu-ray and CD+DVD deluxe editions, which include the album in 5.1 surround sound, four ‘Barn Jam’ films, four non-album audio tracks, four documentaries, and 2 promo clips.

These deluxe sets also include two hardback books, a double-sided poster, a postcard in an envelope and a David Gilmour plectrum. The album is also issued on gatefold vinyl with download card and booklet.

Rattle That Lock is released on 18 September 2015.

David Gilmour / Rattle That Lock CD+Blu-ray






Track listing

1. 5 A.M.
2. Rattle That Lock
3. Faces Of Stone
4. A Boat Lies Waiting
5. Dancing Right In Front Of Me
6. In Any Tongue
7. Beauty
8. The Girl In The Yellow Dress
9. Today
10. And Then…

1. Barn Jam 1
2. Barn Jam 2
3. Barn Jam 3
4. Barn Jam 4
5. The Animators ALASDAIR + JOCK (Documentary)
6. Rattle That Lock (Video)
7. The Animators DANNY MADDEN (Documentary)
8. The Girl In The Yellow Dress (Video)
9. Polly Samson & David Gilmour At The Borris House Festival Of Words And Ideas (Documentary)
10. The Making Of The Rattle That Lock Album (Documentary)
11. Rattle That Lock (Extended Mix) (Audio)
12. The Girl In The Yellow Dress (Orchestral Version) (Audio)
13. Rattle That Lock (Youth Mix 12 Extended Radio Dub) (Audio)
14. Rattle That Lock (Radio Edit) (Audio)
15. The Rattle That Lock Album in 5.1 Sound and PCM Stereo (Tonqualität: 96kHz/24bit einschließlich 5.1 PCM und DTS Master Audio und Stereo PCM)

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Alan Cawthorne

Anyone know how I can convert that Italian site into English.
Does the great price still stand ?
What’s the post ?
Any speakers help before I press the buy button ???

Thanks in advance !


Julian H

Google translator?


I wouldn’t consider an extended mix, a dub mix and an edit as pure “four non-album audio tracks”. More like stuff that would be dumped on a CD single or 12″ vinyl. “four non-album audio tracks” would be leftover tracks, instrumentals, etc.
I think Gilmour is setting up for his retirement. Since the boring On An Island, he released Gdansk in [what seems like] 2000 different editions [and not even Blu-ray or Blu-ray audio or DVD audio], plus remasters of the first two albums [but nothing new in them], then the Pink Floyds remasters [again] and then decided to release Endless River which ids material that should of been in a Division Bell box set and now this. So 2 studio albums in 9 years and recycling of everything else. Don’t be surprised of a further edition to this album soon.

Paul Soper

Surprised by the lack of love for On An Island. I loved that album on release and still do, and prefer it to the later Floyd albums, too.

Wolfgang Pudleiner

Go to JPC Germany , Vinyl and CD/DVD are 21.99 € , CD/Blue Ray is 22.99 € , great offer I think.


I hope that the Barn Jam sessions are different than what was originally released on the DVD 4 of Live in Gdansk.


I love the song!


Although I’ll probably order the CD/Blu-Ray edition at some point, I’m not really impressed with this track.


Seems Gilmour needs the cash for his retirement. He expected a cash windfall with Endless River but I guess it wasn’t enough.


Ageist tosh.

alan hansen

i’m just ecstatic (at least so far) that the non-word “dis” isn’t present in the lyrics.


Umm pretty awful album title from mr. gilmour not at all keeping with his music profile…though this song isn’t bad maybe a few more listens it will grown on me also good to hear him stretching his musical boundaries a bit…I’m sure the album will contain some highlights that we will be very pleased with…he has a signature guitar sound but it doesn’t have to be Floyd sounding all the time while he maybe experimenting with some new sounds we have to accept this or ignore it and not buy it…established artists need to push into new sounds sometimes and not keep churning out the same old stuff…a very good example of an artist who does experiment a lot with different musical styles throughout his career is…Mike Oldfield…while Dave Gilmour stays a lot closer to home…I must admit I do like Oldfield very much in the way he can absorb and create different styles…a true multi instrumentalist legend !!!


It does look like DG or his record co have understood what elements make for a great SDE though. This release ticks all the right boxes: mixes, features, book, artwork and high resolution. All it needs is the music to be great!

CJ Feeney

You forgot the plectrum!

Johnny Feathers

I would ordinarily be very excited about this, but his recent track record, and the clip from the upcoming album, have me very cool on this. I was also shut out of tickets to his upcoming show…at least then I’d have the basic CD. But I’m starting to rethink deluxe editions for albums unless I know they’re great already.

Graham Yapp

I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait,even though the title track doesn’t fit the mark (at the moment-could be a grower)?


CD+Bluray seems cheaper on Amazon.it

Alan Fenwick


Yes that’s correct, I got my pre-order from Italy for that format also. It’s about £7 cheaper than Amazon UK. There’s significant savings to be made if you you buy a lot music by using all the Amazon stores, never just stick with one, check them all for ALL your orders.


You`re correct Alan, this is exactly what I have been doing for over 12 months now. I`ve ordered the CD/Bluray & vinyl from Am. Italy and I always check`em out until release day. You can also pick up bargains on all the Amazon Euro sites, just go look.


Just be aware though that if you order from foreign Amazon sites you have to pay the return costs if they are faulty or damaged and you need to send it back.


But Amazon will also refund postages back you if you need to return or exchange item.


I`ve had to send a faulty LP back to Amazon Italy and I was refunded postage costs without issue.


As David evidently agreed that ‘diss each other on sight’ was a good enough lyric to be part of a Pink Floyd song on the Endless River, then I don’t hold out much hope for the lyrics that have been allowed to be present on this solo effort.

Paul Wren

Ordered my vinyl copy from Spincds in Newcastle yesterday for £21.99 including postage, so a significant £6 cheaper than Amazon!!

Alan Fenwick

Technically Spincds aren’t based in Newcastle anymore, they’re just an online presence and have been for years. They don’t have a bricks + mortar store anymore, I’d be surprised if they even operate out of newcastle these days.

Amazon UK have reduced the price to £22.99, but the smart vinyl order at the minute is from Amazon Italy for the vinyl as it works out at around £18 delivered to the UK.

peter chrisp

Quite interesting now don’t forget his wife must have had a big influence on the album so i would imagine the album would be a little laid back,
and i guess as he is in his 60’s and we all know Pink Floyd were “laid”
to rest a long time ago so why would you want to revisit the past? From
a Pink Floyd fanatic does anyone notice a little Floyd in the song, i am not
sure what we were expecting but on first listen i don’t mind it, to me it’s the type of song that will perhaps grow on you with more listens?

Chris Lancaster

I’m hoping the album’s more interesting than On An Island. That got full marks as a cure for insomnia, but low marks for entertainment. First signs aren’t good.


Agreed Chris.

On An Island and The Endless River were total bores and a waste of time, IMHO.

Frenchy Eric

I saw DG’s live gig in Paris France at The Grand Rex during the On an Island Tour and the first part consisting in playing songs from the solo album was a real pain; after a 15 minutes break and a beer to wake me up , the second part was great beacause he played early PF songs !
All is said…
Uh no, the Endles River is a TOTAL SHAME !!!


Don’t go for a long highway drive at night with those two albums or you’ll end up in a ditch!

Gary C

Is the dame making an appearance?


The basic melody line and arrangement of the song are a quite obvious rip-off of Snowy White’s(guitar amaongst others for Pink Floyd and Roger Waters)”Highway to the Sun”.

Mr Man

And Snowy White has copied some parts to ”Highway to the Sun” from songs like YES – Owner Of The Lonely Heart, Chris Rea – Road To Hell and Deep Purple’s Smoke on the water. So get a grip.


Pleased that there are so many options available from the off.

I ended up having to triple-dip On An Island (original album on release, limited edition with DVD some months later and then the 5.1 version in the Live In Gdansk boxset) to get all the versions I wanted.


Really like it, looking forward to the album.

Fat Old Bloke

I’m a huge Floyd fan, the music clip didn’t blow me away, hopefully the other tracks will be better


Meh…sounds very pedestrian…


Not a huge solo Gilmour fan myself as it seems to lack some of the PF ‘bite’. But this looks a nice SDE. Great artwork.

David Floyd

Obviously some people are Pink Floyd fans and have not grown and matured with David Gilmour as him and his music has matured as youth has passed so has the leaves of fall turned dry. This album demonstrates David’s vocals and not just his recognition as a great guitarist.