Deep Purple / Machine Head Deluxe 4CD+DVD Anniversary Box

Deep Purple / Machine Head Deluxe Box 4CD+DVD

Deep Purple‘s 1972 Machine Head album gets a 40th anniversary reissue on 8 October which includes a 4CD+DVD box set.

The influential album was the band’s sixth, and would top the chart in the UK. Its most famous song Smoke On The Water described the burning down of Montreux Casino in Switzerland where the band had originally planned to record the album.

This new box set features a new 2012 master of the album, the 1997 Roger Glover remix, a stereo version of the original Quad Mix, a new mix of the ‘In Concert’ 1972 live recording from the original tapes and a hi-res stereo and surround sound Quad Mix on DVD. The reissue will also be available on vinyl along with the live album.

The box will retail for around a very reasonable £35 in the UK


This 4 ‘purple’ CD+DVD deluxe edition will be accompanied with fully illustrated 64 page hardback booklet, housed in a luxury box.


• CD1: ‘MACHINE HEAD’ ORIGINAL ALBUM NEW 2012 REMASTER.  Featuring non-album b-side, ‘When A Blind Man Cries’.

• CD2: 1997 REMIX BY DEEP PURPLE’S BASSIST ROGER GLOVER. Remixed from the original multi-tracks, this unique version reveals many subtleties and nuances from the original recordings, heard afresh.

 CD3: ORIGINAL ALBUM QUAD SQ STEREO (2012 REMASTER) Includes; the Quad SQ as stereo, in its undecoded form, it often varies considerably from the original stereo mix of the album; ‘Maybe I’m A Leo’ and ‘Lazy’ contain alternate guitar solos to the original album mix. Plus two single edits: ‘Smoke On The Water’ (an edit created to be the fourth single in the US from Machine Head, coupled with a live version from Made In Japan. It went on to be the band’s biggest selling single ever) and ‘Lazy’ Japanese b-side.
(Engineered by Martin Birch Aquand SQ Stereo mixed at Abbey Road Studios, March 1972 and remastered at Abbey Road Studios, March 2012 by Peter Mew)

Features new 2012 mix from the original 8 track tapes with the original set list in its correct order for the first time. Recorded at the BBC’s Paris Theatre, London on 9th March 1972, remixed at Abbey Road Studios, and features photographs by Barry Plummer taken at the concert itself.

**All CDs are on purple discs**

– Audio only DVD, featuring:
– The ORIGINAL ALBUM 2012 REMASTER in 96/24 LPCM stereo
– ‘When A Blind Man Cries’ 2012 REMASTER in 96/24 LPCM stereo
– ORIGINAL ALBUM QUAD MIX (Quad to 4.1: DTS 96/24 & Dolby Digital)
– BONUS 5.1 MIXES (5.1 DTS 96/24 & Dolby Digital) of ‘When A Blind Man Cries’ ‘Maybe I’m A Leo’ and ‘Lazy’.

64page book features:
• Detailed essays from original bassist Roger Glover and Mojo magazine editor Phil Alexander
• Quotations from Deep Purple fans Mikael Akerfelt, Luke Morley, Sebastian Vettel, Eddie Jordan, Brian Tatler, Janick Gers and Peter Hook.
• An interview with famed photographer Didi Zill, whose photos of the legendary recording sessions in Switzerland illustrate the booklet.

• • • • • •

Machine Head 1CD

• Accompanying the 40th Anniversary box is a 1CD 40th Anniversary Special Edition release of: ‘MACHINE HEAD’ ORIGINAL ALBUM NEW 2012 REMASTER. Featuring non-album b-side, ‘When A Blind Man Cries’.
• Packaged in a gatefold digipack with a rollfold lyric sheet booklet.

• • • • • •


Deep Purple “Machine Head” 40th Anniversary LP/7”

• Original album, newly remastered in 2012 by Jon Astley
• On audiophile 180gram heavyweight vinyl in a gatefold sleeve faithfully reproducing the original cover
• Geaturing a 6 panel lyric sheet
• The package also features a special bonus 7″ of the ‘Never Before’ single featuring the newly remastered non-album b-side, ‘When A Blind Man Cries’ house in a Purple Records house bag.

Deep Purple “In Concert ‘72” Double LP & and 7”
Double LP set on purple vinyl:
• Features a new 2012 mix from the original 8 track tapes with the original set list in its correct order for the first time.
• Recorded at the BBC’s Paris Theatre, London on 9th March 1972, it was remixed at Abbey Road Studios, and features new artwork and photographs by Barry Plummer taken at the concert itself.
• Because of the duration of the concert and issues with sound quality in relation to the length of audio on sides of LPs, the encore “Lucille” is featured on the A-side of a 33 1/3 purple vinyl 7” housed in a Purple Records house bag.
• The B-side features an exclusive and previously unreleased version of the live rarity “Maybe I’m A Leo” recorded at the soundcheck for the Paris Theatre show.

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What about the DVD – is it PAL region 2 ?


I was kinda underwhelmed by the content in this release, but the price tag makes it far more appealing. A couple of unreleased bits would have been nice though.


Only for diehard Deep Purple fans. This is one of my favourite albums of all time. I bought a remastered anniversary cd already a few years ago. Why do someone needs to have this? If you have the Lp and the remastered Cd you have all you need. All this other stuff is milking a customers purse.


Sounds an OK buy based on the price. Let’s see if this is worth getting:

– Also consider that for 12 bucks you get half the CD content that’s in the box (original recordings remastered in 1997 + 1997 Glover mixes + b-side + 2 quad mixes) that is if you skip the 2012 remaster, the ’97 remaster sounds excellent to my ears.
Also, the 2 quad mixes on the 1997 2 CD edition are the most interesting ones since they are both the versions of Leo and Lazy with the alternate guitar solo.

– Are the two single edits of Smoke On The Water and Lazy worth it? Well, a radio edit is not something I look forward to really, and I already own Made In Japan (as should everyone). What’s special about the Japanese Lazy single I honestly have no idea, but if we’re throwing edits and single versions into the mix, what happened to the Never Before single edit? Again, not something I really care for.

– In Concert ’72 has already been released (at least most of it apparently) on the “In Concert” 1980 release. Again, this is remastered and the full setlist in its original order is included in this release, but if you’re really a fan you also need the reissue of In Concert for the first disc of the 1970 concert from the BBC, which means you’ll automatically own most of the 1972 concert anyways, although probably with slightly inferior sound quality.
This 2 CD set is available for 6 or 7 bucks!

– Now I’m guessing that most people will be getting this for the DVD which includes the surround quad mix (although described as 4.1) of the album and hi resolution 2012 remaster of the album plus the b-side. Plus, it includes new 5.1 mixes of the b-side, Lazy and Leo!
Which means there is brand new content here as well.


I know this has been a popular phrase regarding weather or not to buy reissues and box sets, but if you don’t own any version of the album, then definitely buy this set.
However, think twice if you have the fantastic 1997, 2CD version of this. You will be paying 50 bucks for 5 quad songs in stereo, the complete In Concert reissue and the fantastic DVD since this is the new stuff you’ll be getting.
If you’re not a fan of surround sound and think the sound quality of the 1997 CD remaster is as good as it gets, and if you think that Made In Japan is more than enough live material you need of performances from this album, then I would skip this.
However, fans of surround sound and audiophiles will look forward to this since the surround mix alone is only available on a now long out of print DVD-A and SACD which go for 50 bucks and 80 bucks respectively (with a recent SACD reissue from Japan that goes for 40 bucks). If you are willing to pay 40 bucks for SACD multichannel sound (like I am), you might as well add ten bucks and get this whole set! Maybe sell the ’97 release for a generous 5 bucks or let it go for free to immerse today’s youth in what rock music should really sound like, something I really would’ve appreciate 10 years ago when I was 9 and very well into KISS, Queen and Nirvana… however, I would wait until listening to the new 2012 remaster first before giving the album away!

I can’t imagine any other important stuff to add to this, Classic Albums episode and demos/jam sessions, etc would’ve just made it more expensive and not that much more interesting, really. Way to go regarding material here!