Deep Purple / “Made In Japan” 40th Anniversary reissue box sets


Universal Music are prepping a 40th Anniversary reissue of Deep Purple‘s 1972 live tour-de-force Made In Japan.

Expected at the end of March 2014, this set will feature all three nights (Osaka 15th/16th August and Tokyo 17th August 1972) across three CDs and all the encores collected on a fourth disc (six tracks, including three Black Nights!). A fifth disc comes in the form of a DVD which contains a new documentary and some hi-res content.

Amazingly, there will also be a nine LP vinyl box with the full track listing from the CDs. All the audio for this reissue has been newly remixed by Martin Pullan.

More information on this set when we have it.


4CD+DVD box set (full 1972 tour – 2013 remix)


9LP Vinyl box set (full 1972 tour – 2013 remix)


2CD Edition (2013 remix of album + all encores)


2LP Edition (1972 mix – remastered in 2013)

Single CD Edition (1972 mix – remastered in 2013)

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No matter which version you prefer, Made In Japan IS the GREATEST live album EVER released. Me personally, own just about every variation available. That said, to have all 3 complete shows is a no brainer! I bought my first copy at 13 years old way back in 73, and have purchased reissues ever since. The shows all very to some degree, and packaging of the boxset is excellent! The only thing lacking is complete video of the shows. If they released a show in black and white it would not matter to me, as the footage included on the dvd while not the greatest, is still a must have. It’s DEEP PURPLE for gosh sakes!!!

Rene Auvray

Very nice: like the British would say, “It is much too dear!” YouTube has a video out, “Deep Purple Made In Japan Documentary.” Any way this can be sold to the fans? It is worth 59 minutes watching!


So that’s cool, the box set cover, book inside and sticker on the outside of the package all say this set includes a download card for the 2013 remix album and HD version of the 1972 album but the actual card is not included in set. The record store I bought this from contacted WEA who responded that that’s their mistake and that the download cards only come with the European release. Thanks for the false advertising.

Michael Cucka

Just found this out as well –
There is a subtle difference in the paper page placed on the back of the box set I purchased from Amazon – the listing of contents omits the “HD Audio Download”, despite the box sticker and the book within the box maintaining those are included.
The paper backing states the release is from Rhino and Warner Music Group, as opposed toe Universal Intl on the printed back of the box.
So it seems non-EU copies of the set omit the codes – definitely false advertising and probably worth some sort of refund – though I certainly won’t be holding my breath…

Juan Acosta

Ojala en el DVD que mencionan se vean el concierto en japon del 1972
Only 20min. + from Tokyo 17th August 1972 are filmed (8mm b/w)!

Mario Pacheco

Exelente oportunidad para conmemorar 40 años de este grandioso LP, obviamente que va a ser muy valorado por los que somos eternos seguidores de Deep Purple, Made in Japan es el album emblema cuando se habla de garbaciones en vivo. No habido otra grabacion en concierto que se le mida en perfeccion a Deep Purpe Made in Japan , un album grabado y publicado tal y como se registraron en los tapes de grabacion de esas noches de concierto.Eso es lo que lo ha convertido a Made in Japan un LP emblema cuando se habla de grabaciones en directo….

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Just give the straightfoward 4 disc set in a jewel case, or a 6 disc set with each show to two discs. No messing around with fancy boxes, books and DVDs. Too much to ask……..

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Peter Chrisp

I am not sure but there is no suggestion of a bluray disc invloved in 5.1

Simon F

Why can’t we have a decent anthology set instead? Everything from Shades Of Deep Purple to Come Taste The Band, plus the two live albums. Far better than all this pissing about with the above….


Cannot wait for this release.One of the best live rock albums ever.The standard double cd although great could do with a new booklet with more photos and background about the tour and making of the album.


On which label is the release scheduled ?


Most re-issues seem to repeat content now. We are now in the third or fourth generation for many artists, since the advent of the CD. If there was always a quality improvement or significant new content it would represent more value for money. I recently purchased The Who’s Tommy in the form of the stand-alone Pure Audio disc, bypassing all of the unreleased demos and live material – at least there was a choice, and I hope this is the case with Made In Japan. Those of us who are getting on a bit may be starting to realise that we can’t keep filling up our shelves indefinitely…


Phil, If you have either or both the DVD-A and Hybrid/SACD editions of “Tommy” and have had a chance to compare with this “HFPA” release, which sounds better? Also is the blu-ray in 2.0 and 5.1 or just 5.1? Thanks…

Laurie H

I have the original, 25th anniversary 3CD and the 1998 remasters so the only thing of interest to me would be a high res 5.1 mix – roll on the Blu Ray Pure Audio edition !!! (providing they dont stuff that up like most of the Pure Audio stuff – no extras – no lyrics – no 5.1 (in most cases) nothing but the music (which is excellent in hi res) on a freaking Blu Ray with about 25 GB of storage – go figure.


I have the original 25th anniversary 3 CD edition too. I’m with you Laurie, and would consider purchasing a “HFPA” blu-ray edition and especially if offered in 2.0 and 5.1 mix. At the very least, the blu-ray should include the material from the 25th anniversary edition and a fresh transfer of the master tapes if they are still in decent condition. If this is possible and the release is truly a upgrade in SQ, this would have the potential of being a popular seller for Universal.


These 3 concerts was filmed ?


Only 20min. + from Tokyo 17th August 1972 are filmed (8mm b/w)!


Thanx !

Rene Auvray

It had to be the Japanese TV network NHK; or maybe NHK & The BBC working together.

Rene Auvray

A Japanese lady said to me (and agreed) that the TV network in Japan NHK has the original film. I am trying to find videos when they returned to Japan in June, 1973.


Bring it on, this is an awesome recoding as it stands, cant wait to get both the CD and Vinyl deluxe versions. They just don’t make music like these dinosaurs did anymore !!

Taz Taylor

Philip…”an imaginary concert with the best of each version contained therein “….what do you think the original release was ??

This is just giving us the entire source material that the original release was culled from. The original album was indeed considered to be the best version of each song !


Actually, no. Many fans disagree and say that DP didn’t always take the best versions.


There’s little difference from this 3CD-set released in 1993:



Summarizing, only 5 songs from the encores are excluded from the 1993 set, but 4 of them are available on the 1998 Made In Japan 2CD edition remaster, and the remaining 1 on the 2002 Listen, Learn, Read On box-set.

I don’t think this new 40th anniversary edition is even remotely worth getting.


Peter – the 1993 remix was done by the (at the time) editor of the Purple fanzine, and an unknown engineer, who basically screwed it up, and mixed Roger Glover out of the picture. One the Amazon comments

“Glovers bass is all but inaudible at times (check the solo on Space Truckin, if you can hear it at all) and Blackmore’s Guitar sounds like he is a quarter mile recessed from the rest of the band. ”

So, if it’s been remixed properly this time, this set is preferable to the 1993 issue

Peter Chrisp

James i hate to say it will be the same as Humble Pie box set where they played the the same set 3 times in a slightly different order and on the third disc “Speed King”. I understand there was some footage but either silent and poor quality at 20 minutes, in the end the above 2 albums are without a doubt killer live albums, a few years ago i bought a 25th Spanish edition of the album which included 3 extra live tracks and 6 studio songs which in the end turned out good value, the only downside is the inner sleeve is all in Spanish!!!


42nd anniversary edition?????hopefully the remixes still have everything louder than everything else

James Kelly

Looking forward to it, but I hope it’s not like they did with the Humble Pie Fillmore concerts. It was the same set of songs four times!

James Kelly

Ugh! Don’t understand why they do that!

John Gallagher

because thats how it was!!! of course…each version is unique..thats what made Purple brilliant!

James Kelly

I’ll probably buy it anyway!

Rene Auvray

They should sell the album and DVD separate…too high a price tag!

Marcus Sigismund

Excellent, indeed, especially the vinyl release with the whole audio content!


Excellent news, as it stops the juggling between discs with the two reissues we already have.

Maybe the hi-res stuff will be an “imaginery” concert with the best of each version contained therein………