Donna Summer / New compilation: Hits, Singles & More


Music Club Deluxe will release a two-CD Donna Summer compilation at the end of the month that includes a number of remixes and edits amongst the hits.

The appropriately named Hits, Singles & More takes in 32 tracks from across her albums from the 1980s including big singles State of Independence, This Time I Know It’s For Real and Dinner With Gershwin. In fact, all three of those tracks appear more than once.

This is a well priced budget release and is out on 25 May 2015.

Track listing

Disc: 1
1. This Time I Know It’s For Real
2. Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) (7″ Version)
3. State Of Independence
4. Looking Up
5. Cold Love (Edit)
6. Romeo
7. All Systems Go (Edit)
8. Supernatural Love (Remix)
9. Suzanna
10. When Love Takes Over You (Remix)
11. Highway Runner
12. Breakaway (Power Radio Mix)
13. Heaven’s Just A Whisper Away
14. The Woman In Me
15. You To Me
16. Only The Fool Survives (Edit)

Disc: 2
1. Dinner With Gershwin
2. The Wanderer
3. Eyes (7″ Remix Edit)
4. I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt (7″ Remix)
5. Love’s About To Change My Heart
6. True Love Survives
7. Who Do You Think You’re Foolin’ (Edit)
8. Work That Magic (Capricorn ISA Remix)
9. (If It) Hurts Just A Little
10. When Love Cries (Radio Remix)
11. I’m A Rainbow
12. Let There Be Peace
13. State Of Independence (New Bass Edit)
14. Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) (Dance Remix)
15. Dinner With Gershwin (Extended Version)
16. This Time I Know It’s For Real (Extended Remix)

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I recently purchased the the box set that came out last year and the I Remember Yesterday remaster . Finally fab to have the great Donna vocal range and power heard in its full glory !


This is a good collection. It includes 3 tracks that weren’t in the recent box set:

“Work That Magic” (Capricorn ISA remix from the 12″ B-side)
“Supernatural Love” (Remix from the 7″ single)
“State Of Independence” (New Bass Edit from a 1990 German single)


The version of “Supernatural Love” does seem to be the 7″ Remix so I’m pleased that there is at least 1 song on this set which wasn’t on the album reissues


There IS a lot of 70s bonus-track material out there. I count 11 12″ versions from I Feel Love through to On The Radio. There are half a dozen tracks from The Deep and Thank God It’s Friday soundtracks and loads of 7″ edits – 18 US A-sides alone.
The Japanese reissues from a few years ago looked lovely but something more affordable would be much appreciated!

Randy M

Where is my favorite Donna Summer song, Sometimes Like Butterflies, a B-side only from the early 80’s?

Stan Butler

Sometimes Like Butterflies is on the deluxe version of Donna Summer.

Randy M

Yes, I have the deluxe CD set. My question is why it isn’t on THIS collection? It is one of her rarest songs, and I believe it’s first appearance on CD was the Deluxe set.


@Carlton Fisher: Um, yeah. There were like 20 mixes of each of the three singles.

I’d love to see an album with all of her stand-alone singles: Carry On, La Vie En Rose, Whenever There Is Love, Someday, The Power Of One, etc.

Rob Wilcock

Good value for money compilation from Music Club Deluxe. It would be great to have a 4 CD anthology of all her recordings. Culture Factory also remastered I Remember Yesterday and She Works Hard For The Money CDs and Amazon UK stock these. Look at the prices from other sellers – if the price is below £15 you do not pay any additional VAT or Customs duty.

Carlton Fisher

I’m actually excited for this compilation. I know it doesn’t really tread much in the way of new ground, but I’ve always been a fan of Donna’s 80s output and feel like it gets under appreciated. There are tons of compilations that serve the 70s output really well, and blend in some of the 80s material as an afterthought, but I like the idea of a dedicated comp for her post-Casablanca work.

I wonder if there’s enough material out there to warrant an expanded edition of Crayons.


Universal U.S. has no interest in much catalog reissues. They are like Warner Bros.


I really do think we will see a Casablanca deluxe CD box set reissue of the 1970s albums at a more reasonable price than the astronomically expensive Japanese SHM CDs. There would only be a smattering of extra material if anything. I think we will also see the albums reissued on 180gr vinyl in exact replica jackets with inserts as the originals and packaged in a nice box. We are seeing that with many artists and Donna Summer deserves that sort of first class treatment. Can’t you see that with a bonus 180gr coloured vinyl 12″ of Patrick Cowley’s I Feel Love remix!


The Patrick Cowley Remix has been recently issued on a Donna Summer Universal Compilation.

Stan Butler

Kiki, Eduardo’s comment is valid as he’s talking about the 70’s material. She Works Hard, from 1983,was on Casablanca for contractual reasons after Donna had left in 1980. By 1983 there was a wealth of material coming out on 12″. This wasn’t the case for the earlier albums. Bad Girls from 1979 is an exception and there has been a deluxe reissue with 12″ versions. They also crop up on various compilations.

What I don’t agree with is the assumption that we don’t need a UK release of the Casablanca material and should seek out the Japanese box. I don’t care how good it is, it’s impossible to find and I shudder to think what the price would be.


Don’t Shudder. Prices start at around 28 to 29 U.S. dollars. These days for a Japanese import is reasonable.


The point is that a “Universal Box Set” is never going to improve the quality of those “astronomically expensive Japanese SHM-CDs,” unless the company decides to use those remasters used for the SHM-CD’s. However, I doubt that given even within the same worldwide company each region does their own remasters.


Well, “She Works Hard…” LP is part of the Casablanca Recordings (her last LP from her contract)…
I totaly disagree with you guys about the Casablanca Years : There are loads of 7″ and 12″ version that never were released on CD! I think Universal should have done their due to Donna’s catalogue with releasing complete and expanded albums…

Only for “She Works Hard…” LP:
– “She Works Hard…” single : 7″ Edit, Special long version + Instrumental (+ Its B Side “I Feel In Love” which seems to have different durations…
– “Unconditional Love” single : 7″ Edit, long version + Instrumental + B Side “Woman” (seems to be shorter than the LP Version)
– “Love Has A Mind Of It’s Own” single (the hardest to find indeed!) : The japan single and the US 7″ promo include a shorter version + a shorter version of its B Side “Stop Look And Listen”…
– “Stop Look & Listen” Single : an extended remix with nearly the same LP duration exists…

and that’s only for her last Casablanca album… there are several remixes through times … (Cowley’s version of “I Feel Love” existe in a 16 minutes form and an 9 minute edit)… so the work is yet to be done !!!


Where is “She Works Hard for the Money”?!!

Stan Butler

The estate unfortunately don’t own the rights to She Works Hard For The Money. That’s why it wasn’t in the box set. It is available separately.


This should have been called “80s Hits, Singles & More”, then there would be no need for people to wonder where the 70s hits are.


Some tracks/mixes are from the 90s.


There are 2 Belinda Carlisle collection, too… 1cd and 2cds from Music Club Deluxe

alan hansen

meh! i’ll stick to my dutch “ultimate collection” 2.5cd’s of superb compiling and remastering.


I’m with Francis; just buy the whole album(s) :-)

Kiki, there was indeed a Japanese box set of the Casa albums, released a few years ago, and now long deleted (and really expensive). The individual albums are still available separately though.

Stan Butler

I bought the box set and it’s great. This is a taster of it and hopefully will get more people to realise Donna Summer wasn’t just those great 70’s records and investigate more.


If “Supernatural Love (Remix)” is the 7″ version then this wasn’t included on the “Cats Without Claws” reissue. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it is.


Love the picture on the front. I think this is more for the casual listener. I have the recent box set and have already pre-ordered this one (as well as the Belinda Carlisle and Flock of Seagulls).


Hey, how come I’m finding out about the Flock Of Seagulls collection from a comment rather than its own article? Track listing has a very nice number of non-LP B-sides, and a couple of extended versions. Too bad it doesn’t have the Cocteau singles on it (one can hope), but overall very good value.

Thanks, Orig80’saddict!


What a pointless and terrible compilation! There have been much better ones, such as the 3 Disc Anthology or just buy all her albums, of which most have been released with bonus tracks, remixes…etc.

Gary c

The answers are in the short article, gentlemen


What? No “I Feel Love”??

James Blair

Nice to see the Capricorn ISA Mix of “…Magic” & New Bass Mix of “…Independence” on there as these were both missing from the recent reissues & aren’t easy to find on CD!


How can it be a compilation of Hits and Singles and not include I feel love. Complete nonsense.


Because I Feel Love is a Universal owned track. Donna’s estate do not own her 1970′ material.


I think it’s a kind of “best of” of the recent box set isn’t it ?

The remaining question is why such a brilliant box doesn’t exist for the Casablanca recordings yet…


Because there is very little extra material if any during her Casablanca years to constitute doing a box set. Besides Universal Japan brilliantly remastered all her Casablanca CD’s and they were packaged in gate folds that mirrored the original packaging from the 1970’s. These reissues sounded amazing and included English lyrics and Japanese lyrics. No need for a box set with these reissues out there. Some are now out of print and others are available on Ebay or Amazon U.S. For some reason Amazon U.K., France or Germany never carried them.


The Universal Japan Remasters were SHM-CD’s issued in 2012. They are packaged in mini-LP gatefolds. Some of the titles still available on Ebay and such range in price from 29 U.S. dollars and up.