Donna Summer reissues improved


After some passionate fan feedback (some via this blog), Driven By The Music – the team behind the Donna Summer reissues – have made some changes to a couple of the releases.

In a statement today they thanked fans and then wrote the following:

“In the last couple of days we have discovered that some mixes have either been labelled incorrectly or given different names, when they are actually the same remix as an existing one. These issues only come to light when tapes are checked prior to mastering and this is what has happened with the ‘PWL 12” Mix’ of Love’s About To Change My Heart, so this is being replaced.

As you are aware, an unmarked and previously unreleased mix has been located and we are including it on its parent album. However, we thought that you would like to know that following the same process, we have found another one from September 1988! We have also managed to source a high-quality master for a missing 7” Remix Edit, from another album.

As such, please see below the tracks that will now also be included, which are in addition to the tracks originally disclosed.


I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt (Original Pete Hammond 12” Mix), When Love Takes Over You (Original Pete Hammond 12” Mix), Love’s About To Change My Heart (Dub) – not to be confused with ‘Love Dub’ 7.13 (replaces ‘PWL 12” Mix), Breakaway (Instrumental Remix – Edit) – replaces (Album Instrumental)


Eyes (‘Jellybean’ 7” Remix Edit)

If there was any doubt Driven By The Music also confirmed that the CD box set “does include all of the individually created deluxe CD releases, so that no one will miss out on the bonus tracks, if they would prefer to buy the box set”.

Another Place And Time and Cat Without Claws are released on 1 December 2014 along with the other albums within this campaign. As stated above, all are also included as part of the CD Box Set. The standard 10-track album is being reissued on LP which can also be found in the vinyl box. Most of the eighties catalogue is being re-released and you’ll find all Donna reissue details here.

Donna Summer / "Another Place and Time": 3CD deluxe edition


Revised track listingAnother Place and Time 3CD


  • 1. I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt  3.28
  • 2. When Love Takes Over You  4.13
  • 3. This Time I Know It’s For Real  3.38
  • 4. The Only One  3.55
  • 5. In Another Place And Time  3.22
  • 6. Sentimental  3.11
  • 7. Whatever Your Heart Desires  3.52
  • 8. Breakaway  4.04
  • 9. If It Makes You Feel Good  3.45
  • 10. Love’s About To Change My Heart  4.03


  • 1. Breakaway (Power Radio Mix)  4.02
  • 2. Breakaway (Extended Power Mix)  6.08
  • 3. Breakaway (Remix – Full Version)  6.45
  • 4. Breakaway (Remix Edit)  3.37
  • 5. Breakaway (Instrumental Remix – Edit)  3.45
  • 6. I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt (Phil Harding 12″ Version)  6.58
  • 7. I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt (Instrumental)   4.45
  • 8. I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt (7″ Remix)  3.32
  • 9. I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt (Pete Hammond Original 12″ Version)  7.22
  • 10. If It Makes You Feel Good (Pete Hammond Remix Instrumental) 4.06
  • 11. Sentimental (Instrumental)  3.49
  • 12. This Time I Know It’s For Real (Extended Remix)  7.21
  • 13. This Time I Know It’s For Real (Instrumental)  3.33


  • 1. When Love Takes Over You (Dave Ford 7″)  3.38
  • 2. When Love Takes Over You (Dave Ford Extended Remix)  6.13
  • 3. When Love Takes Over You (Dave Ford Instrumental)  3.37
  • 4. When Love Takes Over You (Pete Hammond Original 12” Mix)  7.02
  • 5. The Only One (Instrumental)  3.54
  • 6. Whatever Your Heart Desires (Instrumental)  3.57
  • 7. Love’s About To Change My Heart (Clivillés & Cole 12” Mix)  7.47
  • 8. Love’s About To Change My Heart (Clivillés & Cole 7” Mix)  4.21
  • 9. Love’s About To Change My Heart (Extended Remix)   6.19
  • 10. Love’s About To Change My Heart (Instrumental)   5.14
  • 11. Love’s About To Change My Heart (Love Dub)  7.13
  • 12. Love’s About To Change My Heart (Dub)  8.20
  • 13. Love’s About To Change My Heart (Loveland’s Full-On 7″ Radio Edit)  4.00
  • 14. Love’s About To Change My Heart (PWL 7″ Mix)  3.47

Revised track listingCats Without Claws

  • 1. Supernatural Love  3.38
  • 2. It’s Not The Way  4.22
  • 3. There Goes My Baby  4.05
  • 4. Suzanna  4.29
  • 5. Cats Without Claws  4.20
  • 6. Oh Billy, Please  4.55
  • 7. Eyes  4.45
  • 8. Maybe It’s Over  4.43
  • 9. I’m Free  4.29
  • 10. Forgive Me  4.30


  • 11. Face The Music  4.14
  • 12. Eyes (7” Remix Edit)  3.46
  • 13. Supernatural Love (Extended Dance Remix)  6.12
  • 14. Eyes (Extended Mix)  6.58
  • 15. I’m Free (Extended Mix)  6.18

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I just got another place In time deluxe 3 cd’s, Such a nice work of art and compilations and a nice treat for me, since I’ve been waiting for this release to happen now it in my hand…. I could not ask for more


Cris, there will always be a market for collectors who must have the original release as well as those who do not wish to own remastered materials for their own reasons. I wouldn’t look in anyone’s trash bins for the originals just yet.


with this coming releases of all the classic artist like donna summer et all. will help eliminate those seller or I should say vultures who put up the prices of this singles/ remixes terribly high (money grabber) on the internet market. I’m wondering now what are they gonna do with these singles now that every one has the opportunity to grave all of the hit singles/ mixes in just reasonable prices, they will probably throw it away…..


The record company should definitely add the US 7″ of “The Woman In Me” to “Donna Summer”. This version is shorter and the spoken part over the intro is absent. The UK and US 12″ mixes of “Love Is In Control” are different too. I wonder which ones are being used.

William Meisinger

Would LOVE to see some of the original “I’m A Rainbow” mixes: “True Love Survives”, “People Talk”, and “Romeo”. Any other mixes that differ from the 1996 released versions?


Obviously record labels are paying attention to the fans and websites like these, if we could give them a few ideas of great re-releases that people are excited about and would definitely buy, it’s a win-win!


Now maybe they can fix the Donna Summer tracklisting by dropping the awful 90’s mixes of SOI and replacing them with the 7″ version of “Woman in Me” and the extended version of “protection”. I guess the master can’t be found for “walk hand in hand”.


They did listen to the FB page, quite wondrous, reissue of the year, now reissue if the decade!




In some ways Pledgemusic is a bit like a crowd funding site. Some great stuff happening on there


Fil and Andelko. Great ideas! Could be really interesting to be part of it. It’s been proved through APAT forum discussion

Andelko Preradovic

I think it is obvious that all reissue labels should ask for fans help/research – I mean, aren’t they core buyers for such releases?

And one more idea for you Paul – have you ever considered doing crowdfunding type of reissue? People paying in advance for wanted reissue – if there is enough contributors, then it gets release like they want?


Fantastic news! Thank you for this website. Now if they would only listen to the fans about not having the same song listed in the tracklist repeatedly. Mix it up a bit!

Paul, have you ever thought of having a section where folks can list their dream re-releases and tracklistings? Or maybe a forum? That would be a lot of fun.

Andrew L.

What is fascinating about these PWL remixes & tracks is that someone even like Pete Hammond has reported he thought his Original 12″ mix of IDWGH was lost forever. I wonder if he also thought his mix of WLTOY was also gone forever. One can only imagine the immensity in number of master tapes that are part of the PWL archives.


Have the tracklistings for the other Donna summer reissues been released?


Perhaps now they can also reorganise I’m A Rainbow and put it all on one disc? The entire album is just over 70 minutes… I know a lot of fans would prefer it.

Lanny Justice

Yes. I am almost losing sleep, needing to know the Lisa S tracklistings. I’m afraid I will need to take out a loan to pay for all these reissues coming out this fall. ugh


These changes make the reissue of Another Place and Time even better (of course, it was great to begin with)! It’s nice to see Donna Summer’s estate listened to the fans (and listened to the master tapes!).

Now I’m just waiting patiently for the tracklistings for the 5 Lisa Stansfield album reissues (plus the remix anthology).


thank u paul!!! please can’t wait for all systems go tracklist :-)

Lanny Justice

Paul. This may sound cheesy, but thank you for all the work you do maintaining this site. I thought I was alone the last few years with my love for physical releases. I still get thrilled when I see old albums I love get the deluxe reissue treatment. It always feels like Christmas. Downloading invisible mp3’s will NEVER replace the little adrenaline rush you get when you find a treasure in a store. And if any record company needs any ideas for new reissues, I’m sure and most of your readers have lists ready. Cheers!!!


Well said Lanny. Its becoming a trend to give old classics a spit and polish it seems. This year, or by the end of October at least, 3 Silver Conventions albums will have been remastered and extended (a little), Lisa Stansfield is getting the deluxe treatment, and Donna of course. Pretty exciting. Artists need to know that now more than ever, deluxe versions sell.


Great news… especially the “Eyes” 7″ version. One of her best songs, IMO


Great on the label. Now if only they made the boxes with the bonus single available to all European countries at least!