Elvis box confirmed as remastered


All the audio within Sony’s forthcoming Elvis Presley box set, The Album Collection, has been confirmed as newly remastered…

SDE contacted Sony Legacy for clarification and they confirmed that audio engineer Vic Anesini, who has worked on many Elvis projects over the years, has remastered all the audio for this mammoth 60CD set.

The Album Collection box is released on 18 March, and there is currently a good deal alert for the UK price, which is currently under £160. You can view the full track listing here.



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Julian H

Vic Anesini is a good remastering engineer, and this is old music we’re talking about so there could be an improvement.


Following an earlier comment – a change in dynamics is pretty important if done well. Sometimes of course it’s down to individual preference and influenced by how you listen to music, hi fi or mobile device etc.
Plenty of remastered CDs are fine and plenty of original discs aren’t so great. Like most things in life it’s not black and white.
Anyway Vic Anesini’s work is pretty great to my ears at least.


I suspect that many of these are not actually being remastered (again), but Vic is merely matching levels between the discs.

Dan Yesindeedy

Most of my Remastered Deluxe Editions noticably sound superb with great clarity,I enjoy my originals for 20 or more years and look forward to the sprucing up of a Remastered Edition.
The last Elvis Box Set was about a 1000 copies,is this one going to be around the same number or not limited at all?
I do Love Limited Editions! :)

concerned listener

generally remastering is a waste of time and often produces an inferior sounding product.
that goes for regular and audiophile labels !
9/10 the original is the best sounding version of any given release.

stephen maltais

I wonder if they only remastered the problem tracks from 2010?


Remastering is the biggest rip-off going. However, record labels know that a sticker saying “Remastered” on the front will get suckers splashing the cash. I bet Jimmy Page is currently remastering the Led Zeppelin catalogue for about the fourth time, safe in the knowledge that the usual suspects will be willing to buy it yet again.

Philip Treijtel

I believe the whole remastering is a gimmick to achieve more sales. Most of the time I don’t even hear the difference except the change in dynamics or the repairs of faulty tracks.


Why does remastering have to be done so much for certain artists? Do they not do a good job along the way, eh?

stephen maltais

Hi Paul,
Just so I can post on the Elvis collector’s site without getting this specific quetion:

So Vic has newly remastered **all of it since** he did the Complete Elvis Presley Masters box set from October 19, 2010, correct?
In other words all of these are 2015-16 remasters and not the 2010 remasters?

Thanks, Paul

Paul Lewis

Hopefully they will fix the metallic echo that appears half-way through ‘Suspicious Minds’… It appeared mid-90’s if I remember and nobody has ever fixed it…