Eric Clapton / Slowhand at 70: Live at the Royal Albert Hall


Eric Clapton celebrated his 70th birthday this year with a seven-night run at the Royal Albert Hall, and this performance will be issued commercially across a number of formats by Eagle Rock in November.

Slowhand at 70: Live at the Royal Albert Hall will be available on 2CD+DVD, 3LP+DVD, blu-ray, DVD and a four disc deluxe edition that comes in a 12″ x 12″ 60-page book.

All the formats offer the show on video with some adding the audio but the deluxe edition adds a bonus DVD of of Eric Clapton performances at the Royal Albert Hall across the years including the Cream Farewell Tour from 1968, the Journeyman tour from 1990, a UN Benefit Concert performance with Zucchero from 2004, the Cream Reunion shows from 2005 and a Prince’s Trust Benefit performance from 2010.

Almost all formats are currently available for pre-order but the 3LP+DVD set should be highlighted because at the time of writing it’s only £20 on Amazon UK which appears to be a very good deal indeed. The four-disc deluxe book is about £35 on Amazon UK although Amazon France is your friend here offering the same set for £10 less.

Slowhand at 70: Live at the Royal Albert Hall will be released on 13 November 2015.



2CD+2DVD+Book Deluxe Edition

2CD+Blu-ray (US and Canada only)


2CD+DVD Edition









  • 1) Somebody’s Knockin ‘On My Door
  • 2) Key To The Highway
  • 3) Tell The Truth
  • 4) Pretending
  • 5) Hoochie Coochie Man
  • 6) You Are So Beautiful
  • 7) Can’ t Find My Way Home
  • 8) I Shot The Sheriff
  • 9) Driftin ‘Blues
  • 10) Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
  • 11) Tears In Heaven
  • 12) Layla
  • 13) Let It Rain
  • 14) Wonderful Tonight
  • 15) Crossroads
  • 16) Cocaine
  • 17) High Time We Went

Bonus track: Little Queen Of Spades

3LP Vinyl

Side A

  • 1) Somebody’s Knockin On My Door
  • 2) Key To The Highway
  • 3) Tell The Truth

Side B

  • 1) Pretending
  • 2) Hoochie Coochie Man
  • 3) You Are So Beautiful
  • 4) Can t Find My Way Home

Side C

  • 1) I Shot The Sheriff
  • 2) Driftin Blues
  • 3) Nobody Knows You When You re Down And Out

Side D

  • 1) Tears In Heaven
  • 2) Layla
  • 3) Let It Rain
  • 4) Wonderful Tonight

Side E

  • 1) Crossroads
  • 2) Cocaine
  • 3) High Time We Went

Side F

  • 1) Little Queen Of Spades



2CD+2DVD+Book Deluxe Edition


2CD+DVD Edition







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Santiago Gimenes Ibañez

I want to buy the special edition with cd’s, dvd’s and special booklet with pictures, but I do not find where to buy it. Thanks in advance for your support. Santiago


Does anyone know what this version is? http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B015T0PRHG
It says Vinyl, Box set and 6 discs.


Quite boring tracklist. It’s mostly a greatest hits live. Doesn’t seem too interesting.


It is something I will pass down for my children to enjoy. An excellent concert

Paul from Canada

Is the Deluxe Edition with the hard Cover book available for pre-order to Canada? Cheers!



Amazon Japan now has a pre-sale listing for a 4 disc Blu-ray, 2 CD and bonus DVD combo for about 63 including shipping. Any idea if this is the deluxe with the book? Wonder why no deluxe set with the book in the US? Why don’t ever list Amazon.co.jp when listing Amazon site comparison pricing?


No 2CD/Blu-ray set? Sigh…


Looks like there will 2CD/Bluray set in the US.


Its strange that the release doesn’t yet show up on Eric’s website. I wonder if only Bluray option will show in the US…

bernice rutherford

Looking for the deluxe edition here in the USA, got any pre-order info


singularly the worst Eric Clapton performance i have ever been witness to. Hydro Glasgow. was like a Mike and the Mechanics gig with EC as special guest. yet it wasn’t so special , aside from the so called “sound issues”, EC telegraphed the whole performance in. Poor as poor can be, and that’s from me, a hardcore Clapton-ite. click “no” to “not buy now”….

Just sad it wasnt like his 1990’s Blues Nights etc,,,,, on fire Guy, Cray, Vaughan, Collins etc,….I await that with so much held breath my face is puce!!


Hi Paul,
please note there is a Japan version with 2CD + Blu Ray + Bonus DVD. It seems this is the version to get at 6400 jpy. (48€)
About the bonus DVD, only the 2010 Prince Trust performance is unreleased. The other stuff went in other DVD/BR releases. Is there tracklist for the bonus DVD?


Am thinking of getting the Japanese deluxe to include the Blu Ray but does this mean the disc will be Region encoded and will there be no English text in the book?


Thanks Paul. Regarding Graeme’s comment, I was at this show sitting very close to the stage and there was no telegraphing in from ec-it was a first class performance throughout-look out for an excellent solo in I Shot The Sheriff that ended with big smiles and nodding heads between ec and band that confirmed it was an extra special show. What I found funny from my vantage point was that I don’t think ec noticed much of the dancing couple as seen in the trailer during cocaine as he had his eyes closed in concentration during the solo!

Matthew Collier


So it’s possible to order from Amazon Japan from the UK? The lack of readable text kind of put me off the idea of taking the risk.

I *really* want the BluRay + DVD + CD combo, which annoyingly isn’t available in what I would consider to be Clapton’s “primary” market (i.e. the UK). (and I don’t see why I should buy it on BluRay *and* DVD to get the bonus DVD…)

I have mailed Eagle Rock (twice) about the problem, but predictably, have had no response.



Todd R.

For me, the definition of a live album (or rather, why even release a live album) has been EC at RAH. 24 Nights was simply one of the most amazing purchases I could ever claim – w/EC at the start of what would be such an amazing, productive (and yet also tragic) time for him as an artist. Now to have this at what might be the end of his roadwork – is totally fitting. I hope I get to see the film run (if it gets here to the USA) but regardless – this is going on my shelf.


Eric must be an old “analog” man…surprised there’s no VHS tape in the deluxe edition!!!

David K

Deluxe edition on dvd, NOT Blu-Ray ???? Should be exactly the opposite !!

Alan Blevin

Thanks again Paul for pointing out the France deal.I nearly feel you should get a cut of the money you have saved me in the time I have been using this site!
Also puzzled as to why at least the new concert wasn’t on Bluray in the deluxe but I can live with the DVD if that is what I have to do to get the old concert footage.


Presumably the USA NTSC versions are coming… :-)


I guess you would have a slow hand at 70.


Can’t understand why the bluray isn’t part of the deluxe book edition.