Fans bemoan MIX-up on Neneh Cherry Raw Like Sushi 3CD reissue

Neneh Cherry / Raw Like Sushi

Neneh Cherry fans who paid up to £45 for the three-CD reissue of the Raw Like Sushi album are unhappy with a mistake on CD 3 that repeats the same track.

The new set offers four bonus versions of the single ‘Kisses On The Wind’, but despite the different subtitles, two of them – the ‘Spanish Mix’ & the ‘A Little More Puerto Rico’ mix – are actually identical. Seems like no one bothered to give this disc a proper listen.

Given that the CD set is already missing content present on the vinyl package (‘Buffalo Blues’) and doesn’t even include the UK 12-inch of ‘Kisses On The Wind’, wasting seven minutes like this seems rather slack. 

Fans might be more inclined to shrug this off if they’d paid £13 for it (same price as the recent Erasure Chorus 3CD set for example) but when Universal Music are asking more than three times that amount for the same kind of content (album plus two bonus discs of remixes) then getting it right would seem to be a not unreasonable request.

SDE would like to see this CD repressed and offered free to existing purchasers with a different version of ‘Kisses On The Wind’ or ‘Buffalo Blues’ replacing the redundant mix. If you’d like to see the same, please make your feelings know by leaving a comment on this post.

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Michael Wiley

Any word yet from Universal, Paul? Definitely need a replacement if they decide to do the right thing – which includes accurately representing the printed track listing + the Buffalo Blues add on. Could make it a hidden track, thusly no need to worry about the printed tracklist. Sigh.


Did something happen with the repress of the wrong CD?


no news…
UNIVERSAL doesn’t care about customers…

Tom R

I want either: A replacement disc that includes “Buffalo Blues” and what people on here are saying is a really good remix of “Kisses On the Wind” that is now missing (at least); OR an additional disk (as one person way, way up the thread mentioned) that has a host of additional remixes and b-sides that are not currently included, a set curated by some knowleadgable fans who should not be hard to find (maybe these advisers could at least be offered free copies for helping).


Definitely agree a re-press would be the right thing to do and would be appreciated by her fans (and probably by her).

David Bly

As I haven’t gotten this yet (for the dual reasons of limited funds and a SECOND debit card that has been compromised by hackers within a month!), I hope they will re-do this as I do wish to get it, but I would not if they do not plan to fix it and make sure we have a way to know which copies are ‘fixed’ ones.

Did get the gold vinyl LP (with download card) of the album a little while ago – looks great!

Jan Willem

Replacement CD for sure.


I guess I shall stick with my original Circa CD with the demo and bonus remixes, and the ‘Kisses on the Wind’ for the “Buffalo Blues” B-Side. I like the mastering on those discs, I like the choices of instruments on the stereo channels.


I agree too! CD repressed please. No download!


I just received the ‘gold’ single disc vinyl reissue of this album. A couple of things to note, both of which add to the overall impression of production incompetence. First, the so-called ‘gold’ vinyl is a sort of muddy brown. Unattractive and not as advertised. Second, there’s no type on the spine. It’s just a blank white space. I mean, how difficult is it to print the artist and album name on the spine? This could be intentional I suppose but it seems more likely that it’s another example of can’t-be-bothered production. On the plus side, the cardboard sleeve is actually cardboard.


+1 for a corrected version, please.

Especially if they can replace the ‘repeated’ track with “Buffalo Blues”.

I don’t technically own a copy yet (Amazon Australia are asking $70AUD…no chance!) but when (if) I buy it, I hope it’s fixed.

I don’t know how much ’empty’ space is on each disc. I’ll be pissed off if it’s 15-20 minutes…plenty of space for a few more tracks.

Auntie Sabrina

There’s track durations on the Discoggs listing below gwynogue and I’d say you are you’re right about the empty space:-


David S

I can give you the Running time on each disc

Disc 1: 56:32

Disc 2: 51:49

Disc 3: 54:47



That’s nearly 30 minutes per disc…outrageous!

Marko G.

So without the repeated track this could have been a 2 CD set? What a waste of space and opportunity. Shame on Universal.

Paul Jaymes

A replacement CD required here as well. A shame because the remaster of the original album on CD1 is excellent.

Kevin Hughes

I think to add ‘Buffalo Blues’ should be a given. Why it was included on the vinyl set and the digital download,
but removed from the CD version, when there is plenty of space is beyond me.

Personally, I’d like to see the following added to the CD set:

The 7″ single version of ‘Buffalo Stance’ can be found on Ministry of Sound’s 2012 compilation 90’s Groove:

The 7″ single version of ‘Kisses on the Wind’ can be found on volume 16
of Now That’s What I Call Music 1989 UK CD edition:

and the single remixes on a US Promo CD:

The ‘Heart’ (Radio Edit) and (Edit) can also be found on a US Promo CD:

I’m pretty certain that the mixes and Radio Edits on these two US Promo CDs are completely unavailable anywhere else.
Can anyone else confirm this?

‘Inna City Mamma’ (Completely Re-Recorded 7″ Single Version) has never been released on CD anywhere, however Neneh Cherry herself
recently uploaded a remastered video of the 7″ version, with remastered audio to YouTube, so it could be added.


Deborah Cross

Inna City Mamma (Completely Re-recorded Version) (7″) is on CD on the German compilation ALF’s Super Hit Parade

Kevin Hughes

Thanks for this information Deborah, I was not aware of this release, or that the track had been released on CD.

Norn Cutson

This is sad.
Neneh and her fans deserve better., especially since this was a pricey package to begin with.

Deja Vu

I purchased this audio shambles of a Sushi ‘deluxe’ CD package with signed print direct from Universal’s store.

As soon as i have time i will be returning for refund and stating why, unless Universal can rectify and compensate this fiasco with a full to capacity replacement bonus physical CD (not download) of properly researched and presented missing tracks and first-time-to-CD mixes .

Universal’s mistake has exposed a vastly over-priced product even for those lucky enough to obtain it at a discounted £21 price point. Without any DVD material, at these price points it should be a comprehensive correctly presented audio package of every track mix released in European licensing territory and more.

The 2 duplicated side by side extended mix tracks, missing Buffalo Blues and missing plethora of previously released 12″ mixes just shows it to be a quick grab-for-cash with no care for audio content, just thrown together with deceptive oversized packaging.

I don’t buy any ‘mixes unavailable on master tape’ excuse either in this instance, which will likely exist in the same Virgin library archive as band Simple Minds.

A properly executed deluxe audio package would have involved an Archive list, tapes pulled, transferred and *ear-checked* to cover the best audio source album master, followed by all 7″edits and b-sides, standard 12″ and 12′ remixes *ear-checked* (hell, many of these were previously released on the European CD singles i own) with any remaining space for unreleased material depending on disc capacity for a *fair* product price point. Which this ain’t !!

Talking of Simple Minds, this reminds me of Universal’s overblown price point with the Street Fighting Years missing ‘deluxe’ content fiasco.

If this is how Universal intends to treat consumers, it will accelerate decline in back catalogue physical product purchase.


Hi there.Will youp ut me down as a customer wanting a replacement, please.Regards


You’re right.Sorry about that

Jan V

Hi Paul, add me to the list.

I bought and subsequently have been in contact with the offical shop and so far their responses have been strange. I have bought the signed deluxe edition and they offer me a 6,48 euro refund (I don’t know where they get this amount from) or a credit voucher for their shop. Nothing about replacement discs.

Alan Jones

I went with the single gold vinyl version with autographed 12” card, as the deluxe versions with extra remixes did not appeal to me. If the track on the CD appears twice and is exactly the same, then this is a mistake and should be corrected on subsequent represses going forward (which may never happen). I doubt very much that they will replace existing copies with just one version or replace one with a different track. The budget on this project was spent long ago and staff resource moved on to other forthcoming releases, not yet necessarily in the public domain.


Put me down as a customer wanting a replacement, please.

Tom m hans

I like Neneh Cherry but was not interested because of the price tag. I am not familiar with the plethora of remixed but isn’t it possible that the same mix was published twice under different names or are they truly different. The first would indicate a marketing scheme from the get go, the second would indicate carelessness that maybe a human error was not detected. Peace.


ok for a replacement, dude :)

Eric C

This is a product non conformity, (manufacturing defect) so it is normaly covered by the EEC warrant for 2 years (enjoy while in the EEC rules). You can claim and do a class action against universal by consumers associations.

Remember these are are project managers run by Financial psychopaths, they don’t give a fuck about music , neither consumers; only $.
So money talks, strike them at money level ; boycott , spread the news on social media to ruin sales, complain to Authorities. Thats all we have as weapon against the dark forces for Finance !

Thats teh same one who burned a warehouse, get the cash back from the insurrance and didn’t tell artists.


As a Neneh Cherry fan of the early hour, I was starting considering the purchase of this triple CD set (the LP set being less attractive, since I bought all the 12″s back then), despite the glaring incompleteness of it.

When checking the track listing, I had a flashback from the first time listening to the otherwise excellent Kisses US 12″, when I discovered that the ‘Spanish 12″ Mix’ version was identical to the ‘A Little More Puerto Rican’ version… (see my earlier post on the ‘unboxing’ thread).

The funny thing is, had they not included either identical version, no one would have complained, since there are anyway so many versions of Kisses not included here…

What this cock-up proved, is that the record company 1/is clueless about the back catalog of the artists they are the copyright holders of, and 2/works in its ivory tower and doesn’t involve any of the fans they are only interested in getting the money from.

I am not asking for a replacement CD. After all, there is not much to be replaced, it contains what it says on the can: the same track, added twice, and listed under its two correct versions names.

What I am asking to the record company is to conduct some proper research, and issue a 4th disc of additional tracks/mixes, as compensation for a lack of respect to the fans. By prioritizing those previously unavailable on CD, this will help fill the gap of this set… and save their face.

You want to make some decent money from me?
Then do your work first.

Tom R

Actually, this reads like a good deal. We’d end up with more music and missing nothing (hopefully).


Yes Paul, add my name to the list.

Rather disappointing.


sure, I want also a repress of the wrong CD.


Agreed. Haven’t opened mine yet but send me a correct disc.

Stephen BC

I recall this happened around 15 years ago with the reissue of Tears for Fears Songs from the big Chair. Everybody wants to rule the world was repeated and I didn’t get a replacement disc (but would have loved one). Don’t know if one was offered at the time or not.

That really annoyed me at the time, so I’m adding my name to the list for a reissue of the disc with the error.


Add me to the disappointed-in-this-release list. This is a ridiculous error at any price, much less the premium price they’re charging for it. I’d love a chance to get some kind of replacement (and yes, please tack on Buffalo Blues like they should’ve done all along.)


I agree. Replacement for sure.

Dan Abel

Agree. Nice to have a decent job done.

James Giraffe

I bought it too, and would welcome a repress too.

Kisses On The Wind is a highlight of the album, so it’s a shame they mucked up with those remixes.

It’s a shame that this was left off too – Buffalo Stance (The There’s Nothing Wrong Mix – Sukka Mix II), but it’s too late to bemoan that.


Universal should replace the Cd with the correct versions or allow the buyer to return it and refund full amount paid including all shipping costs.

Michel Kempes

Give me the right cd… Add my name to the list

Saar Freedman

It appears that Universal simply either did not have access or could not find the 12″ masters, so most of these tracks were probably sourced from the CD singles, That is why they have omitted so many vinyl only 12″ mixes – the “english Vocal” 12″ is such an example.

of course this could be yet another victim of the universal fire and not a case of laziness ..

If you remember the same thing happened with the 3Cd Yazz-wanted set, when errors were noted the record company admitted to not having access to the masters at all and that is why they used CD edits on that set…

and speaking of the universal fire

do you think that maybe this is why we are not getting and may never see Tears for Fears Seeds of love deluxe reissues?

Matthew Holbrook

Yes, I’m disappointed more care wasn’t taken with this release. I would like a repressed.


Shoddy. If they are charging that price they need to get it right.


Add my name please Paul even though I paid just 21 quid for it via Amazon France { thanks again for the info}
Why don’t these people get input from fans who know all about the tracks?


I agree with Paul. A replacement disc would be nice. Great to see a reissue for Neneh’s album but it could have been so much better. Thanks for flagging this issue Paul

Olivier F

At work, if I make mistakes, I have to correct them. And they who sell us recordings that we bought on vinyl and CD, re-releases often too expensive and poorly made. Is it professional work?Do your job right, not just money
Thanks to Paul for his high quality work


I absolutely agree.

Personally I’d prefer to see the English 12″ Mix, but anything is better than a duplicated track.

Why go to all the trouble to make a fancy special edition when you don’t even care enough to listen to the audio you’re putting on it to make sure things like this don’t happen?

The lack of quality control is offensive. This same collection frankly could have been released as a “Gold” series without the unnecessarily large booklet and sold for a fraction of the cost, but it was obviously a blatant cash grab without any actual quality control.


Talking about remixes, RIP Andrew Weatherall. Great DJ and producer (Primal Scream’s Screamadelica).

Andrew Weatherall passed away two days ago at London’s Whipps Cross Hospital (pulmonary embolism).

graeme ewan

I share the same thoughts. Very little coverage of Andy Weatherall anywhere really. Maybe a mark of the man himself of course. RIP and condolences to his family.x


I didn’t know this! What awful news. His “Sabres” mixes (for bjork and new order, particularly) were brilliant. A huge loss.


Well, that juste seems to be the way major record compagnies act nowadays… No check, nothing to care about buyers… we’ll probably (and I Really hope so!) have the opportunity to get a replacement disc (ad did Cherry red and Edsel – too many times !!!) but, these are sad times for music…

Universal did even worse in France , putting out some major french singer (Michel Sardou for example) big box with all the albums, but instead of taking the original master tapes, they used… mp3 !!!


Adding my name to those who feel this should be adjusted. Ridiculous that “Buffalo Blues” wasn’t included and the other missing “KOTW” remix. If it’s going to be a comprehensive compilation — and the inclusion of everything else indicates that desire, including the duplicate mix — these should have been included on both vinyl and CD from the start. It really is a puzzler!


I would agree that the compilers should have realised the two mixes were the same and picked an alternative for the track listing. However, it seems to me that what is actually on the CD is what the cover and advertising said would be on the CD. You get the ‘Spanish Mix’ and you get the ‘A Little More Puerto Rico’ mix. These have presumably long been known to be the same mix – so it’s hardly a case of “false advertising” or “the wrong mix was used”. I’m not sure that really justifies demands for a repressing or a refund.

Chris Squires

Paul, you know more about this than many here, I remember a chat with an old mate of mine, Dermot James, who talked me through the process of getting access to and going through the original tapes to work out what you had at your disposal, this can very much depend on what is written on the tape label and if some eejit wrote the wrong thing down or put the wrong tape back in the box.
The point here seems to be not that mega-fans wouldn’t know that these two mixes weren’t the same but you would hope that somewhere in the process someone at the label would know (or listen to it and work it out) that these were the same tracks. The average fan or someone of the right age who bought the album 1st time round (i.e. the target market) most probably would not know that these two tracks were the same. You would assume that any two tracks with different names were indeed different tracks.
These SDEs that go wrong plainly have no one who knows or cares enough in the process to know what is what.
What is worthwhile, what is difficult to find, what is easy to find, what is relevant or irrelevant to the project.
Same issue with cover art, they just don’t think there is enough money in it to bother doing it right. It’s probably cheaper to do a bish-bosh job and hope to get away with it or at worst have to bang out a disc to about 30% of people who bought it.

It’s rather like putting a chemist in charge of a new historical biography of Churchill. They will know little to nothing of the subject matter.

Early contender for worst box set of the year? Overpriced, cheap materials and incorrect audio.


I agree totally. I’d like them to issue a corrected version of this for sure before I would buy it.

Rare Glam

Not a set I was interested in but for those who bought it, I quite understand how you feel. It would be worth while contcting Universal at infoumc@umusic.com. Ask politely about a replacement disc and at the same time attach your proof of purchase. That way they have all your details up front and can act accordingly.

I did this for the PIL ‘The Public Image Is Rotten’ box set that had dodgy track cuing (track breaks appeard mid way through each track instead of at the end on one disc). There was no info advising to do this anywhere, I just did it on the off chance because that is what I had to do with the Heaven 17 set also on Universal. Low and behold they were aware of the issue and had already pressed up replacement discs and immediately sent a corrected replacement. So it is always worth asking.


What about the Hurting boxset (and 2 CD)? They’re not fixing that one and even re-releasing it still Broken.

See what I did there?

Valentin Gallego

I totally agree, I bought it at Amazon France, in the 3 cd’s there is plenty of time they could have put mixtures not included in cd. Thanks Paul


I don’t know man, I think this is something of a storm in a tea cup if I’m honest. Yes a mistake was made, it can happen. They don’t make mistakes deliberately, but there are many steps along the way where it can happen. It’s how they respond that matters, although I must say, a duplicate track – while annoying – doesn’t strike me as being the end of the world.

I also wouldn’t compare pricing with those “Gold” sets that are so nasty looking I certainly couldn’t buy them.

What’s truly egregious is the “exclusivity” elements, with one set having tracks another set doesn’t. There’s no need for that, other than trying to double-dip. When it comes to artists like this, just make a set that is complete and be done with it. Offer Vinyl separately for those that want that.

In short, I think this being blown out of proportion if I’m honest. The only real fix is a replacement CD, but that’s going to take time to get done. In the mean time, surely there’s enough in the set to enjoy?


“I think this is something of a storm in a tea cup…”

I agree. I suspect that a lot of people who purchased the box didn’t even know there was a problem until they read this article.


I was going to purchase this and update it from the old original CD but I may as well not bother until the balls-up is sorted out.

Richard S

Do they do test pressings for CDs? Maybe you could do a competition or something to send a few to some fans for them to listen to and get feedback. Or yes as others suggested, somebody who really knows the artists output and would easily spot something like this, before it got to market.

Paul E.

It all seems so very elementary to me and reckless at the same time. It’s been several years, but I’ve burned hundreds of mix CD’s for myself and friends and don’t ever recall adding two of the same tracks to the table of contents- a duplicated track (back to back) with the same run time and from the same artist would have been obvious. Minimally, I would have auditioned the track(s) to ensure things were correct prior to burning the CD media. If I took that kind of care as a reasonably prudent person would have, than by definition, these companies selling flawed products are negligent, irresponsibile, and yes…reckless.

Initial shortcomings aside, these errors significantly impact potential collector value. The ability to resell a single CD, box set, etc. with known pressing issues is problematic as potential buyers must ask if the listing includes a “replacement” disc or discs. And that can only be asked if the label offered one to begin with.

There is no question that Universal Music should replacement Disc 3. My remaining concern is what the company/industry is going to do moving forward to avoid these issues?

James Barker

Easy fix! Produce a smaller digipak version with booklet! PLUS! the Bonus discs (as per Dominic post). Make it aN “extra” super deluxe at the right price and sell loads! Plus issue this version for free to those that order the original set. (Like me!) Nice looking set, but as per Paul Sinclair’s unboxing video, it’s a bit weak for the price that some will have paid! Attention to detail is always lost on the discs/music!! So many errors on so many reissues. Shame

Nass Khan

I bought this on lp at a charity shop in Seven Kings for 50p.


I agree. I noticed this when I first received the set. Annoying. Count me in for a replacement.

Thanks Paul,