Fine Young Cannibals: deluxe edition track listings confirmed

Fine Young Cannibals / The Raw & the Cooked 2CD Deluxe Edition
Both FYC albums will be issued in 2CD deluxe editions

The much-delayed Fine Young Cannibals deluxe reissues from Edsel are finally going to be released on 18 February and SuperDeluxeEdition can confirm the full track listings.

The debut album from 1985 comes with three B-sides and in total nine remixes (all of Johnny Come Home and Suspicious Minds).

The Raw & The Cooked from 1988 includes the new tracks added to 1996’s The Finest collection, and a large selection of remixes. Neither of the remix albums previously issued – The Raw and the Remix or The Rare and the Remixed (from The Finest 2CD special edition) appear in their entirety, although it is obvious that by limiting this deluxe edition to two discs Edsel were never going to be able to include everything.

Full track listings below:

Fine Young Cannibals 2CD Deluxe Edition


CD 1

  • 1. Johnny Come Home
  • 2. Couldn’t Care More
  • 3. Don’t Ask Me To Choose
  • 4. Funny How Love Is
  • 5. Suspicious Minds
  • 6. Blue
  • 7. Move To Work
  • 8. On A Promise
  • 9. Time Isn’t Kind
  • 10. Like A Stranger

Bonus Tracks

  • 11. Wade In The Water
  • 12. Love For Sale
  • 13. Motherless Child

 CD 2

  • 1. Johnny Come Home [Mark Moore 12” Remix]
  • 2. Johnny Come Home
  • 3. Johnny Come Home [That Other Mix]
  • 4. Johnny Takes A Trip
  • 5. Suspicious Minds [Extended Mix]
  • 6. Suspicious Minds [Suspicious Mix]
  • 7. Suspicious Minds [US remix]
  • 8. Suspicious Minds (Caught In A Dub)
  • 9. Suspicious Minds [Shakedown Mix]

UK Pre-order: Fine Young Cannibals

Fine Young Cannibals / The Raw & The Cooked 2CD Deluxe Edition


CD 1

  • 1. She Drives Me Crazy
  • 2. Good Thing
  • 3. I’m Not The Man I Used To Be
  • 4. I’m Not Satisfied
  • 5. Tell Me What
  • 6. Don’t Look Back
  • 7. It’s OK (It’s Alright)
  • 8. Don’t Let It Get You Down
  • 9. As Hard As It Gets
  • 10. Ever Fallen In Love?

Bonus Tracks

  • 11. You Never Know
  • 12. Social Security
  • 13. Ever Fallen In Love [John Potoker extended mix]
  • 14. It’s OK (It’s Alright) [Ploeg Club mix]
  • 15. Ever Fallen In Love [Club Senseless Arthur Baker remix]

CD 2

  • 1. She Drives Me Crazy [The Monie Love Remix]
  • 2. Good Thing [Nothing Like The Single Mix]
  • 3. I’m Not The Man I Used To Be [Jazzie B and Nellee Hooper Remix]
  • 4. I’m Not Satisfied [Matt Dike 12” Remix]
  • 5. The Flame
  • 6. Since You’ve Been Gone
  • 7. Trust
  • 8. Take What I Can Get
  • 9. I’m Not The Man I Used To Be [Jazzie B and Norman Cook Remix]
  • 10. She Drives Me Crazy [David Z 12” version]
  • 11. Don’t Look Back [12” version]
  • 12. I’m Not The Man I Used To Be [Monster Mix]
  • 13. Good Thing [Prince Paul Remix]
  • 14. The Flame [Beatmasters Full Fat Mix]
  • 15. I’m Not The Man I Used To Be [12” Mellow Mix]

UK Pre-order: The Raw And The Cooked

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Hi Paul, I don’t know if you check these old forums but in this months Classic Pop mag they talk about a London deluxe issue of both FYC albums and even do a review but I can’t find any information about them anywhere on the internet. They must be different to the Edsel ones as the reviewer, while not giving a track listing, complains that The Flame isn’t included. Do you have any information on these?


Hoping the major label will do a proper reissue of at least Raw and the Cooked and not leave any B-sides off and include a DVD.

First album should have been complete including all B-sides etc. As noted above a lot is missing including the alternate version of Blue.

The newer tracks from The Finest should have been left off entirely to make room for more period material (like Tired of Getting Pushed Around; the original 7″ and 12″ mix of that are very hard to find on CD).


So, I suppose we have to wait until a “Complete singles box” gets released to finally get all still unreleased-on-cd-mixes? In 2059 perhaps …


Where is the us radio mix of she drives me crazy!?!


Hi guys !
Looking at your notes, I was thinking that Edsel didn’t do the job…
Finally, looking a little bit on it, there is not that many things that are missing! (Just a short notice to Paul, the 7” Version of “Suspicious minds” is strictly the album version, except for US & Canada, where the song was shortened by 30 seconds… So the only very missing thing is the rerecorded version of “Funny how love is” )

In fact, they have put all they had on 2 Cds (Except 3 tracks that are available on the edsel best of, which is still available everywhere…

From the time of the release of the 1st album, they did not make extended or remixes, so they can’t be loads of bonus on it, that’s why there is mainly only 2 songs on CD2…

I’m glad that they pushed the recents tracks of “the finest” on the 2nd Lp, or it would never be available anywhere else… I remember also that Gift said that they could not do other tracks because in the end, they just couldn’t bear each other…

Finally, I don’t what will be the listening quality of these release, But they call my attention, and I will probably buy them shortly !

Edsel usually do good quality CDs (which is not the case for Cherry pop for example) so I hope I will not be disappointed!


Living in Canada, i got noticed over the weekend these 2 releases r shipped fr uk, i wouldnt have canncelled anyway but i never bought the full length cds anyway so ill be ok with what i get and search out these other tracks u all speack of.

[…] The Fine Young Cannibals deluxe editions should be available from today in the UK (other territories may vary). Each reissue comes with non-album tracks and remixes. Full track listings here. […]


Trying to think of something positive here, but it’s difficult. The first album’s a complete write-off, with 3 bonus tracks that are already available on The Finest and a 2nd CD containing nothing but remixes of TWO SONGS. Unbelievable.

The Raw and The Cooked isn’t much better. Other than You Never Know, Social Security, and the 4 songs to promote The Finest, you’re left with a bunch of pointless remixes, the best of which have already been released on The Raw and The Remix (which you can pick up on Amazon for about a penny).

A wasted opportunity. And I was really looking forward to these.


Would have been better if disc 2 was a dvd with all the videos instead of those pointless remixes.


I see that release date for these re-issues has been put back yet again. Perchance to improve the contents perhaps…………..one lives in hope.


I truly wish there was another album that would somehow come to light by these guys. Just an amazing band–how incredible would it be for a full unreleased album-worth of material to turn up? Makes me really sad that there just doesn’t seem to be anything else.

Hell, I’d take a band that sounds like them at this point…


The CD2 of their debut is not a great listen (nine remixes of two tracks). Is that honestly the best they could do?

Paul H

I completely agree with the consensus here, what a complete waste of an opportunity, undermining Edsel’s reputation. Saad, has nailed it, I will also cancel my order with amazon, (and before that HMV Online RIP) but on the plus side I didnt know about the General Public reissues so that is great news….


Thanks Mike

I’ll be buying the CD single for that Dub Mix


Two words to describe the re-issue of the debut album : UTTERLY FUTILE.

Nine mixes of the two hit tracks is a missed opportunity to include a number of rare single/12″ mixes and B-sides.

The Demon 2CD compilation of a couple of years ago was headed for the charity shop but no longer. I will now cancel my Amazon order of two months standing for this poor excuse of a ‘Collectors Edition’ with the money going towards the anticipated General Public Re-issues due later this spring.

The Raw & the Cooked is a little better but again could have been done so much better.

If the band were indeed involved in putting these together then did they at any points what might tickle the fancy of the fans…..


The dub of ever fallen in love is on the CDsingle I think?


I’m very disappointed the tracks below are missing, and after waiting for so long. I was expecting a John Peel Session, Tired Of Getting Pushed Around and a possible DVD as Bonus Tracks, not all these boring Remixes (Not Happy)

Good Times and Bad
Blue (Version)
Suspicious Minds (7″ Mix)
prick up your Ears
Funny How Love Is (7″ Mix)
Ever Fallen In Love (Dub)
Pull The Sucker Off

All The B-Side and a few Remixes have been already been released here except (Social Security) which is available on Good Thing CD Single.

Fine Young Cannibals
She Drives Me Crazy: The Best Of… 2009

CD 1
1 Johnny Come Home
2 Couldn’t Care More
3 Don’t Ask Me To Choose
4 Funny How Love Is
5 Suspicious Minds
6 Blue
7 Move To Work
8 On A Promise
9 Like A Stranger
10 Good Times & Bad
11 I’m Not Satisfied
12 Wade In The Water
13 Love For Sale
14 Prick Up Your Ears
15 Motherless Child
CD 2
1 Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t Have)
2 She Drives Me Crazy
3 I’m Not The Man I Used To Be
4 I’m Not Satisfied (12″ version)
5 Don’t Look Back
6 It’s Ok (It’s Alright)
7 Don’t Let It Get You Down
8 You Never Know
9 Pull The Sucker Off
10 Take What I Can Get
11 Since You’ve Been Gone
12 Suspicious Minds (U.S. Remix)
13 Don’t Look Back (Remix)
14 The Flame
15 Trust



I’ve counted 5 remixes on raw and cooked new to cd, and all the suspicious minds and two of johnny new to cd. Still a bit poor, these were much expected by me to be brilliant. Why bother with the raw and remix stuff, you can’t get it for next to nothing these days.

Matthew James

I checked to see if the paltry amount of FYC b-sides and rarities in these tracklists could be easily culled from other compilations. I came across an Australian 2 CD best-of that has all of the extra tracks from both forthcoming Edsel reissues, plus the missing b-sides mentioned by Claudio above, except “Social Security.” At the time of its release, it appears that this best-of was panned because it didn’t include “Good Thing” for some inexplicable reason. Now it is my good thing. I just hope the sound quality is good. Actually, looking at the release notes on Discogs, the comp was brought out by none other than Demon Music Group (!!), under license from Warner UK. Oh, the irony!


Disappointing. Too much from the raw and remix and hits 2cd. Where’s the us remixes of she drives me crazy, not one!


The FYC debut deluxe is really disappointing. My cassette version had totally different versions of a couple songs including Blue. Where are those alternate versions on the deluxe? The other deluxe is certainly better but as pointed out, it’s still kind of disappointing.


…but… where are the songs: – good times and bad
-pull the sucker off
-prick up your ears???