Five Star / The Remixes 1984-1991

Five Star / The Remix Anthology 1984-1991

Later this month Cherry Pop will reissue two albums from Five Star, the eighties British group likened to the Jackson Five, whose time in the spotlight was rather fleeting. Five Star (1990) and Shine (1991) are the albums in question and neither secured an official UK release (on new label Epic), which only served to demonstrate how their popularity had fallen quickly from the high point of 1986’s Silk and Steel, which spawned an incredible five UK top ten singles (a sixth reached no. 15).

Although neither of these reissues is particularly recommended, what is of interest is a Remix Anthology (aka The Remixes 1984-1991), which is due for release on 18 February 2013. This is a 2CD set of reworkings, with a heavy contribution from the ubiquitous remixer of that era, Shep Pettibone.

The selection includes dub mixes, seven-inch and extended remixes and covers all the singles that you would expect. Although 26 remixes of Five Star 45s may be more than most people really want or need (particularly the later ones), at £9 it is cheap enough ignore large chunks and still feel like good value.

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Seems to be hardly available for purchase anymore. My old Ipod with all the MP3’s got destroyed. This is the one album that I cant seem to get my hands on again. What is going on Cherry Pop. I always buy your discs and for some reason its like you guys didn’t care to make any more copies than what you initially sold. Amazon hasn’t been able to ship my replacement for 2 months now. Get it together over there and produce some more!!!!!!

[…] Red have recently reissued the Five Star album from which this single (and a remix anthology) but it was only ever released in the US. This single has ‘Promotion Only Not For Sale’ […]


Great set, but please cherry red find some way for house touch slightest touch!

Peter Deslandes

Totally agree re Slightest Touch House Touch – the best of the mixes by far. Great shame it’s been missed off while the less enjoyable and (typically for Shep at the time) fragmented dub has been included.


the touch remix is on the expanded 2010 edition release from cherry pop


the silk and steel cd release

[…] 26 remixes from Five Star at the height of their fame, including mixes that couldn’t fit on previous deluxe or expanded reissues. More here. […]

Michael Evans

Not really sure that you can compare Level 42 with Five Star (apart from the fact that they both have numbers in their name).

Jon J

In fairness this is a compilation largely featuring mixes that didn’t appear on Cherry Red’s reissues of Five Star’s albums over the last few years. The 12″ versions of the Shep Pettibone mixes of The Slightest Touch and Somewhere Somebody are available on the expanded reissues of Silk & Steel and Between the Lines respectively. In a sense, it would have made more sense to have done full 2-disc expanded editions of these albums and included the mixes featured on this compliation on the respective parent albums, but I gather that Buster Pearson, father of the band members who still owns some of the rights to these recordings, proved to be difficult to work with when the reissues were being prepared, which led to much potential bonus material having to be left off. At least with this collection of remixes, Cherry Red has filled in nearly all the gaps for the hardcore fan. Amazing when you look at it how many remixes there are – more than exist for many of Five Star’s 80s contemporaries.

Their outfits and dance routines look naff now but much of the music still sounds pretty good. Their commercial success waned severely by the end of the 80s but their heyday was reasonably impressive for the time – five Top 10s from Silk & Steel album was pretty good going. In terms of success, I’d put them on a level with bands like the Communards and Level 42, both of whom have already been given the reissue treatment. Neither of the 90s albums due to be reissued is essential, although Shine has its moments.


Pettibone mixes are almost all short versions. A wasted opportunity.


I’ll take any remastered content from Five Star I can get. Thanks for passing this on!


Also shame no ‘house touch’ mix of slightest touch – their best 12 IMHO. Can’t complain though at the value can you though!


It’s a shame that the extended version of Problematic hasn’t been included.


Obviously issued for a niche market (five star fans and lovers of 80s rnb/soul/pop) – therefore why would we want to miss out chucks?? The remix anthology has been a longtime coming, covering their career from 1984 to 1991 (fleeting? Longer than some acts in the 80s that have occasional re-issues) and including rare and sought after vinyl/promo remixes – this compilation if going to be a gem.

Five Star and (and especially) Shine are stunning albums, the later obviously intended for a US market, shows their growth from 80s pop kids to a 90s stylish and sophisticated rnb act. Just wish there was more rare material from them rather than remixes in that era, but i’m happy for decent remasters and new artwork/booklets.