Frankie Goes To Hollywood / “Frankie Said” deluxe CD+DVD


The long rumoured Deluxe Edition of ZTT/Salvo’s Frankie Goes To Hollywood Frankie Said compilation is released on 10 February 2014.

This expanded version of the 2011 hits compilation will be putting up the bunting and blowing up balloons to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of ZTT Records. Two further releases will join Frankie Said to help mark the occasion – they are The Art of the 12″, Volume Three and The Organisation of Pop (London Edition).

This new Frankie Said, maintains the 16-track CD of the first release and adds a DVD packed full of promo videos, Top Of The Pop appearances and even some old commercials. See full track listing below.

Track listing


  • 1. Two Tribes (introduced via the piano of Anne Dudley)
  • 2. The Power of Love
  • 3. Relax (the last seven inches)
  • 4. Two Tribes (we don’t want to die)
  • 5. War!
  • 6. Welcome to the Pleasuredome (a remade world)
  • 7. Ferry Cross The Mersey (and here I’ll stay)
  • 8. Rage Hard
  • 9. Watching the Wildlife
  • 10. Born to Run (live on The Tube)
  • 11. Warriors of the Wasteland (attack) seven inch
  • 12. Kill the Pain
  • 13. Maximum Joy
  • 14. Two Tribes (annihilation) twelve inch
  • 15. Relax (New York) twelve inch
  • 16. The Power of Love (…best listened to by lovers)


  • 1. Relax (promo video)
  • 2. Relax (live version) (promo video)
  • 3. Relax (laser version) (promo video)
  • 4. Two Tribes (promo video)
  • 5. Two Tribes (video destructo) (promo video)
  • 6. The Power of Love (promo video)
  • 7. The Power of Love (version 2) (promo video)
  • 8. Welcome to the Pleasuredome (an alternative to reality) (promo video)
  • 9. Welcome to the Pleasuredome (the escape act) (promo video)
  • 10. Rage Hard (promo video)
  • 11. Warriors of the Wasteland (promo video)
  • 12. Watching the Wildlife (promo video)
  • 13. Relax (5/1/84) (Top Of The Pops)
  • 14. Two Tribes (9/8/84) (Top Of The Pops)
  • 15. Welcome to the Pleasuredome (28/3/85) (Top Of The Pops)
  • 16. Rage Hard (4/9/86) (Top Of The Pops)
  • 17. Two Tribes (25/12/84) (Top Of The Pops)
  • 18. The Power of Love (25/12/84) (Top Of The Pops)
  • 19. Relax (25/12/84) (Top Of The Pops)
  • 20. Wish (The Lads Were Here) (The Oxford Road Show)
  • 21. War! (The Oxford Road Show)
  • 22. “Relax – No.1 and Guiltless” version 1 (Commercial)
  • 23. “Relax – No.1 and Guiltless” version 2 (Commercial)
  • 24. “The Power of Love – Win Hearts and Minds” (Commercial)
  • 25. “Welcome to the Pleasuredome – The Event of the Decade” (Commercial)
  • 26. “and meanwhile… backstage”

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Hi. Is this CD remastered?


Went to HMV(Belfast) and local independent Head today wanting to buy ‘Frankie Said’, neither had got in in or are likely too !
Back to Amazon once again !!


One big question: will the DVD be on the original PAL format, manteining the full quality of the original stuff; or converted to NTSC, wich always means an inevitable loss in quality? (a lot of recent DVD releases have this big problem…) Please give us a clue about this!!!

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Would have loved to see the megamix what was on Welcome To Frankfurt vinyl.

Oh well…

Lanny Justice

Paul, any word on the audio quality of the dvd?? Would love to hear some proper remastering of these video masterpieces.


I was hoping for the 2cd deluxe version with several tracks that appeared on the Japanese 2d set. Oh well !




i love some of the new to dvd stuff on the dvd especially tracks 13-26 .I would have loved though to have seen a final cd/dvd anthology in a 3 or 4 disc set containing all of the period remixes from the time and even a live dvd,maybe next time!!!!

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