Frankie Goes To Hollywood / Relax (Sex Mix) 2014 twelve-inch vinyl


The ZTT 30th Anniversary releases will include a special twelve-inch of Frankie Goes To Hollywood‘s classic Relax featuring a mix new to vinyl.

This limited pressing of what is one of the biggest-selling twelve-inch singles of all time, has a new spined sleeve, in a new colour scheme and an inner sleeve featuring photography by John Stoddart. It will feature “Relax (Sex Mix Edition 3)” on the A-side.

The original twelve-inch was labelled ‘Sex Mix’ but you could end up with one of two mixes; the 16-minute version or a shorter 8-minute cut. There wasn’t any easy way to tell which version was which. The obfuscation continues, since it’s not clear what version of the track ‘Edition 3’ is, but since it’s not tagged as ‘previously unreleased’ it has clearly been on CD at some point (but labelled differently!). The B-side of this new vinyl features Ferry Cross The Mersey and Relax – the instrumental.

This Relax (Sex Mix) twelve-inch is exclusive to Amazon in the UK and is released by Salvo/ZTT on 10 February 2014.

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Alan Alexander

Hopefully this will get an internal ZTT catalog number of 12 XZTAS 1.

Boaz Halachmi

According to Amazon DE it’s limited to 3000 copies


Love that mix on AOTTI,, Proper Filth !


This version 3 will probably be the 8’10” mix that appeared on ‘The Art of the 12 Inch’ (Vol 1).


Surprisingly cheap on amazon?

Rob Grillo

Mike is correct – you could end up with the sex mix, the sex mix edit or the 7.20 mix (‘new york mix’)…all labels said ‘sex mix’. You had to look at the matrix number to work out which you were getting. Then ZTT put out the 16 mix sex mix again in order to prolong it’s chart life, but labelled it ‘original mix’.


Thanks for saying this Rob. I bought the “original mix” 12″ in about Feb 1984, was sure it wasn’t labelled Sex Mix but hadn’t got around to looking in the garage to confirm it. Mystery now solved, thanks.

Mike F

That wasn’t supposed to sound snotty though.

Mike F

Hey Paul,

There were actually 3 12″ mixes in the UK with the same label.

– Mike