George Harrison / The Apple Years 1968-75 box set


A new George Harrison box, The Apple Years 1968-75, will be issued next month.

The set features seven CDs and a DVD. The albums included are as follows:

  • • Wonderwall Music (1968)
  • • Electronic Sound (1969)
  • • All Things Must Pass [2CDs] (1970)
  • • Living In The Material World (1973)
  • • Dark Horse (1974)
  • • Extra Texture (1975)

These are all-new 2014 remasters for every title and there will be a few bonus tracks appended to some of the albums (All Things Must Pass repeats the 2001 track listing but reverts to the original black and white cover).

The box set comes with a bonus DVD of previously unseen video and a book rare photos. Each album will also be released individually. Amazon have the box set listed with a 19 September 2014 release date. That’s expected to be officially confirmed soon.

€85 or just under £67 is the current best price (see links below).


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Paul Rymer

First impression, this is a lovely set, the box style similar to David Sylvian’s weather box, with a front panel that opens with a ribbon, and then you have the CDs inside held in place like toast in a toaster. The sleeves are all gatefold, with Extra Texture embossed / bumpy but not die cut as the US vinyl was (not that I’m an expert, this is my first time owning most of these albums). Each album has a complimentary booklet or fold-out lyric sheet. There are also inner sleeves and disc label designs are complimentary. Finally the book and DVD is a very nice item, with stunning photographs reproduced to a high standard. I will delve deeper tomorrow but everything about this shows attention to detail and as the Harrison family say, they have been hands-on with every aspect of its production.


Isn’t Electronic Sound only for hardcore Harrison devotees, being him basically effing around with a Moog modular synthesizer?


It’s now at 105 dollars on Amazon US

Tiago Camargo

The boxset is still not available on Amazon Canada. They are usually the cheapest ones. Keep looking !

Taylor Dickson

I(t’s available on amazon.ca now, for $98.72, which is about $90 US.


The ‘Apple Years’ box set has dropped again on Amazon (UK). It’s current price is £75:31.

Kevin Thomas

Oh, I didn’t realise Columbia had a say in the excellent album ‘The Concert for Bangladesh’. Thanks for the info Johnny.

There is a hell of a lot of rare George stuff out there on bootleg CD which would be available to be used for Bonus Tracks for each release.


The individual album covers can be seen here along with the Box itself and the ATMP artwork is the original B/W version:

According to Amazon France, the ‘Bangladesh’ single is an extra on ‘Material World’ along with’Miss O’Dell’ and ‘Deep Blue’ which were featured on the previous remaster.

Other extras include a demo of ‘Dark Horse’, and unreleased versions of ‘This Guitar (Can’t Keep Me From Crying)’, ‘In The First Place’, ‘Almost Shankara’ and an instrumental version of ‘The Inner Light”.

Also there are rumours that the Dark Horse box set might also see a re-release.


There’s A LOT of unreleased song recorder during All Things Must Pass sessions that they could put in this new Box Set (you can hear them in many bootlegs). It’s a shame that they won’t take into account those songs.

Regarding ‘Dark Horse’, I think they should also include the acoustic version of ‘Far East Man’ (I heard it in some bootleg but it’s incomplete). And I would enjoy early versions of ‘Ooh Baby’ and ‘Can’t Stop Thinking about you’ from ‘Extra Texure’ (just a personal desire)


@Kevin – The Bangladesh album is co-owned by Columbia (an official deal because of the appearance of Bob Dylan) which is why it’s not been included here apparently.

Also is a charity release so distribution of funds to the charity is more complex if it was to be included in this box set.

Kevin Thomas

Have we forgotten about ‘The Concert for Bangladesh’ was on Apple Records? Rather have that in the set than the woeful ‘Electronic Sound’.

Jon C

Out of curiosity, do we know what region the DVD is in?

Lars Bagger

I like the fact that this set includes Wonderwall Music and Electronic Sound.

Too bad the Lennon Signature box didn’t include his first three albums and the Live Peace in Toronto.


Currently £87:99 from Amazon (UK).


Spin CD’s price currently £69.99

steve g

Paul…any track list yet…

Scott papel

That’s so cool


I’ll hang off until the UK price drops, which it inevitably will.

Having ATMP and LITMW remastered CDs plus WW, ET and DH on vinyl, £110 is just too much to shell out for the rest of the contents alone.


P.S. Apart from the few euros difference, Date release in Italy is post-poned to September 24,instead of 19th.


Are you aware of it being available in the US? Not sure if the German site ships to the US (nor am I capable of translating unfortunately) and that is a good deal.

alan hansen

amazon.de will ship to the US with no problem – use the same USERNAME and PASSWORD as you would with amazon.com or amazon.co.uk – i compare prices and order from them frequently.


Just a little correction: best price is form Amazon Italy [assumig you have a subscription to Amazon prime],even it’s for a few €; 85,02 in Germay and 84,59 in Italy. :)

Taylor Dickson

Amazon of Canada has it listed for $98 Canadian Dollars, which is about $90 US Dollars, and with expedited shipping to US it comes to right at $100. If youhave an amazon prime account in the US, it won’t work for the Canadian site, so you have to pay shipping charges. Expedited shipping is 4 days, but that is worth saving $25 over amazon US price of $124.98!

Tiago Camargo

A very intersting boxset. I hope that the DVD includes some material from the 1974 North American Tour.

By the way the price at Amazon.co.uk is now at 110 pounds !!