George Harrison / The Apple Years


As first reported on this Beatles blog, a new George Harrison box set entitled The Apple Years, will be released in the autumn.

The set will feature remastered versions of all seven of George’s Apple LPs, as well as a bonus DVD of which content-wise, little is currently known, although speculation intimates that footage from the 1974 Dark Horse tour will be featured.

It is also not known currently whether the albums will be available individually, or if they will contain extra tracks.

The rumoured release date is September 25, which is also the tentatively listed release date for Paul McCartney’s latest archive collection reissues. It is likely that there will be an official announcement sooner rather than later after Dhani Harrison revealed that this was being worked on via his instagram/facebook page.

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So 6 Studio Albums and 1 DVD


Still no official confirmation for a set that is apparenty getting released in just over five weeks time.

I think this may end up getting delayed.


The Title is The Apple Years Ltd and are 9 Disc


The Apple years is now listed, including the album list on Spincds


It’s like the movies this Christmas. There are hoards of things coming out. I love the holidays for all sorts of reasons but having production of everything all at one time of music and film is fucking asinine as far as I’m concerned for all sorts of reasons.

Steve Benson

I wonder if the A side of the Bangla Desh single will be included – the studio version of the song. The B side (Deep Blue) was on the mini-box reissue of Material World.

Philip Cohen

Dhani Harrison has removed (from a social networking site) the announcement of “The Apple Years” boxed set. While it is unlikely that Dhani would create a hoax, it is more likely that Universal Music didn’t want the Harrison box released on the same month as the two expanded Paul McCartney reissues & The Beatles mono vinyl box. Let’s hope that the Harrison box hasn’t been cancelled.

Paul Swift

Paul – the release date for the latest McCartney reissues is announced and is surely not ‘tentative’. They have stuck to all previous dates for this series.


All things must pass 2 cd
Bangla desh 2 cd
Material world 1 cd
Extra texture 1 cd
Dark horse 1 cd

Total 7

joe dicupillo

Dhani’s original post and response to another user:

Saying “Back to work .. Happy Monday to all the twos out there. If you look closely you may spot something PH and I have been working on for the past few months.”

A user named “d_gargs” replied: “The remasters of Dark Horse and Extra Texture?!”

To which Dhani replied: “Well Done @d_gards ! … not only that but it is the test pressing of the whole apple years box set. The first 7 albums. A lot of work..”

Since he specifically states the first 7 albums and not just 7 cds, I would assume Wonderwall and E.S. would be inlcuded.

James Kelly

Great news! 43 years ago today I attended the Bangladesh concert.

joe dicupillo

regarding Wonderwall & Electronic Sound: They might as well be included in the box set, they are always included on every George discography and they were released on Apple/Zapple anyway, so they may as well go whole hog and release them in a set called the Apple Years, lest it be incomplete. Otherwise, if you take those 2 away your left with 5 albums of which only 2 haven’t been remastered. At 7 albums + dvd it will be a better value imo.


So, if I’m reading it right, the albums included are:

Wonderwall Music
Electronic Sound
All Things Must Pass
Concert For Bangla Desh
Living In The Material World
Dark Horse
Extra Texture

Of note here:
* George Harrison composed Wonderwall Music, but didn’t actually play on the album
* Electronic Sound is a two-track avant garde album (though George himself said “a more apt description would be (in the words of my old friend Alvin) Avant garde clue!”)
* All Things Must Pass, Concert For Bangla Desh and Living In The Material World have already been remastered and reissued (in 2001, 2005 and 2006 respectively)
* Dark Horse and Extra Texture are the only two “pop” albums from George Harrison’s lifetime that have not yet been remastered and reissued

Personally, I think Wonderwall Music and Electronic Sound should be released separately from the box set. The Harrison and Lennon estates are different, of course, and entitled to do their own thing, but it’s interesting that the Lennon box-set of reissues from a few years ago didn’t include his three avant garde albums, Two Virgins, Life With The Lions and The Wedding Album, or Live Peace In Toronto, all of which, like Wonderwall Music and Electronic Sound, were released before The Beatles’ official break-up.