Goldfrapp / Felt Mountain vinyl LP


Goldfrapp‘s debut album, Felt Mountain, will be reissued vinyl in June.

The Mercury Music Prize nominated album (originally issued in 2000) has already been issued on white vinyl as a US-only Record Store Day release and this forthcoming reissue is also pressed on white vinyl and so will effectively make that rarity widely available.

Felt Mountain on white vinyl is coming on 29 June 2015.

Track listing

1. Lovely Head
2. Paper Bag
3. Human
4. Pilots
5. Deer Stop
6. Felt Mountain
7. Oompa Radar
8. Utopia
9. Horse Tears

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I’m not sure what pressings you have of which albums, but at least this new Felt Mountain one sounds just fine (my copy anyway). 180g would’ve been nice but I have no complaints about its quality. Tales Of Us also sounds wonderful on vinyl (that one is 180g). I’m assuming you mean some of the older albums?


Same here. All the Goldfrapp-albums I own are horrible pressings. Almost unplayable, some of the worst pressings in my collection full off clicks/noise. Very disappointing.


It is a numbered series of 4000 (your memory is only slightly off), is not 180g, and was pressed by BMG (so you’re right on those counts). Mute themselves confirmed the latter and mentioned that a full series of vinyl reissues are in the works, for who-knows-when.

Charlie D

I physically saw one and held one today in a store on Thames St. in Newport,RI and it was numbered “in a series of 3,000” and I did not see 180g and it did not feel heavy like it was 180g. I actually think I saw a “BMG” logo on the back right corner but that can’t be true, there was a “B” for something. (“Mute” did not jump out at me and I don’t know if this was a UK or USA pressing).


Turntable Lab and a few other shops have emailed me about remaining stock – do some digging and you should find a handful of shops advertising RSD leftovers

Billy Dojcak

I’ll hit a couple shops before preordering or look for an original pressing on Mute before EMI.

Liam Bastick

Sorry Paul, is the Amazon Italia link correct..?


Also Alison Goldfrapp herself tweeted that this would be available to worldwide fans soon. So this makes me think that not only is it just more copies of the same, but that it was premature to go for the high scalper prices…


Other than the German listing, where are you seeing 180g listed? The RSD pressing on white vinyl was definitely not 180g, and I’m a bit doubtful that they would do much more than just press more copies of the same run. It’s a shame that scalpers got some fans – the RSD release is still readily available in many independent shops at list price (less than what is being offered now) and many of them have online shops you can order it from…


Saw them live a few times when they were touring this. They had so little material they had to do some songs twice but the audience didn’t mind because the material was so spellbinding. It’s a crying shame Alison has never followed it up with anything as good.

Charlie D

I guess it’s both a good and bad thing, the “thing” that made you fall in love with a band morphs into something else. I actually like how they’ve evolved and tried on new styles with each album, I actually don’t dislike anything they’ve put out.


“It’s a crying shame Alison has never followed it up with anything as good.” What a ridiculous comment from a wannabe ‘I saw them first’ poseur. Every album they have done since has been completely different in style and equally as creative. I myself and extremely happy we didn’t get Felt Mountain 2, 3 4 and 5 and instead got a wonderful mix of Electro-Clash, folk, 80’s synth pop and cinema-esque balladry.


““It’s a crying shame Alison has never followed it up with anything as good.” What a ridiculous comment from a wannabe ‘I saw them first’ poseur.”

I’m sorry you had no clue about them when they did the magical Union Chapel gig or when they were first finding their way with the London Uni gigs. I’m sorry some people have to be told what’s cool instead of keeping their ears open and finding out for themselves.

I never said everything else they’d done was rubbish did I? I guess that was just you allowing your self-loathing for not being there at the start and your obvious envy to come through.


Yet another Record Store Day lesson to learn. I bought this on RSD 2015, and now it will be available for about 10 pounds less than I paid.


Yes, same thing. Bought from ebay for $45 plus $17 shipping. Dare spents. Especially due bad pressing issues reports.