Goldfrapp’s Felt Mountain to be toured and reissued in 2020

Goldfrapp's Felt Mountain to be toured and reissued in 2020

English electronic music duo Goldfrapp‘s debut album Felt Mountain will be reissued late next year, after the album is toured in the spring of 2020.

The album will be re-released on Mute / BMG on double CD, coloured vinyl and as a deluxe box set but this won’t be issued until “autumn 2020″. As you might expect no more details than that at this stage.

The short UK tour will commence at the end of March 2020 and run into early April and includes dates in Manchester, Edinburgh and London.

Alison Goldfrapp explains, “Looking back, Felt Mountain represents a very special period in my life. It is the first album Will and I recorded as Goldfrapp, launching us in a new musical direction, and the moment for me, after 13 years or so in music, that I found a creative direction that I was truly excited about. Being nominated for a Mercury Prize was incredible and unexpected, and an affirmation that we were embarking on an important journey.

I listened to the entire album again recently – something I don’t really ever do – and it was a surprisingly emotional experience. The songs instantly take me back. The album is still relevant two decades on, and hopefully will be interesting for people to rediscover and maybe also hear for the first time.”

Tickets for Felt Mountain: The 20th Year Tour go on sale on 15 November at 10am GMT. Check out the details via the Goldfrapp website.

What would you like to see in a Felt Mountain deluxe box set. Leave a comment with your thoughts.

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Shawn Whiteman

Felt Mountain Radio Session 2000.


Just have to pop in here that a great vinyl re-issue would be Mono’s Formica Blues.


Studio versions of Fondue Knights, Sartorius, and Little Death would be AMAZING. I’m fully expecting them to bring those songs out on the reissue tour as well.

There was an incredible bootleg of them at the Universal Hall in Berlin in 2001 from the Felt Mountain tour that was INSANE, and having a soundboard quality version of that tour would be nuts on vinyl.


it’s an absolute gem of emotion and beauty. I am looking forward to this new edition.


My all time favourite !!!
5.1 mix please, if it happens I’ll believe in Santa Claus again :) !!

Ben Orian

Agree that this would be a “must buy” with a 5.1 lossless mix + b-sides, out takes, what have you on Blu-Ray.


+1 for a surround mix, preferably lossless on a blu-ray!

As a QQ member I happen to be aware that there already was a discrete one, finished 15 years ago. About time to follow Supernature and Tales of Us!


Supernature in the spring please…Don’t make us wait 2 years for it once the Felt Mountain excitement has died down…


Don’t know if this was included in the press release or if it’s pure speculation but another site states, “the reissue will feature remastered audio, unreleased material, b-sides, rarities, remixes as well as newly written sleeve notes and rare images.” Either way I’m excited for this release as it’s a cracking album.


The white vinyl reissue from a while back has a superb sound, and is a LP I play a lot. Why are they re-releasing this yet again? I’d rather have Supernature on vinyl … as others have said, if it is supposed to be a deluxe [surely one of the most overused words of the past few years] set, please make it different to the myriad run of the mill boxes that are being poured out of the ether to us in ever increasing numbers… or how about a new LP Alison? :)


I have this as well. The sleeve is made of very thin cardstock. I have no idea why BMG chose that for a premium release.



Your white vinyl has “superb sound?” Are you sure????

lol if it’s the same edition I’m thinking of, it proved a notoriously horrible pressing (I own two–the first one I bought was horrible, and I convinced the record company to send me a replacement. It’s better…but not by much. Pops. Cracks. More pops. Scratches. Etc.)

If your white version is truly an immaculate pressing: consider yourself extremely lucky! Bravo to you sir!

The Thorn

Hear, hear to a Blu-ray 5.1 release of the album!!!

That’s something I would buy – it’s an album that would sound AMAZING in hi-def.

Tom Machin

It is a great album and I love that everyone is aiming high in their wish list but the reality is that it will come out with the live versions from the 20th anniversary tour and probably not a lot else…
I hope I’m proven wrong!


I’m super excited for a super deluxe, as this is one of my favorite albums by any artist ever. I’d love a vinyl box featuring the album, all of the 12″ singles reproduced, and maybe a bonus DVD featuring the videos, concert and EPK. Include a hardcover book featuring all of the artwork from the original album and singles and maybe a fold out poster. Goldfrapp’s work is so visual I have high hopes that the box set is beautiful inside and out.

Derek Langsford

Having the original CD, the 2CD version, all the CD singles including both versions of Utopia, the Wonderful Electric Live 2 DVD (with both live performances transferred to CD), about the only thing that would make me interested would be a 5.1 mix, and preferably on blu-ray. would be frustrated to have to buy all that content again plus vinyl (which I cannot use) just to get a 5.1 mix. Would like to see more of the Marillion approach than the Rush AFTK and 2112 bloated box approach.


The original album is magnificent, the 2 CD version just enhances. I have several of the CD singles which have some great remixes. There must be some demo’s and other non album items from the time – those Vox, Q et al cover compilation cds with their special songs/mixes were great at the time. A 5.1 or 2 Channel 96/24 Blu ray would be great. I think I saw them on the second tour at Shepherds Bush Empire, a great concert. So any appropriate Live show would be great. Not too worried about posters, pins, but an insightful booklet talking of the time and how they view that period would be good reading. Fond memories of that time and this album.

Mr Smyth

A great album & no mistake. Full of atmospheric textured songs that really suit a cold autumn night. I really like most Goldfrapp albums but I think this one is still the best. As for the reissue, I would want the original content of the 2 CD pack, 5.1 surround sound on blu ray, all demos & remixes all videos , tv appearances & a documentary looking back on their breakthrough album & thoughts now. I’ve met Alison & she’s lovely!!


I saw Goldfrapp perform songs from Felt Mountain at a Mute records showcase, at the ICA, a fortnight before it came out. The wooden partition wall, dividing the performance space, trembled. Alison was in perfectionist mode seemingly troubled by minute sound issues that only she could detect. None of it mattered: The performance was magnetic.

I left the venue, going over and over the unfamiliar songs in my head, so that I wouldn’t forget the melodies. I don’t think I have ever wanted a record more. Those were the days before YouTube, etc, when you had no choice other than to wait.

steve webb

please not another white vinyl release, just hope mute change’s the colour,,,,but well looking forward to this


I have the original Mute LP and the digipack double CD with different mixes, Human’s Calexico vocal mix, the excellent Olivia Newton-John’s Physical cover + the video “a trip to the Felt Mountain”. I saw the band live in Paris in 2001. I love Alison Goldfrapp’s voice. It’s a great album, their later albums have often been overproduced. I didn’t like Black Cherry and gave up on Goldfrapp until Tales of Us (another great album).

Basically I expect to find all that 2001 double CD material in a super deluxe edition + a live show, b-sides, demos, bbc (or foreign radio) sessions and acoustic versions.


Still my favorite album by Goldfrapp and I agree it has potential to be an amazing 5.1 release. Looking forward to this so I hope they don’t let us down.


Great album. I have the 2cd version w the remixes. Looking forward to buy the SDE, hopefully it will have a 5.1 mix on BR or DVD.


Give me a 5.1 Blu-ray Audio w/ all the remixes.
I already have the original single disc album so would not buy a double CD just for CD2.

Stephen K

All remixes that appeared on UK 12″ or CDS (whether standard or limited edition), and all UK promo mixes. There are definitely some good ones that are still languishing on vinyl that have never made it to a digital format. I need to make a disclaimer that all of this content needs to be available digitally. It doesn’t do me any good if that rare 12″ mix simply gets rereleased on a 12″.

Did not Will play (amazing) saxophone on Tears for Fears’ Songs from the Big Chair? Absolutely any demo material that features Will playing saxophone.

Goldfrapp Work In Progress demo CDR and other demo material.

Music videos and EPK. “A Trip to Felt Mountain” film.

Felt Mountain Radio Session.

Of less interest: Live in Concert 2001 CD, Live Milano “Tunnel” 27-11-00 video content from Greek compilation DVD,


A complete set :-)
CD 1: Album
CD 2: Maxi Bonus tracks/remixes
CD 3: Live 2000/2001
CD 4: Live 2000/2001
CD 5: maybe unreleased recordings/demos/tracks
DVD: Concert / Promo Videos
12inch: album with new remix

Derek Langsford

I would drop one live CD and the vinyl (keep vinyl separate as many don’t want to buy vinyl) but add a 5.1 mix, preferably on Blu-ray for the highest resolution. With 1080p TVs being standard and inexpensive, and blu-ray players being cheap and back compatible with DVDs, I do not understand why labels keep pushing DVDs.


Felt Mountain original version reproduction
Felt Mountain Picture Disc
The 12″ vinyl (NOT 180 g) reproductions of all five singles (Lovely Head, Utopia, Human, Utopia (Genetically Enriched), Pilots)
12″ LP with demos or lost tracks or rough mixes or unreleased songs of the period
Art prints of the LP front cover, of LP back cover and of singles covers
Art print of two Alison b&w portraits circa Felt Mountain (see US Utopia CD single)
Art print of Will portrait (if existing) circa Felt Mountain
Reproduction of Lovely Head cover in felt material
Reproduction of Felt Mountain LP back cover in felt material
Alison black silk stocking with “Goldfrapp – Felt Mountain” spelt in silver sequins around the top elastic band
Reproductions of promotional posters for Album and Singles
Cardboard promotional display for Felt Mountain album
Felt Mountain CD
DVD with videos, TV appearances, live performances
Download code


Why would you want all of that?


Because firstly: if it is a Deluxe, let it be really Deluxe and special!
If it’ s always the usual vinyl, cd, dvd, bluray, download, b sides, etc. then it’ s always the same thing that box sets are made of…

Secondly: I am not that much of an expert on hidden/unofficially released material of that Felt Mountain period (see Stephen K quoting a “trip to Felt Mountain” film, for instance) so I concentrated on the ephemera. Any suggestion as Stephen’ s in that sense is welcome and I would add it to the lot.

Gareth Jones

Cris, you forgot to mention it all being housed in a luxury embossed replica mountain. Plus a 500-piece jigsaw which, when put together, forms a lovely head, a pack of mountains Top Trumps cards and a fold-out map of all the greatest mountains in the world. ….Oops, silly me! All these ides were originally done by Macca!

Cristiano Steffe'

Hi Gareth I started reading taking you seriously!!

Actually the luxury embossed is a great idea (not the mountain), I forgot about the “container/box” itself…
And the jigsaw as well!!! Let’ s make it two jigsaws: front and back of FM.

I knew I would forget something and great contributions from other readers would be coming in…


Hmmm never really got into this. I tried. I prefer their later stuff.

Is it me or is just about ANYTHING re-released now that’s been released 10/20/30/40/50 years ago? It’s like EVERYTHING is an automatic classic. That’s can’t be true of everything….?
Or is this just the way record companies make their money now?
Look in hmv (if you still have one) and check how many re-releases there are compared to new releases….


Ditto. Only album of theirs I don’t really like. I’ll be all over an SDE of Black Cherry, though!


What would I like to see in a Felt Mountain deluxe box set? Well the obvious – a hi-def surround sound mix on Blu-ray, the remixes and B-sides, the videos, the TV appearances… Can live without the live tracks and radio sessions, but why not eh. And please, don’t make me buy vinyl I don’t want or need just to push the price up.

Don Balfour

Fell Mountain is one of the best albums I have heard in a long time. It is such a movie album.
What do I mean by that statement,
When you listen to the music from this album it’s like watching a movie in your mind. Beautiful, creepy, mccarb, Soulful and thought provoking all in one.
A true Delight from beginning to end. Alison Goldfrapp vocals are Sublime.
I like to like and her voice like a modern day Kate Bush.
I cannot wait for this album to be released again.
A true modern day masterpiece.
There is so much I would like to see in this boxset.
One it is screaming how for a 5.1 or Atmos remix.
All the remixes and 12 inch singles that were released on promo.
And definitely all the promo videos.
I will be lining up to buy this on the day of its release.

Toni M

An ideal work for 5.1 (or any surround format).


Great news, I’ll be sure to get tickets and I look forward to seeing what extra content will be included. Not sure we need another colour vinyl version though as they released the white vinyl last year, if anything I’d like them to continue with releasing Supernature on vinyl next.

Norn Cutson

This album marked my should’ve-been adulthood.
It will be a very emotional revisit.