Johnny Mathis / The Singles 4CD box


Sony/Legacy will issue Johnny Mathis: The Singles in September, a new four-CD anthology.

This set will include “every Johnny Mathis recording first issued for the singles market”, and tracks released exclusively on compilations like 1958 s Johnny’s Greatest Hits,  More Johnny’s Greatest Hits (from 1959) and 1981’s The First 25 Years–The Silver Anniversary Album.

The 87-track collection features 31 tracks that have never been issued on CD and is released on 25 September 2015.

Track listing

Disc: 1
1. When Sunny Gets Blue
2. Wonderful! Wonderful! (#14)
3. It’s Not For Me To Say (#5)
4. Warm And Tender
5. Chances Are (#1)
6. The Twelfth Of Never (#9)
7. Wild Is The Wind (#22)
8. No Love (But Your Love) (#21)
9. When I Am With You
10. Come To Me
11. All The Time
12. Teacher, Teacher (#21)
13. Let It Rain
14. A Certain Smile (#14)
15. Call Me
16. Stairway To The Sea
17. You Are Beautiful
18. Let’s Love
19. Someone (#35)
20. Very Much In Love
21. I Look At You (bonus track)
22. The Flame Of Love (bonus track)

Disc: 2
1. Small World (#20)
2. You Are Everything To Me
3. The Story Of Our Love
4. The Best Of Everything (#62)
5. Cherie
6. Starbright
7. All Is Well
8. Hey Love
9. My Love For You (#47)
10. Oh That Feeling
11. How To Handle A Woman
12. While You’re Young
13. Jenny
14. You Set My Heart To Music
15. Should I Wait
16. Laurie, My Love
17. Wasn’t The Summer Short?
18. There You Are
19. Christmas Eve
20. My Kind Of Christmas
21. Sweet Thursday
22. One Look
23. Unaccustomed As I Am
24. Marianna
25. I’ll Never Be Lonely Again

Disc: 3
1. That’s The Way It Is
2. Gina (#6)
3. I Love Her That’s Why
4. What Will My Mary Say (#9)
5. Quiet Girl
6. Every Step Of The Way
7. Sooner Or Later
8. All The Sad Young Men
9. I’ll Search My Heart
10. Don’t Talk To Me
11. Long Winter Nights
12. Among The First To Know
13. Night Dreams
14. Whoever You Are, I Love You
15. For All We Know
16. The Last Time I Saw Her
17. Wherefore And Why
18. Darling Lili
19. Sign Of The Dove
20. Christmas Is…
21. I Was There

Disc: 4
1. Ten Times Forever More
2. Evie
3. Think About Things
4. If We Only Have Love
5. This Way Mary
6. Sometimes
7. I
8. Take Good Care Of Her
9. Walking Tall
10. Turn The Lights Down
11. The Very First Christmas Day
12. Christmas In The City Of The Angels
13. The Lord’s Prayer
14. When A Child Is Born
15. Nothing Between Us But Love
16. It Doesn’t Have To Hurt Every Time (bonus track)
17. There! I’ve Said It Again (bonus track)
18. Three Times A Lady (bonus track)
19. The Way You Look Tonight (bonus track)

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is a four-disc box set by American pop singer Johnny Mathis that was released in 2015 by Columbia Records to commemorate the singer’s h birthday. In his review of the collection Joe Marchese explains that it “doesn’t bring together every track released by the legendary artist on 45 RPM; such an endeavor would take far more than four discs. Instead, it features the tracks originally released by Mathis on Columbia in the singles format – in other words, non-LP sides – between the years of 1956 and 1981, in their original single mixes.”


I do agree the title is misleading. I think it is the “The.” By saying “THE Singles” it implies all of his singles are included. “The” indicates a complete collection. If it were just called “Singles,” it wouldn’t sound as all-inclusive. That would just imply it is a collections of “singles” but not necessarily all singles.
That being said, the 31 new-to-CD tracks (and I’m sure others that are hard to find as well) will be really great for collectors. I think it’s great when rare material is made available.

Serge Muller Kobold

I think this compilation is for the real Johnny Mathis fans who have these tracks on vinyl but not on cd. There are already compilations out there that give a good overview of his chart career. For example Music Club 2 cd Misty, The best of Johnny Mathis. It features Gone, Gone, Gone, Too much, too little, too late, When a child is born and Stone in love with you. Furthermore it has all his other records that charted in the UK except for What will Mary say and Winter Wonderland.
But I do agree that the record company should have opted for another, less misleading title.


What are you guys on? Darren is SPOT ON. When have you ever ever ever seen a compilation that only featured tracks that were only singles before the drop of the parent album??

Serge Muller Kobold

And if you check his discography, you will see that there are a lot of non album tracks that were issued as a single:

Serge Muller Kobold

I think Ken is right. The key is FIRST issued for the singles market. So singles that are included on albums (not being greatest hits compilations) are not included.


Think people are missing the point here. This collection is tracks that came out as singles only. The three samples above were album tracks released as singles. “Gone Gone Gone” is on Best Days Of My Life, “Too Much Too Little” on You Light Up My Life and “Stone In Love” is on I’m Coming Home. The collection does exactly what it says it does.


Sorry Ken, but that is b***ocks. It’s called “The singles”, not “The singles that only came out as singles but weren’t featured on albums but later some did appear on albums”.

Ian M

Agree Darren. Above states ‘This set will include every Johnny Mathis recording first issued for the singles market.” IT DOESN’T!!!!!!!


Sorry Darren but that’s exactly what it’s called!


First thing I looked for was Gone Gone Gone – as a point of reference – to get some idea of how much was from before ad how much after because I have only a very few of his tracks and I was genuinely interested in this collection but – as others have said – its not there – so immediately I’m doubtful.


I agree Francis, I never realised he had made so many Christmas singles but why did they have to include so many of them but yet miss these three singles. Is this more of an American charted singles compilation maybe?


3 hit singles missing (maybe more), so not a complete Anthology. Typical!


And, Too Much Too little Too Late with Denise Williams, oh and Stone In Love With You?


And yet “When A Child Is Born” is included despite the fact it features on so many Christmas compilations.


Where is the hit single “Gone, Gone, Gone”?