Keith Richards / Crosseyed Heart


Crosseyed Heart, Keith Richards’ first studio album for over 20 years, will be released in September.

Like 1988’s Talk is Cheap and Main Offender from ’92, the songs have been co-written with drummer Steve Jordan, who also co-produced. Guitarist Waddy Wachtel also features on the album which provides a heady mix of blues, country, reggae and rock. Norah Jones duets on Illusion and you can listen to the first single Trouble below.

Crosseyed Heart is released on 18 September 2015.

Track Listings
1. Crosseyed Heart
2. Heartstopper
3. Amnesia
4. Robbed Blind
5. Trouble
6. Love Overdue
7. Nothing On Me
8. Suspicious
9. Blues in the Morning
10. Something for Nothing
11. Illusion
12. Just a Gift
13. Goodnight Irene
14. Substantial Damage
15. Lover’s Plea

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Jagger’s solo material has always been a letdown. You can tell easily that the music to their albums had Richards as the main influence. Richards may not be the best singer but there are far worse lead singers out there.


Fantastic track. Got all Keef’s albums so far, I’ll be getting the new one too!


Add the US: http://www.amazon.com/Crosseyed-Heart-Keith-Richards/dp/B010QDP8CA
Keith’s solo material is way more interesting than Mick’s stuff.


KEEF is back. I love it! Yeah its what you would expect, but nothing wrong with that, its twenty years + since the last album, I hope he keeps them coming!


Yeah great, now get Mick in the studio and make that new Stones album!

Presley Spigot

Seems odd to come here just to post something negative, but after listening to half of the sample track “Trouble” I turned it off, disappointed that it sounded so much like you’d expect it to sound, a little guitar noodle here, a gruff fed-back start-me-up riff there, and Richard’s voice every bit the withered whiskey & smoke-choked stuff of legend, that I realised Richards would’ve had to have made something as groundbreaking as Kid A or as melodic quirky indie-punk as Ought to impress me.


“Trouble” was everything I expected it to be. We ain`t gonna get anything new, the guy`s in his 70`s, he looks 270 and he`s still laughing at all the jokers who`d predicted his demise. I`m happy he`s still got the get up and go to record new music, the guy`s a bloody walking miracle. I`m not gonna say I can`t wait for the album but when it comes I`m gonna sit down with a bottle of Bourbon and enjoy it


FINALLY! I’ve waited for YEARS for this to happen!


Pre-order it from Keef’s site directly for a chance to get it signed. (Keef will sign a number of copies that will be shipped randomly amongst the pre-orders.)


My prediction is that this won’t sell much at all


I think he should stick to his day job.