Mark Lewisohn on The Beatles “All These Years” Extended Edition

Beatles expert and author Mark Lewisohn tries to explain the difference between the “Extended Special Edition” (what he calls the ‘author’s cut’) and the standard edition of volume one of his much anticipated Beatles biography All These Years, which is due out at the end of October. The long version does not appear to be available in the US and Canada at present.


Mark Lewisohn on The Beatles All These Years Extended Edition

Extended Special Edition (Hardcover, 1728 pages)

Standard version (Hardcover, 960 pages)

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This sort of double-dipping really irritates me. Surely the longer version should have been released first into the waiting hands of fervent fans and the shorter version released later for the less die-hard buyers.

Gary Norris

I agree. I am having a real difficult time finding out WHEN the expanded US edition will be available at all. Book dealers do not seem to know. Did Mark think that no one in the US would order one?

How long do we US fans have to wait. I am not going to pay for shipping from the UK for such a heavy book. Please.


The decision to print the extended edition is up to the US publisher. As Mark stated on his facebook page: “The decision is not mine: it’s for the US publisher of TUNE IN to make. Crown Archetype are in New York – if you want to press them to decide Yes, feel free to go ahead. In the meantime, people worldwide are buying it from amazon.co.uk, and perhaps there’ll be other sources as well.”