McCartney deluxe price-drop


Paul McCartney‘s forthcoming deluxe editions of Tug of War and Pipes of Peace were listed on Amazon UK at the unlikely price of £89.99 but, as expected have already dropped in price significantly, with further price-cuts a distinct possibility.

The current price of £69.99 for each set is at least £15 cheaper than the Wings At The Speed of Sound and Venus and Mars sets from last year (in the pre-order period) and more or less matches Universal’s store, once you factor in shipping etc. These are also now on Amazon France for just under €94 which equates to around £65.

The photo in the UK listing for Tug of War deluxe incorrectly shows the SUPER deluxe edition, although only the most optimistic of fans will expect to receive the this version with the “limited edition numbered acrylic slipcase” and “hand numbered prints”. In fact Amazon France is the only place to clearly list the super deluxe edition and they are selling it for €142 or about £100.

Just to recap, below is what the two sets look like:


Tug of War and Pipes of Peace are both reissued on 2 October 2015. There are no single CD editions at all, and all physical formats feature the bonus tracks and in the case of Tug of War the newly REMIXED version of the album. Only the deluxe editions contain the remastered original mix of Tug of War. Full details and track listings here.


Pre-order DELUXE Book Editions

Tug of War 3CD+DVD deluxe edition

Pipes of Peace 2CD+DVD deluxe book edition

Pre-order 2-disc SPECIAL Editions

Tug of War 2CD special edition

Pipes of Peace 2CD special edition

Pre-order 2LP VINYL Editions

Tug of War 2LP vinyl edition


Pipes of Peace 2LP vinyl edition (contains all bonus tracks)

 Pre-order SUPER DELUXE EDITION of Tug of War


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Klaus Neumann

Huge they will release the old PM & Wings stuff for super audio cds 2015 remasteres + a lot of new 2015 bonus demos and mixes…
Someone know if the full Wings collection will be out in some kinda box sets or in one full box sets with extra unreleased stuff :)
How for an 1990-present McCartney Collection ?

Now there is Say Say Say with Michael Jackson out, Michael Jackson done some tracks with others like Stevie Wonder ect. any know deluxe/limited box sets for them

Stan Butler

Klaus ?????
There’s no hope of what you listed being released in the near or most likely in any future.
It’s taken a long five years to get to these 7th and 8th releases.
(Led Zep reissued all nine of their albums in little over a year).


What about the Twin Freaks stuff he did? That should go as bonus material on Tug of War


No single CDs at all? Remastered original Tug only in Deluxe set? What is going on here? Is Paul really that sinister as to gouge his loyal fans? I guess they are foregoing the average bloke and sticking it to the purist. I only care about the music, not the trinkets and such that I will look at once. And you wonder why good people pirate music?


just ordered them from Amazon Canada for 77.10CDN which works out to $58.53USD


Which version(s) gets the High-res download – Deluxe and up?

steve gilmour

i ordered each directly from mccartney 64.99 us dollars each and free shipping to australia so heaps cheaper than uk

Peter Mulholland

If you go to paulmccartney.com and choose the US pre-order link you go to kingsroadmerch.com. You then then get asked your region. Choose UK and the price is just £45.90 each. Add postage and just over £103 for both.

If you choose the UK / rest of the world pre-order link on paulmccartney.com they are £65 each.


Such a predictable marketing technique:

Price high then drop the price so people think it’s a good deal. Yawn!

It’s still not a good deal, so get that price dropped again!

Stan Butler

£70! Macca’s having a laugh. I’ll wait until Tug of War drops to £40-45.
In the meantime the 2CD sets will suffice. Should be cheaper on Marketplace as well.

gary C

I am genuinely interested to know what you have bought recently that was both a good price and had decent content

Ben Williams

Still needs to drop a lil bit more fot me.. £70 for Pipes of Peace is a bit steep. If it drops to about £50 or less I’ll snap up both sets. Here’s hoping!


Been waiting for the first drop – ordered!