Michael Jackson / Bad 25 Target exclusive with bonus DVD

Michael Jackson / Bad 25 / 3CD+DVD

Sony chose not to put any of the videos for the Bad singles on the Deluxe 3CD+DVD reissue of Michael Jackson’s 1987 album. It seemed rather strange to ignore these, but on the other hand it was strange to ignore all the period twelve-inch remixes that could have been included too.

Well, it turns out that US superstore Target has an exclusive version of the two-CD Bad reissue that does include all the Bad videos. This unique three-disc version has a DVD as part of the package with the following exclusive content:

Bonus DVD including the following videos:

  • • Bad
  • • The Way You Make Me Feel
  • • Speed Demon
  • • Liberian Girl
  • • Another Part of Me
  • • Man In The Mirror
  • • Dirty Diana
  • • Smooth Criminal
  • • Leave Me Alone

It is not clear whether these videos include the ‘short film’ versions of tracks like Bad, or whether any 5.1 surround audio is present, but either way, it rankles that you only get this if you live in North America and choose to shop at Target.

Earlier this summer, the I Just Can’t Stop Loving You physical CD single was a Wal-Mart-only exclusive in North America.

What do you think of Record Labels increasingly offering these ‘exclusives’ to stores such as Target? Leave a comment with your views.

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MJ gives me the creeps.


First Steven Cacciaroni if you read this, you can get around Internet blocks with expat shield.

I hate this practice because for all the bands I really love I always like to buy the ultimate version. But when a band makes it impossible i will sod it and download everything and make my own ultimate. It’s getting to the point where they are putting me off buying because the physical one you buy is inferior to the iTunes version with extra tracks that you can download off some kind soul that’s makes it available on torrent sites and such.

The worst thing about Target and Bad 25 is that you have to buy an inferior version to benefit the bonus DVD. Plus you can only buy the deluxe version on their website, not in the store, with no bonus disc.

[…] mentioned last month, Michael Jackson‘s Bad 25 reissue is available at Target stores in North America […]

Mikes Moonwalker

Even though I do have Vision (which includes all of the BAD album short films), I still want this version of BAD25. I’m really upset that the Estate and Sony are doing this to the fans! I mean, whats the point of pissing so many fans off??
Even though I’m willing to pay for the shipping from US to Europe, where I live, there are stores that don’t want to ship outside the US!! E.g. Walmart! So I’d have to order Walmart’s exclusive through a shipping company that charge me for their services. It’s completely unreasonable to make devoted MJ fans pay such huge prices just to get these exclusive releases! And I really don’t see the point! What’s in it for the Estate or Sony to make the fans pay extra for handling and shipping?!
It makes no sense to me, and makes me (as a fan) feel that the Estate and Sony doesn’t give a heck about us fans!!!

Steven Cacciaroni

Being a fan of British music in the U.S., I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had this happen to me! There are so, so many UK exclusives from shops that flat out refuse or cannot ship to the U.S.

In California, sure we have a lot of sunshine… But I’d have sacrificed some days of sunshine to have the first two Suede re-issues signed by the band – including Bernard Butler. I’d have loved for the new Bloc Party CD to come signed for the same price (play.com exclusive), etc. THE MASSIVE SMITHS Complete Box Set, $300+ and the download codes aren’t in the U.S. version… So I bought the U.K. version, and the site to download the codes was BLOCKED.

With all of that said, Target is a much better store chain than Wal-Mart and if anyone wants this version, I can pick it up on day one for whatever Target charges and ship it to the U.K. – charging only what I pay (including shipping costs) via Paypal?

Mark Lavallee

I loathe these type of releases. Kiss being the money hungry bastards they are put out their Kissology DVDs with 3 separate bonus discs for different retailers. Being the moron I am I’ve had to run around town picking up all three versions, for all three volumes. Selling the other two copies sans bonus disc straight away recoups some of my loss, but it’s a horrible practice.


While I fall for them all the time: not a fan.

Still, I have the full DVD set of videos, so I lose nothing.

Phil Wilson

In the UK HMV have an exclusive bonus 1 track CD single with all 3 formats – the 2CD, the box set and the DVD which contains an exclusive remix of bad:

1. Bad [Remix By Afrojack Featuring Pitbull – The Derry Mix]


Get ready, Best Buy are already promoting an Exclusive for the issue of Bob Dylan’s Tempest – Historically they have had a companion live show.


Retail store exclusives don’t bother me so much because (so far) I usually have a participating store near me and I can get what I want. Plus, these drive sales of physical product, even if it’s only at one particular store.

Online exclusives, especially iTunes, are another matter. They’re inferior in terms of sound quality and they contribute to the death of physical media.

Bottom line: retail store exclusives take business away from iTunes, while iTunes exclusives take business away from retail. If we have to have exclusives at all, I far prefer the former model.


I detest, despise, loathe the whole “exclusive content” shtick — it’s rude to the fans and encourages online trading because no-one is going to buy multiple versions of the same release to get the bonus material. They don’t just do it with physical releases, either – they do it with iTunes and Amazon and etc. It’s disgusting. I just don’t understand the point to it, why do that to the fans?

Just like how Hip-O Select and Rhino Handmade’s strict “Limited Edition” releases have only created a lucrative 2ndary market for eBay and Amazon re-sellers, these record companies seem like they are alienating the very people who *BUY* music with these approaches. They may think it’s cute marketing tactics, that it gives their hungry interns projects to tend to, but as a music fan I just shake my head and have to wonder why.


Luckily I have the 3-disc Vision set which includes all of these or I’d be pissed that I have to buy the Bad 25 twice (already have an order in for the Super Duper Deluxe belted jacket edition). Bad is one of my top 5 fav albums.


dear me! the industry cries about online piracy, then insist on these “exclusive to a certain store in the US only” releases! i cannot recall the specifics, but i am sure that The Who had a release which included a bonus disc only available at one of the US stores, and i think there was a variant on an Apocalypse Now release that came with an extra disc, again only via one particular US store.

making things “limited” is a nice sales pitch, but surely this “limited to certain stores in the US only” is commercial suicide?