Miles Davis / “The Collection” Japanese Blu-spec CD2 box set


Sony Music Japan will issue Miles Davis The Collection (aka Masterpiece Collection) box set in October, which features Blu-spec CD2 reissues of Miles Davis’s 24 albums (Blu-spec CD2 is a high-fidelity format compatible with standard CD players).

This limited box set features the 20 single CDs and four double CDs, all packaged in standard jewel cases. It comes with seven postcards featuring black & white photos of Miles.

Miles Davis / The Collection is released on 15 October 2013

Albums in the box set (all Blu-spec CD2)

  1. Round About Midnight
  2. Miles Ahead
  3. Milestones
  4. 1958 Miles
  5. Porgy & Bess
  6. Kind Of Blue
  7. Sketches Of Spain
  8. Someday My Prince Will Come
  9. My Funny Valentine
  10. Four & More
  11. Miles In Berlin
  12. E.S.P.
  13. Miles Davis
  14. Sorcerer
  15. Nefertiti
  16. In A Silent Way
  17. Bitches Brew
  18. A Tribute To Jack Johnson
  19. On The Corner
  20. Get Up With It
  21. Agharta
  22. Pangaea
  23. The Man With The Horn
  24. You’re Under Arrest

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So Paul, as you’ve read the comments, why do you even bother to call this a special hi-fi format when it’s anything but that?


Agree with you John. The SACD’s I have are a step up from the redbook or standard CDs in detail and space.
From the sounds of it, this format seems to be aligning itself with Blu-Ray just from the name…..which it clearly isn’t. Marketing genius but audio fraud.

John Able

Not in the least bit defending the pricing of this package as way too much, BUT, I have a reasonable collection of SACD’s and have to say that the quality of sound is quite noticeably better.
The Moody Blues SACD format releases are fantastic, as are the Eagles, Yes, Queen, etc…


Note to record companies.



Totally agree with all the above. From all the available evidence and user reviews I have read there is no difference between blu-spec (or indeed SACD…though they at least have multi-channel capacity) and normal cd’s…except the inflated prices. As stated above, this is just cash cow marketing techniques aimed at audiphiles…though thankfully as the above comments demonstrate, we are better informed than they seem to give us credit for!


These aren’t even in Mini LP sleeves – they’re jewelcases!


Blu-spec offers nothing unique… except that it’s called Blu-spec. I bought the Blu-spec of Whitney Houston’s second album and the mastering was the same as the original pressing – flat, thin. It’s all a gimmick.


How much?!!!


I owu the Complete Columbia box. Will I buy this as well in order to get the postcards?

I think not.


SACD’s are a rip-off as well as all the other formats supposedly enhanced and thrown our way to fool us into buying more product. These box sets are daft – you know the music inside out. One listen and it’s put back on the shelf. A load of cobblers.


Years ago I was working in a record store and I asked a salesman if the gold plated cds really sounded better. His response was “does more chrome make cars drive faster.”


Japan has made a fortune selling CDs/LPs at inflated prices since the 1970s. This is no exception.

I tried out these so called better sounding Japanese CDs a while back and did not hear any improvement appart from a hole in my credit card.

Don’t bother unless your a completist of someone with unlimited funds.

Lazlo Nibble

Don’t lob SACD in there with SHM and Blu-spec. SACD at least offers multi-channel, and the *potential* for more accurate reproduction (whether or not anyone can actually hear it :-). The other two are nothing but bog-standard CDs with a heavy layer of marketing BS applied to them.


It’s the final days of the music industry as we knew it….


Have to agree too, these box sets are getting ridiculous. What’s the point to it all? Repackage, reissue, remaster. Flogging a dead horse this is. SHMCD, SACD, now this. A load of old cobblers.

Florian M. Kranz

A much cheaper alternative (you might also search for “Discothèque idéale” which is the french equivalent).


I totally agree with the above. Seriously how much better quality do we need our music to be? Just want to add that I really wonder what the thought was behind the addition of some postcards. Postcards! Really. Come on, surely they can do better than that? Or maybe it’s a Japanese thing.


These prices are just getting more and more ridiculous. Are these companies just testing the fans’ nerves or what? The magnificent 71 disc Complete Columbia albums collection worked out to around $3 per disc. Even the excellent 20 disc Perfect Miles Davis Collection is $3 per disc. This set workes out to around $27 per disc. And before anyone starts preaching to me that its a Blu Spec CD2 format that sounds better or whatever. I’ve got news for you. It doesn’t. It sounds the same.