Out this Week / on 13 May 2016

New Order / Complete Music (2CD)

New Order issue a special 2CD edition of last year’s Music Complete which contains all extended versions of the tracks on the acclaimed album. Read more

Rick Wakeman / 5 Classic Albums (5CD box)

Budget five-disc set that collects five Rick Wakeman albums including King Arthur, Henry VIII and No Earthly Connection. Read more

808 State / Ninety (2LP)

Two-LP vinyl reissue of second 808 State long-player. This contains bonus tracks on the second vinyl record. Read more

Steve Hackett / 5 Classic Albums (5CD set)

Another five-CD budget albums box, this time featuring prog legend Steve Hackett. Includes the albums Voyage Of The Acolyte, Spectral Mornings, Defector, Highly Strung and Please Don’t Touch.

Miles Davis / The Complete Prestige 10-inch LP Collection  (box set)

Issued to celebrate what would have been Miles Davis’ 90th birthday, this new collection presents all ten 10-inch LPs on which he appeared as a young leader for Prestige Records, from 1951 to 1954. Read more

Bill Wyman / Kings of Rhythm 3  (4CD)

Edsel issue a third volume of Bill Wyman‘s Rhythm Kings’ CD releases from 2003 to 2011. Comes with a booklet.

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I remember reading around the time that this box set was released that these mixes would be released on CD so nobody was being conned. I have bought this and the weird thing is that i haven’t even got round to buying the original album.


The extended mixes were exclusive to the box set while it was in print. Now that it’s out of print, there is absolutely nothing sinister about putting those mixes on CD.

And if you bought a box with EIGHT expensive slabs of vinyl just to get some downloads, well, that isn’t New Order’s fault either. They were a nice bonus with the box, now they’re coming to CD. Everybody wins!

martin farnworth

have to agree that it would be naive to believe the mixes would never be available outside the box set. which was never stated. i admit, initially to being a little irritated, but would say thats a fair reaction. i never thought about whether or not they would be released on cd. personally the main reason i “invested” was for the physical product. of course that wouldn’t matter if it wasn’t a fine album.


Have to agree with the above. In this day and age, with countless permutations of content to milk every possible dollar out of a slowly declining music market, there was no way it would remain exclusive. It sucks that you had that impression, but what marketing department is going to say outright “in case you’re on the fence, the bonus content that for now is only available in the box will be available in less than a year on CD”?


1. No duplication of any Music Complete album tracks on Complete Music. All extended mixes.

2. Two extended mixes are different from the Music Complete vinyl box extended mixes, so still some unique content there. Plus, the box set is gorgeous. I’m very glad I own it.

Jeff P

Ralph, it could be worse. Some of us bought the deluxe vinyl for a lot of $ to get an album’s worth of exclusive remixes… which are now available here for a lot less than that.


Thank you very much, New Order, for letting a loyal fan buy the Album once again. I really, really, really love to spend the Money for a 2 CD set after already having paid for one of the CDs. O yes, this so makes my day.
What would you guys do if we ALL waited for a 2 CD set when you release a new single CD?
I hate this method of making Money.


Ralph, there is actually no duplicated content on the 2CD edition. The new release consists entirely of the extended versions of the album tracks, and since they total more than 80 minutes, it is spread across two discs. This is not the same thing as releasing a deluxe edition with bonus tracks less than a year later, which unless I’m misreading your post, it sounds like what you’re rightfully against (I hate that too). If you want the long versions go for it, if not don’t. For me, they’re nice, but I don’t necessarily want to spend 90 minutes listening to an 11 track pop/dance album, so it’s more of a novelty bonus.

Alone With Strangers

There is duplicated content if, like me, you bought the box set . . . .


Then don’t buy this, nobody is forcing you. What isn’t happening is forcing fans to pay for the main album again in order to get the extended mixes, which was the first complaint and what I answered to. You can download the two “updated” versions if you feel like it (the same format you received the original extended versions as). This is the band making it available to those of who didn’t want to spend for a pricey, deluxe physical product – pleasing more people than it pisses off. If you’re not the target market, I’m sure there’s something else more deserving of your money.