New 12"/80s remix compilations


Universal Music’s TV advertised 12″/80s remix collections have been ongoing for nearly ten years now, and this autumn sees a pair of new compilations.

Since the original set that kicked off this series (in 2005) we’ve had triple CD releases themed around ‘Classics’, ‘Pop’ (with a cheeky Now That’s What I Call Music inspired cover), ‘Alternative’, ‘Love’ and ‘Club Classics’. In October this year we can add ‘Chilled’ and ‘New Wave’ to this growing list.

It has to be said, these subtitles need to be taken with a pinch of salt. If we look at some of the selections on the new 12″/80s Chilled you would have to say that there is nothing ‘chilled’ about Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero’s noisy, clanky dub remix of Tears For FearsShout for instance. There are quite a few dub mixes on this set actually, including Soft Cell‘s Tainted Dub/Where Did Our Love Go? as well as dub versions of Culture Club‘s Do You Want To Hurt Me and Hall & OatesOut Of Touch. Dub mixes can be chilled affairs – like the work that came out of Compass Point Studios in the late seventies and early eighties (Grace Jones’ dub mixes are superb) – but it’s not always the case with pop dubs of the mid-eighties.

There’s are some really welcome selections though, including the ‘On The Fly’ mix of Malcolm McClaren‘s Madame Butterfly and the extended version of Crowded House‘s timeless Don’t Dream It’s Over. Elsewhere it’s the usual artists popping up. Not sure if anyone needs The Young Person’s Guide To The 12″ version of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Rage Hard and the second ‘remix’ twelve-inch of Swing Out Sister‘s Surrender – the Roadrunner Mix – is definitely more chilled (and rarer) than the familiar Stuff Gun Mix which is what they’ve included here.

Moving on to the second set, ‘New Wave’ is a fairly big bucket in which to chuck your selections and there’s nothing too surprising included in truth. Duran Duran, Simple Minds, Ultravox, Talk Talk, The Human League, Heaven 17all make an appearanceTears For Fears are back, this time with the twelve-inch version of a song most casual fans probably don’t know exists The Way You Are (it’s a grower).

You could argue that part of the fun of these releases is the fact that they spark off debate about what should have, and could have, been included, but perhaps more contentious than track selections is the pricing. There was a time when £15 for three CDs of 1980s twelve-inch mixes seemed like a great deal, but Sony’s recent Pure 80s Remixes FOUR CD set of similar content retails for only £5 – a third of the price with a third more content. In fact, Universal’s own recent Extended 80s three-CD collection (the one with the unreleased version of Peter Gabriel‘s Sledgehammer) is also only £5.

Universal will be hoping the 12″/80s ‘brand’ and the excellent retro artwork will make a difference and encourage fans to cough up. Let’s here what you think – leave a comment and let me know.

12″/80s Chilled and New Wave are out on 13 October 2014.

Track listings


12″/80s Chilled

Disc 1

1. Glittering Prize (Club Mix / 2012 Remaster) / Simple Minds
2 Save A Prayer  / Duran Duran
3 Let Me Go (12” Extended Version / 2006 Remaster) Heaven 17
4 Tainted Dub / Where Did Our Love Go? / Soft Cell
5 Christian (Extended Mix) / China Crisis
6 Shout (US Dub Version) / Tears For Fears
7 Extended Souvenir (2003 Remaster) OMD
8 I Second That Emotion / Japan
9 Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Dub Version) / Culture Club
10 Too Shy (Midnight Mix) / Kajagoogoo
11 Hunting High And Low (Extended Remix) / A-Ha
12 Rapture (Special Disco Mix 2001 Remaster) / Blondie

Disc 2
1 Hold Me Now (Extended Version) / The Thompson Twins
2 Forbidden Colours / David Sylvian
3 Hide And Seek (Extended Version) / Howard Jones
4 Feels Like Heaven (12″ Version) / Fiction Factory
5 Wouldn’t It Be Good (Extended 12″ Mix) / Nik Kershaw
6 Love Beat / The Art Of Noise
7 Out Of Touch (Dub Version) / Hall and Oates
8 Rage Hard (Young Person’s Guide Into The 12 Inch Mix Version) / Frankie Goes To Hollywood
9 Tinseltown In The Rain (2012 Remaster) / The Blue Nile
10 Half A Minute (Extended Version) / Matt Bianco
11 Love Games / Level 42

Disc 3
1 Human (Extended Version) / The Human League
2 Life In A Northern Town (Extended Mix) / The Dream Academy
3 Driving Away From Home (Wicked Weather For Walking) / It’s Immaterial
4 The Perfect Kiss (Extended Version) / New Order
5 Madam Butterfly (On The Fly Mix) / Malcolm McLaren
6 Josephine (La Version Francaise) / Chris Rea
7 Poison Arrow (Jazz Remix) / ABC
8 Don’t Dream It’s Over (Extended Version) / Crowded House
9 Shattered Dreams (12″ Extended Mix / 2008 Remaster) / Johnny Hates Jazz
10 Surrender (Stuff Gun Mix) / Swing Out Sister
11 Slave To Love (12″ Remix) / Bryan Ferry
12 Lovesong (Extended Mix)

12″/80s New Wave

Disc 1

1 Sweat In Bullet (Remix) / Simple Minds
2 The Freeze (Extended Version) / Spandau Ballet
3 Planet Earth (Night Version) / Duran Duran
4 All Stood Still (Extended Version) / Ultravox
5 Talk Talk (Extended Mix) / Talk Talk
6 Visage (Extended Dance Mix) / Visage
7 Working With Fire And Steel (Fire And Steel Mix) / China Crisis
8 Move On (Extended Version) / Fashion
9 Telegraph (Extended Version) / OMD
10 I Could Be Happy (Martin Rushent Remix) / Altered Images
11 Blind Vision (Extended Version) / Blancmange
12 Call Me (Extended Version) / Blondie

Disc 2

1 Don’t You Want Me (Extended Dance Mix / 2012 Remaster) / The Human League
2 European Son (Extended Remix) / Japan
3 I Ran (Club Mix) / A Flock Of Seagulls
4 Is It A Dream (Extended Version) / Classix Nouveaux
5 Who’ll Stop The Rain / Heaven 17
6 The Other Side Of Love (Remixed Extended Version) / Yazoo
7 In The Name Of Love (Extended Version) / The Thompson Twins
8 She Blinded Me With Science / Thomas Dolby
9 White Boy (Extended Mix) / Culture Club
10 The Way You Are (Extended Version) / Tears For Fears
11 Where The Heart Is (Extended Version) / Soft Cell
12 Close To Me (Extended Version) / The Cure

Disc 3

1 She’s Lost Control (Extended Version) / Grace Jones
2 The Earth Dies Screaming / UB40
3 Ghost Town (Extended Version) / The Specials
4 Temptation (Extended Version) / New Order
5 The Telephone Always Rings (Extended Version) / The Fun Boy Three
6 Twist and Crawl (Extended Version) / The Beat
7 One Thing Leads To Another (Extended Version) / The Fixx
8 Stay (Remix) / The Blue Nile
9 The Promise (Coliseum Club Mix) / When In Rome
10 All I Need Is Everything (Remix) / Aztec Camera
11 Silver (Tidal Wave) / Echo And The Bunnymen

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Not too impressed with the Chilled one. The New Wave set is marginally better. Fashion’s Move On (Audio Extra) is perhaps the only real draw for me here.


the Crowded House cut “Don’t Dream It’s Over” (extended version) was issued on a UK import CD single. Otherwise it’s not the usual choice for these compilations.


Hopefully these two editions are mejoresen sound quality than earlier, since most of the songs are remastered from the original, but the vinyl record 12″ inches. Asi also hopefully the Blue Nile song” Stay “is the version Original 12” inches and it is the only new song on a recopilatoirio as the others have already been published in other collections or original cd. Its price is also quite high because other companies have released compilations less than half the price.


@Seth Hollander
You can find the complete Rage Hard “Young person’s guide to the 12” on “The Art of the 12” volume one issued on 2011 by Salvo.
The version on “Reload” is an early fade: it omits the last two minutes of the song (not the early ones)


12inches in the 80s contained the a side , and often 2 tracks on the b side, usually the b side contained another mix, i would like to see a compilation using that other mix if would be something different and would help a lot of people complete certain groups etc.


It’s a first for the Crowded House remix.


After the release of Tears For Fears ‘Shout’ UK 12″ mix on the Grand 12″ series, I was hoping that Tears For Fears ‘Mothers Talk’ UK Extended 12″ would be released on a future 12″/80’s releases.


I think these are too expensive for what they have to offer. I have a substantial amount of these 12-Inches already. For let’s say up to £10 I would get them for the few items I don’t have but for these prices I’ll pass this time.

Mic Smith

Would be interested in any confirmation that the Blue Nile Stay remix is actually the 12″ mix from August 1984. As I recall this was the same length as the album version and there was also a 7″ edit of the remix, available separately and as a double 7″ with Tinseltown in the Rain.


I never buy any of these compilations because they are all pretty much the same as the last. And the remastering is not new, it’s cobbled together from previously remastered sources, whether good or bad. The last compilation series I purchased was the Just Can’t Get Enough, New Wave Hits of the 80’s, and that was 20 years ago. Now that was what you would call variety.

Seth Hollander

Ok, I have to ask:
“Not sure if anyone needs The Young Person’s Guide To The 12″ version of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Rage Hard “.
I have this on vinyl (US 12”) but have not seen it on CD except on the Reload collection. According to Wikipedia, that CD drops the first 2 minutes of the track. Plus that CD has a bunch of more recent remixes that I have less-than-zero interest in.
So where else can I find a CD with that mix, and complete? Waiting for a comp with that particular track is one of the main reasons I check your site daily!

Steven Roberts

The first few 12″/80s comps were a breath of fresh air when they came out, debuting on CD many rare and desirable mixes…but these new discs seem content with rehashing a ton of stuff that have been on CD for years :(


I’m glad that we’re getting Fashion’s Move On (Audio Extra) first time ever on cd on 12″/80s New Wave. Wonder if it’s from the master tapes or a vinyl rip? Either way I’m all of the New Wave collection. Not too sure about the chilled one.


The TFF track on the 12″/80s Pop compilation is hardly mastered well. It has been recorded at the wrong speed, which makes it slower and longer than the original!


I don’t know about anyone else but as Mike The Fish says, too much vinyl ripping on some of these compilations has left me sceptical and bitterly disappointed in the past. I’m afraid much as I love the extended eighties stuff I will leave it to someone else to invest first. One of the few that I can trust to do a compilation correctly is Ben Liebrand and his Grand 12 inches” series.

I wonder if you can crowd fund an actual eighties compilation that has tracks that people actually want?

Mike the Fish

There’s been some vinyl ripping in the past for 12″/80s which could be why they sound like the original 12″!

Tim H

Looked at these with interest until I saw the price, at £5 per disc with few new/notable (I will be interested in hearing the duration of the Blue Nile!) tracks I can’t see that much to persuade me to part with my readies!!


I agree with Paul. I’d purchase the New Wave for the Sony 4-pack price. That was very fair for we Americans.



I personally think their remastering is a notch above any others. As an example, check out 12″/80s/Dance (probably their best set IMO). Dead or Alive, Level 42 and Swing out sister are all on that set. Those 12″ mixes – all brilliant – have been remastered on other deluxe editions over the years. But the remastering on 12″/80s/Dance is definitive – outstanding.

I think what sets them apart is that they try to preserve the mastering from the original 12″ single. The best vinyl 12″ mixes have been mastered differently than cd albums because they have to work for DJs and dance floors. I think 12″/80s try to emulate that in their approach.

Stephen K

There aren’t enough China Crisis remixes on CD, but Working with Fire and Steel was one of them. I’m not sure about the extended version of Christian… I’m not even sure if the extended is different than the album mix!

Also, along with China Crisis’ remixes and b-sides, The Blue Nile’s much smaller catalog also has some painful digital holes in it. I think this remix of Stay is indeed previously unavailable on CD, and thus very welcome!


I was really excited about these 2 boxsets until I discovered I had most the 12″ versions on other albums! Either compilations or album reissues. So, two 12″/80s CD Sets I will not be bothering with despite having bought all the others.

gary c

Having not heard what the source and quality is on these new releases, I am pretty sure there were questions about sources from earlier titles in the series.
Certainly to my old ears “POP” and “ELECTRO POP” had both vinyl sources on some tracks, and listings for extended or twelve inch versions, when in fact you had a single version.
Let’s hope the researcher/compiler has brought their A game this time.

What is the running time of the “Stay” 12″? The single version is just under 4 mins, the extended remix I have runs roughly the same time as the album version. The album version was always my favourite.


If the version of “Stay (Remix)” by The Blue Nile on 12″/80s New Wave is the 12″ version and not the 7″ version that was on the recent reissue of Walk across the Rooftops, I think we’ve got ourselves a new rarity to CD.


@jeremy – yes Tainted Dub has been on cd before (it was included on their singles box set and Twelve Inch Singles set released years ago.) great mix though.

I do agree that these two collections don’t quite hit the mark as much as prior outings. It’s a tough decision for them as they have always tried to balance rarities (for our tastes, of course) with commercial appeal. These sets need to have a mix of both to be viable in the marketplace.

Sure, they are more expensive but, at this point, 12″/80s is a brand name and they can command a higher price than most. Possible licensing costs also are a factor?

Tracklisting aside, the reason to purchase them comes down to remastering alone. As a 12″ connoisseur, I have personally never found any deluxe edition for any artist to have better remastering techniques than 12″/80s. They just seem to know exactly how to do it by accentuating certain bass elements and sharpening sounds here and there. Compare their work side by side with any other remaster and you’ll hear what I’m referring to.

Definitely will buy both of these.


I have to say, I looked at these slightly sceptically; feeling that the “12 Inch 80s” brand had “sold out”.
As you said, there are some interesting tracks on the discs, one of note for me was the “Dub” version of Tainted Love, which I’m not certain has been available before on CD (I am fully prepared to be proved wrong however).

I tried a little experiment with these discs, feeling that there was little new on them. I went back through all my old CD collections, and tried to “recreate” the track listings from previous collections, thus saving myself £17… Results were mixed.

For the “Chilled” collection, it was pretty disappointing really, out of the 30 odd tracks I managed to find only a single one that I had not already got on some previous collection (Mari Wilson), needless to say, I don’t think I’ll bother with £17 just for a single track.

Onto the New Wave, and it got a bit more interesting, I could not account for about 30% of the tracks, and thus have pre-ordered this one.

In conclusion, I feel slightly disappointed that there does not seem to be the same care and love for the series that the original sets contained, and I agree with Paul that there seemed to be a pretty loose brief for the compliers, and perhaps the “Chilled” set should have been called “Dub versions”, then it could have had Pete Shelley’s Homosapien on it… now that would be something.

Jason Handy

I think they look pretty good, i will buy them. There’s enough stuff here that hasn’t been on umpteen other collections. That said there is also a lot of play safe standards (probably for commercial reasons). All in all not bad .