New Thompson Twins compilation due


Budget label Metro Select are issuing a new Thompson Twins compilation in April.

Hold Me Now: The Very Best of Thompson Twins is a 34-track two-CD set that includes hit singles, some 12-inch mixes and a few album tracks.

It will be interesting to see whether original UK seven-inch mixes have been used for this set, since the band are notorious for have multiple single versions and edits – a compiler’s nightmare. Many ‘hits’ sets just revert to the album versions.

Hold Me Now: The Very Best of Thompson Twins is out on 8 April 2016



1. You Take Me Up
2. Doctor! Doctor!
3. Hold Me Now
4. In The Name Of Love
5. We Are Detective
6. Love On Your Side
7. Sister Of Mercy
8. The Gap
9. Lay Your Hands On Me
10. Tears
11. Watching
12. King For A Day
13. Lies
14. Future Days
15. Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream
16. Judy Do
17. Let Loving Start (12inch Version)

1. Nothing In Common
2. Runaway
3. If You Were Here
4. In The Name Of Love (12inch Dance Extension)
5. Love On Your Side (No Talkin’) (12inch Version)
6. We Are Detective (More Clues) (12inch Version)
7. Watching (You Watching Me) (12inch Version)
8. You Take Me Up (Machines Take Over Me) (12inch Version)
9. Lay Your Hands On Me (Extended Nile Rogers & Tom Bailey Remix)
10. No Peace For The Wicked
11. Long Goodbye
12. Still Waters
13. Squares And Triangles
14. She’s In Love With Mystery
15. Could Be Her… Could Be You
16. When I See You
17. Revolution

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[…] due in June. Still waiting on a confirmed track listing at this moment in time – although if the Thompson Twins set is anything to go by, you can expect all the hits, some extended mixes and more – but what we can […]


Bush Baby Australia? Never seen or heard about it. Is the release like many Australian releases and without a picture sleeve? Does it contain the 3:34 version or the album version?


Yet again, who is this aimed at? There are sooooo many TT comps out there. A different mix here or there is only going to get the hardest of the hardcore to buy these same songs yet again.

What is missing? How about a DVD of the Into The Gap Live.

This was only on VHS and is a TT at their peak.

If this was released on any format, I would buy it.

Adding a DVD disc to some of these re-issues would certainly get me to double-triple-quad-quintuple dip.


I hoped that in 1984 a super deluxe version of Into The Gap was released which included all the videos, remixes, unreleased material if any and of course In to The Gap Live. Sadly not the case. I cannot see it happening now. Just have to keep watching the VHS transfer to DVD copy. SIGH! Most record companies are run by fools. The Cyndi Lauper She’s So Unusual is a perfect example. The packaging seem to be more important then the tracks. Whilst the demos where present they missed out all the remixes except one. It should of been a 3 disc set not 2. For us fans we are still longing for stuff which gathers dust. Reissue projects should always be put together with the help of knowledgeable fans.


Somehow i don’t think that would have been possible back in 1984 do you ? A super deluxe edition with cassetttes, vinyl and video tapes lol.


It should of read 2014. Of course there were not deluxe editions then as we know them now.


The DVD of Sidekicks The Movie is now impossible to get a hold of as well.

Anthony C

Nice idea.

Bush Baby was also released in Australia – this is where my copy is from.

Don’t forget live at the 101 and the live First Sessions.



A CD Single Boxset like the one Edsel did with Bananarama would be amazing. Starting with Square & Triangles right through to their last single as TT Play with Me (Jane) including Politics (only released in Germany), Bush Baby (only released in US) & Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? All the edits, remixes, variations could then be included on each CD. As for the Warners stuff it is already on iTunes to download so it could easily be put onto CD. It would be a dream come true.


definitely agree RedCambs. dream come true.
just to be able to pull out *a cd* and have all the mixes on 1 cd.
think I’d be smiling for a week if it came true.


I for one will be definitely getting this CD. As Anthony C has stated there are many TT compilations which have remixes & edits only found on these compilations. Hopefully this set will also have something never released on CD. I would love Watching & Dr Dream 7″ versions which have never appeared on CD


I do not see the point in thsi compilation. I would be happy if they just released an Expanded Edition of their album “Close To The Bone”, like they did with their others.


@William – There are deluxe versions of their albums out there from “A Product Of…” all the way to “Here’s to Future Days”. The only albums that remain unreleased as deluxe editions are “Close to the Bone”, “Big Trash” and “Queer” – the latter two being on the WB label.

Maybe Tom needs a bit of nudging (or someone at the label) to do deluxe editions for these.


I would rather have them release deluxe versions of their albums, especially their later albums.


The artwork is horrible


Nothing interesting, as nothing new, it does not include any songs from their last two albums on Warner Bros. Records, and 7 “inch and 12” inches. More of the same and edited.


*posted my comment and then saw the one above it ;)


wish Get That Love extended version would’ve been on it

elliott buckingham

and no get that love in any version wtf

Ian Harris

Also be nice to know if Squares and Triangles and She’s In Love With Mystery are at the right speed here, they sounded awful on the CD of A Product Of.

Ian Harris

Here’s a simple idea – the a-sides and b-sides in chronological order from Squares And Triangles to The Long Goodbye (or the Big Trash and Queer and Babble singles if they can be licensed) with the proper 7″ mixes. I don’t think the single version of Watching has ever appeared on CD.

Stephen K.

Ha. I was just itching to ask about Thompson Twins last week! I scoured around for information but found nothing. Was Vinny Vero working on a compilation? Is he still, because I thought rumors of a Sony compilation predated Remixes & Rarities.

Well, we still need a decent 7″ collection. And, since the sound on Remixes & Rarities was stellar, I’d love to see a second volume of that.

There’s a Yahoo newsgroup for Thompson Twins that has known for more than a decade what they would put on a compilation. I don’t know why we still get these curious releases. This one could drop Judy Do and add Get That Love if it wanted to be sensible. Still, we’ll have to see how this goes. If Watching is the album version again, you can just forget this compilation.

Paul, the photos inside Remixes & Rarities look like the master tapes were very well labeled in terms of what version was used on what. Was this the case, or were labels deceptive? Or are the releases themselves to blame, like using different mixes on different pressings utilizing the same catalog number?

Mike the Fish

I believe there’s two or three different b-side versions of Let Loving Start on 7″. There might be a couple of Love On Your Back mixes too, IIRC.


Daniel and Anthony C,

Thanks for the info. I never really listened to that compilation fully – I already own it! I never noticed that. Will check those mixes out.

Ok all, I know we are all Thompson Twins fans here but is anyone else annoyed by the lack of WB material on these compilations?? I for one would be up for Sugar Daddy and the Saint. The remixes of those two, in particular, were fantastic. In fact, I listen to those more frequently than the Sadkin era.

Also have to say I really like Tom bailey’s international observer stuff which naturally progressed from Babble (also great stuff.)

Neil Kelly

Agree completely on all points. Probably a licensing issue as Warners though regarding later tracks

Troy S

I couldn’t agree more. It’s too bad someone hasn’t worked out a license deal to be able to make a complete compilation that doesn’t ignore the 1987-91 years, there’s some really good & underrated stuff there. You could even take it a step further and include some of the best Babble tracks as well.


I fully agree with you Jon. I’d personally love to see some material from Queer (which happens to be one of my favourite albums of theirs), and maybe even one or two of the Babble singles (I’m thinking the excellent single mix of Take Me Away).

Although in preference I’d like to see reissues of Big Trash and Queer, as well as something for the Babble albums. I hate it when compilations keep rolling out and include basically the same stuff over and over.


hey jon
you will be surprised what you can hear on that compilation!
i think also the mix of “Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream” has alternate parts ( plus the ending )
and the same with “King For A Day”. “Roll Over” can be the very rare 7” version,
because it is definetely NOT the US album version.
And “In The Name Of Love” sounds different too the whole version.

Mike the Fish

I think Dr. Dream may well be the (UK) single mix, albeit possibly with a tidied edit into the first chorus.


Being the loyal TT fan that I am, I’ll be getting this (in addition to the 2xLP of Quick Step). But yes, why oh why are we being subjected to another compilation?? The compilations for this band outnumber the number of albums they released!

There should have been a proper 7″ singles CD set released. It can be done. It should have been done. Same goes for a B-side collection.

And you just know there’s unreleased stuff gathering dust in the Arista (or BMG) and Warner vaults. It’s a shame that you don’t have someone like Paul and a knowledgeable collector of the Thompson Twins involved in a proper reissue project.

Neil Kelly

Spot on!

Anthony C

Hi Jon

This is the version know as Hold Me Now (Pre-Mix Version).

Running time 4:52 mins.

It is from ‘The Greatest Hits’ 82876 507262. Made in the EU. Released 2003.

Hope this helps.


On the same compilation is a very interesting alternate mix of “Sister Of Mercy”
and much more alternate stuff like an edited mix of “You Take Me Up” / “Machines Take Me Over”…. but complete unlisted as such.

Carlton Fisher

The only TT compilation I have is pretty old, so I’m probably in for this one since it will have more than what I have already and in better sound quality (likely). I’m still not certain as to whether or not I’m into TT enough to collect the albums. What I like by them, I like a great deal, but then other tracks just leave me cold.


@mike the fish

What compilation has a unique mix of hold me now? Haven’t heard of that.

Anthony C

The Thompson Twins are an exceptional band and yet again a CD compilation does not do them justice.

In fact, is this track listing a joke? The tracks chosen, the remixes chosen and the running order is a complete mess! But it’s a little early for an April fool’s joke!

Why oh why is there no quality control when people do these things?

This doesn’t come anywhere near as good as the Remixes & Rarities compilation a couple of years ago.

A while ago on the TTwins news group someone mentioned a new compilation that was being considered that would include the missing versions we have been after, so I wonder why this has superseded that?

Time is running out to put out a decent collection so why doesn’t someone just do it!

alan hansen

i would agree that this seems ill-conceived, but i might follow-through with a purchase after i examine my catalog for any TT holes – probably 12″ ones.


Love the twins but won’t be buying this with all the other collections kicking about

Mike C.

Strange disc 2 tracks. All those early tracks tacked on at the end.?. Pass. Hope Toms’s new single will be good!

Todd R.



If there’s no original 7″ mixes, then there’s no point. And why put the 12 ” of Let Loving Start?


Hi there, I hope all the tracks on CD1 will be original 7″ Inch versions, a lot of them are still missing on cd, despite many album reissues and Hits & Remixes compilations have been issued, this would be the only reason to buy another compilation like this :)

Neil Kelly

A lot? Not many more like but yes 1 or 2. ‘Watching’, for sure


Maybe I repeat myself, but again no dvd with all their promo clips that fans have hoped for for ages now?

Mike the Fish

Nothing of major interest for me. The most interesting thing would be possible mix variations (like the alternate version of Hold Me Now that popped up several years ago on a compilation) and the sourcing.