Nick Drake / Five Leaves Left box

Nick Drake / Five Leaves Left vinyl box set
Nick Drake / Five Leaves Left vinyl box set

Nick Drake‘s 1969 debut album Five Leaves Left will be the final studio album to receive the deluxe vinyl box set treatment, when it is issued on 29 July 2013.

Like the previously issued Pink Moon and Bryter Layter boxes, this set will offer a heavyweight remastered vinyl record housed in a clamshell-style box and come complete with facsimile handwritten lyric sheets, a poster and album credits on a card replica of the original master tape.

A download code will be included, and like the other sets, will offer the digital version in three different file formats – hi-res FLAC files or standard MP3s, and a ‘dubbed from disc’ set of MP3s from an original vinyl copy of the record.

The Amazon UK pre-order price of under £25 (at the time of writing) is at least £10 cheaper than the other boxes!

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[…] set is out at the end of July and you can find more details and a picture of the contents here. It’s still only £25 on amazon […]


This was released quite a while ago; it’s not a new release. The previously remastered discs (through All Shook Up, plus NPP) are the same mastering, but the other discs have been remastered. The sound overall is pretty good.

Nothing can save The Doctor though…

Alan Brown

Just bought this new box set today, looked great until I saw the labels attached to the vinyl. Completely wrong. They used the awful Red/Blue label from the Fruit Tree CD box from a few years ago. The island spiral part of the log does not wrap around the spindle hole PLUS does not even have track listing on the incorrect labels. If you look at the picture above, this shows correct PINK BLOCK label but actual release copy I got today is not like this , also my brothers copy is same as mine. How did this happen so disappointing something as basic as getting the label correct was screwed up. Had Fibe Leaves left been released first and I had seen this I would not have bought it. These people doing the research are not fans therefore they don’t give a toss about it not been correct and 33 quid to boot, rip off for sure. definitely pissed off over as the youtube video shows PINK label same as the above photo.


As well as the labels being totally wrong, the box is not “hinged” as shown in the video but is “lift off” normal type.
So two thing different to what was shown as the item you were purchasing.
The labels are very bad and nothing at all like the original.