Oasis / “Definitely Maybe” demo tape


As part of the 20th Anniversary celebrations of Oasis’ Definitely Maybe album, the band were recently selling limited edition cassette copies of their original 1993 demos. These appear to be sold out even before the reissues hit the shops. Above (and below) are some photos of what the tape looks like.

The reissues of Definitely Maybe are released on 19 May 2014, including the six-disc box set which has stubbornly remained at £110 on Amazon since it was first announced!

Oasis / Definitely Maybe chasing the sun reissue and deluxe box set

Limited 6-disc Super Deluxe Box set


3CD Special Edition


2LP Vinyl Edition (with full bonus CD content digital download)



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Steven Cacciaroni

Yeah. I only would ever file share for things I’ve purchased or things that are not available and likely wouldn’t ever be available. Example: the questionable 12″ singles from the 80s, labels that no longer exist, old school rap, etc. I’m a physical copy guy…

Steven Cacciaroni

My tape arrived yesterday. It’s pretty cool, I suppose – and looks like an authentic blank cassette recorded at home… I was bummed, though, at how lazy or cheap they were to not do the obvious and include a download card! So how do I listen to these songs? Get the old cassette player out from the garage and dust it off and figure out how to hook it up? If anyone sees these songs digitally, please post where I can buy them…

Hal 8999

Seeing as you’ve made a wholly legit purchase, I wouldn’t too feel bad about filesharing a copy if I were you.

Steve Burke

I’ve got a decent cassette deck, I could record it to 16/48 PCM and send both the cassette and a CD copy back to you if you don’t mind sending to Canada. =D

(Yes offer is serious, because I’d get to listen to it at the same time as I missed the pre-sale)