Ocean Colour Scene / “Marchin’ Already” 3CD+DVD box set

marchin box

Universal Music will reissue Ocean Colour Scene’s 1997 album Marchin’ Already as a four-disc box set in February 2014, as well as re-releasing a two-CD deluxe edition of their debut a few weeks earlier

For the Marchin’ Already box (which will also be issued as a two-CD deluxe), the original album takes up the first disc and is joined by a second CD of B-sides, radio sessions and previously unreleased demos. A further audio disc offers up a hour of live performance capturing the band’s gig at the Manchester Apollo on 22 February 1998 and a DVD –  Travellers Tunes: Live at Stirling Castle (originally a VHS release in ’98) – completes the set.

This will come packaged with a book that includes new sleeve notes with testimony from the band themselves, four badges and a poster. Discs will come in card wallets and the box will be similar to the Tears For Fears Hurting set.

The Ocean Colour Scene debut will be issued as a two-CD deluxe edition with a bonus disc which gathers up early singles and B-sides in addition to a couple of outtakes.

Their first album is reissued on 20 January with Marchin’ Already scheduled for release on 17 February 2014. Full track listings can be found below.

Marchin’ Already (3CD+DVD box set)

Marchin’ Already (2CD deluxe)

Ocean Colour Scene (2CD Deluxe)

Track listings

marchin box

Marchin’ Already (Super Deluxe Edition box set)

Disc: 1

  • 1. Hundred Mile High City
  • 2. Better Day
  • 3. Travellers Tune
  • 4. Big Star
  • 5. Debris Road
  • 6. Besides Yourself
  • 7. Get Blown Away
  • 8. Tele He’s Not Talking
  • 9. Foxy’s Folk Faced
  • 10. All Up
  • 11. Spark And Cindy
  • 12. Half A Dream Away
  • 13. It’s A Beautiful Thing

Disc: 2

  • 1. Falling To The Floor
  • 2. The Face Smiles Back Easily
  • 3. Hello Monday
  • 4. Song For The Front Row
  • 5. On The Way Home
  • 6. All God’s Children Need Travelling Shoes
  • 7. The Best Bet On Chinaski
  • 8. On And On
  • 9. Mariners Way
  • 10. Going Nowhere For A While
  • 11. Expensive Chair
  • 12. Song Of A Baker

Radio Sessions

  • 13. Song For The Front Row (acoustic)
  • 14. Debris Road (acoustic)
  • 15. Travellers Tune (acoustic)
  • 16. Hundred Mile High City
  • 17. Travellers Tune
  • 18. Spark And Cindy


  • 19. Blown Away
  • 20. Hello Monday
  • 21. Expensive Chair
  • 22. It’s A Beautiful Thing

Disc 3: Live at Manchester Apollo 22/2/98

  • 1. Hundred Mile High City
  • 2. Better Day
  • 3. Travellers Tune – Ocean Colour Scene, P.P. Arnold
  • 4. Lining Your Pockets
  • 5. One For The Road
  • 6. The Circle
  • 7. You’ve Got It Bad
  • 8. 40 Past Midnight
  • 9. It’s My Shadow
  • 10. The Riverboat Song
  • 11. Get Blown Away
  • 12. Debris Road
  • 13. The Day We Caught The Train
  • 14. Get Away
  • 15. Foxy’s Folk Faced
  • 16. I Wanna Stay Alive With You
  • 17. It’s A Beautiful Thing – Ocean Colour Scene, P.P. Arnold
  • 18. Song Of A Baker – Ocean Colour Scene, P.P. Arnold

Disc 4: Travellers Tunes: Live at Stirling Castle (DVD)

  • 1. Hundred Mile High City
  • 2. Better Day
  • 3. Travellers Tune
  • 4. Blown Away
  • 5. The Circle
  • 6. Besides Yourself
  • 7. This Understanding
  • 8. The Riverboat Song
  • 9. Debris Road
  • 10. Lining Your Pockets
  • 11. The Day We Caught The Train
  • 12. One For The Road
  • 13. It’s My Shadow
  • 14. You’ve Got It Bad
  • 15. Get Away
  • 16. Robin Hood
  • 17. I Wanna Stay Alive With You
  • 18. Day Tripper



Ocean Colour Scene (debut album deluxe)

CD 1

  1. Talk On
  2. How About You
  3. Giving it All Away
  4. Justine
  5. Do Yourself A Favour
  6. Third Shade of Green
  7. Sway
  8. Penny Pinching Rainy Heaven Days
  9. One of Those Days
  10. Is She Coming Home
  11. Blue Deep Ocean
  12. Reprise

CD 2


  1. One Of Those Days
  2. Talk On
  3. How About You
  4. Sway (original version)
  5. Lullaby
  6. One Of These Days
  7. Yesterday Today
  8. Another Girl’s Name
  9. Fly Me
  10. No One Says
  11. My Brother Sarah
  12. Mona Lisa Eyes
  13. Bellechoux
  14. Flowers
  15. Don’t Play
  16. The Seventh Floor
  17. Patsy In Green
  18. Suspended Motion
  19. Blue Deep Ocean (alt version)
  20. Is She Coming Home (alt version)

Marchin’ Already (3CD+DVD box set)

Marchin’ Already (2CD deluxe)

Ocean Colour Scene (2CD Deluxe)

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[…] Marchin’ Already is out now. Full track listing here. […]


About 300000 more deserving albums?

Mini Mani

Yeah, such as Northern Uproar, Kinky Machine and S*M*A*S*H*


The moasley shoals album was their pinnacle and deserved the super deluxe reissue treatment but only got deluxe double cd reissue (as far as I know) their debut was quite weak and even the band have largely ignored it throughout their career. Marchin already was a good album but I do find this almost comprehensive release bizarre given the band have long since been on the wane sales wise and only sell out gigs in specific areas of the UK?

Still I’m glad they’re not one of those scraping the bottom of the barrel bands that have long since disbanded and then do reunion tours just for the money and in the process remind us how truly crap live they were, the good thing about OCS is they were a superb live act and did have an abundance of b-sides and unreleased material that was top quality


A mod copy band that really does not warrant the deluxe reissue treatment. Barrel scraping me thinks.


I wouldn’t imagine that reissue of the debut album is going to be a big seller….


on the Marchin’ Already set, I’ve recently had the Traveller’s Tune CD single on. the three extra tracks – front row, on the way home and travelling shoes – are superb.

one frustration with this set is the absence of videos. one particular video for Travellers Tune – i think showing them in a bar, or somewhere around a piano – is ultra rare, as in not even on youtube rare! i saw about a minute of it once on The Chart Show and it looked like the most amazing thing ever.

anyway, this one is sold on me!