Out This Week / 3 March 2014


The Tabu Records Box Set (6CD+DVD)

Demon Music’s exploration of the Tabu Catalogue culminates in this seven-disc celebration which also features a bonus vinyl single. Read more

Marc Bolan and T Rex / "T Rex" and "A Beard Of Stars" deluxe editions

T Rex / T Rex & A Beard Of Stars (2CD Deluxe Editions)

A pair of Marc Bolan-related deluxe editions, with T Rex‘s debut (released in 1970) and the album before, A Beard of Stars (also 1970), when the band were still known as Tyrannosaurus RexRead more

Mike Oldfield / Man On The Rocks

Mike Oldfield / Man On The Rocks

Man On The Rocks, Mike Oldfield‘s first album in six years is out today and is available in a number of configurations. Read more

The Rolling Stones / Let It Bleed blu-ray audio

The Rolling Stones / Let It Bleed  (Pure Audio)

The Pure Audio hi-res blu-ray audio version of The Rolling Stones‘ 1969 album is finally released this week after some delays. Read more


Moby / Almost Home: Live at the Fonda, L.A. (2CD+2DVD)

Taken from Moby‘s only three live shows played in support of last year’s Innocents album this live set is a generous four-disc set with two CDs and two DVDs.


Bob Dylan / The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration (2CD)

Dylan‘s star-studded 1992 ‘concert celebration’ is re-released today across a number of formats including standalone blu-ray, DVD and a remastered 2CD deluxe.


Heart  / Magazine

Audio Fidelity release a Hybrid SACD of Magazine, the 1977/8 album by Heart.


The Blue Nile  / Peace at Last (2CD deluxe)

Deluxe Edition of The Blue Nile‘s third album from 1996 offers a bonus disc that includes remixes and a previously unreleased demo.


Shakatak  / Live In Japan (2CD deluxe)

First CD outing for Shakatak’s 1984 album Live in Japan which was recorded at the Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo and was previously only available in Japan, on vinyl. This reissue is out next month in the US.

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I’ve seen your comments on amazon, Simon, and quite agree. Keep us updated on any response/feedback you might get. Now I am wondering if the empty spaces in HMV, that were still completely filled with this deluxe halfway through last week, are a result of withdrawing the release.

Simon Long

Unfortunately, the remastering on the Blue Nile release has been screwed up – several people online (myself included) have spotted serious digital distortion on the track “Family Life” that was not present on the original release. Looking at the files in an audio editor, it looks as if the level has been turned up such that digital clipping now occurs – it sounds pretty dreadful as a result. I’ve flagged it to the contact addresses on the Blue Nile’s site, Universal’s site and Calum Malcolm’s site, but no response from any of them as yet. IMHO, it’s serious enough that they will need to fix it and repress the disc.


Wow, that Blue Nile release caught me by surprise. Was totally unaware that they were planning to release this – I had it in mind that the first two album reissues were where it would stop,

Contentious statement coming up: I prefer this to ‘Hats’ (which seems to be the one constantly lauded by the critics).
I find the songs on ‘Peace…’ to be much more rounded out and developed. ‘Hats’ seemed a bit too laid back and mono-paced after the highs and lows of ‘A Walk Across…’.
‘Peace…’ recaptures some of what was missing from ‘Hats’ IMHO.
Having said that ‘Hats’ is still a great album :-)