Out This Week / 5 January 2015

Adam Ant  / Playlist: The Very Best Of

US one-disc Adam Ant best of originally issued a few years back. This 14-track selection contains reasonably standard hits fair although does include the rare ‘Splashdown’ 12-inch mix of 1984’s Apollo 9.

Jean-Michel Jarre / CD remasters

Sony-issued single disc Jean-Michel Jarre reissues with remastered audio and updated artwork. Rendez-Vous, Chronology and Revolutions also reissued.

Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross / Gone Girl OST

Two disc deluxe edition of Trent Rezor and Atticus Ross‘s soundtrack to David Fincher’s Gone Girl. Also available on 2LP vinyl.

Elvis Presley / The Real Elvis… 60’s Collection (box set)

Budget three-disc set that features 49 of Elvis‘ greatest hits from the 1960s. 

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Ugh, glad someone mentioned the remastered quality on Jarre’s albums. I’ll stick with my vinyl and japanese copies I guess. They really need to stop doing this loudness war crap.


Wonderful is a well titled song as it is indeed a wonderful song, I believe is about Heather Graham…lucky Adam.

Wonder if the ‘Persuasion’ album will ever be released


I bought the Adam Ant via the amazon marketplace seeing as it was so cheap, thanks for the heads up Paul

adam shaw

And , Happy New Year Paul and all

adam shaw

Ive bought all the new Jarre reissues , they are just louder .
Zoolook was 30 years old so why not a special edition ?
Waisted oppotunity for some rare 12″ or 7″ mixes to be added .
Shame .


I still cannot understand why the original Concerts In China video by Jean-Michel Jarre has never been released on DVD. A remarkable document of the artist in his prime and also of the beginning of the opening of China, it would make a perfect pairing for the audio CD which would allow to go back to the original 2 disc format.


Its a shame that the Adam Ant one totally ignores his mid-90’s hit Wonderful, which in my opinion is the best song he did in his solo career.

Stan Butler

Agree Brian. The Wonderful album was excellent all round. I remember the Beautiful Dream CD2 selling for over £2,000 on ebay a few years back.


Actually, there’s a valid reason why “Wonderful” wasn’t included on the compilation, guys. It wasn’t released for Sony but EMI. And “Playlist” is a Sony compilation. I agree it is the best single he did in his solo career by a mile.

Stan Butler

Nancy, the 2006 Stand and Deliver compilation from Sony contains Wonderful.


Yep, but they are the two different compilations, Stan. The “Playlist” one only lists Sony period. The Psychedelic Furs, The The, Diana Ross and a number of other artists who used to record for Sony had it released over the past few years too.


i see on the amazon marketplace there’s a stack of people selling the Adam Ant one new for less than a fiver. looks like a decent enough mix, but i might just stick with the 3 or 4 best ofs that i already have :)


and I f I remember well there were great remasters in 2006 …Then again, nothing new ! where are the expanded editions of jarre’s catalog ? there are some 7” 12” and (maybe) unreleased material to add !


The 7″ of Calypso would have been a great addition to Waiting For Cousteau. But I read a lot about the awful, heavy compression of these remasters last year (and the album art balls-up with Equinoxe), so was never going to be tempted by them. Even at 5.99. It was a shame the Jarre catalogue got pulled off the mp3 sites last year; those single mixes were available to purchase digitally until then.

Tom M

The Jarre re-issues from 2014 are compressed within an inch of their lives. What did Sony use, a sledgehammer?

James Hartman

Thanks for the warning. Zoolook is one of my favourite albums, but I don’t need another copy if it is borked up.

Stan Butler

The Adam Ant collection is poor fare, even for the casual fan who would be better served with 2006’s Very Best of. It’s also a pricey £15 on Amazon at the moment and out of stock. A lot to pay for a mix of Apollo 9.