Out This Week / on 1 April 2016

Pet Shop Boys / SUPER (CD or LP)

Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe issue their 13th studio album, SUPER. If feedback on SDE is anything to go by, the PSBs like Stuart Price’s production more than the average fan, but we’ll reserve judgement. No deluxe editions announced, although a vinyl factory version seems highly likely. Read more

Thompson Twins / Quick Step & Side Kick 2LP

Thompson Twins / Quick Step & Side Kick (2LP)

Vinyl180 reissue the Thompson Twins 1983 breakthrough album for a second time in six months. This double LP ‘deluxe’ version is on black vinyl this time but features the once rare ‘cassette’ remixes on the second LP. Read more

King Crimson / Live in Toronto (2CD)

First full concert release by the current line-up of King Crimson. This 2CD set contains  one full show from the middle of the band’s Nov 2015 Canadian tour. Read more


Weezer – new album (CD)

Weezer aka ‘The White Album’ is the tenth studio long-player from the American rock band. It features the singles Thank God For Girls and Do You Wanna Get High. There were signed copies on Amazon UK for a while, but they’ve long since sold out.


Mogwai / Atomic

Mogwai this week release their soundtrack to the BBC-aired documentary Atomic: Living In Dread and Promise. It’s available on CD and double gatefold vinyl.

Various Artists / Grand 12-inches vol 14 (4CD)

The fourteenth volume of Ben Liebrand‘s well-compiled 12-inch compilations. This four-CD concentrates on the disco era with special extended versions of tracks by Earth Wind & Fire, Donna Summer, Chic, Ashford and Simpson, Shalamar and more.

Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings / The Kings of Rhythm Vol 2 (4CD)

This second box set is a record of Bill Wyman‘s Rhythm Kings’ work from 2000 to 2002. Contains four CDs including a rare live disc, Travlin’ Band.

Amy Winehouse / Amy (2LP vinyl)

The soundtrack to the award winning Amy Winehouse documentary is issued as a double vinyl set. Features both studio and rare recordings of Amy’s songs, alongside the original score by Antonio Pinto .

Various Artists / The Other Side of the 80s (2CD)

This Rhino double-CD set promises an ‘alternative’ look at the pop of the 1980s. New Order, The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Sundays fit this description well enough, although the inclusion of tracks from Howard Jones, Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and Roxette (seriously!?) rather undermines the whole enterprise.

The Sound of McAlmont & Butler (vinyl LP)

The remastered 20th anniversary vinyl of the McAlmont & Butler album is now available without buying the deluxe box set.


Various Artists / Fargo Year 2 (CD)

Soundtrack to the excellent second TV Series of Fargo features contributions from Fleetwood Mac, Bobbie Gentry, Dr Hook and the Medicine Show, Bobby Womack and more.

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It might be worth mentioning that you’re eligible to exclusive downloads of further bonus remixes of “Grand 12-inches vol 14” if you order via Ben Liebrand’s own webshop at http://www.liebrand.nl/
This also applies to the other volumes of this series and if you already have bought some volumes elsewhere you can apply for an ‘upgrade program’ to receive the bonus mixes.


Just got the McAlmont & Butler LP and it is a yellow gold colour, never read that anywhere so I was expecting it to be black!


Unpleasant surprise for anyone who had already ordered/received the LP edition – apparently there is also a single LP white vinyl issued in Europe. I don’t know if I missed this or if it was really as under-the-radar as it seems (or maybe it’s main Euro vinyl version but wasn’t advertised as such), but there you go…



I’m a bit surprised/bummed that neither of the last 2 PSB albums have had deluxe editions/bonus discs, and even Elysium before that had only a snoozeworthy “instrumentals” disc. From “Very” onwards, each album has had at least some form of bonus collection added to it, though not necessarily worldwide – Relentless, Bilingual repackage bonus disc, Nightlife Extra, Release US bonus disc, Fundamentalism, Yes etc. They’ve often contained some great material (particularly Relentless, Release and Fundamentalism) so it’s a bummer that the tradition has died.


I agree – I was always excited to see what would be included on the bonus disc for each album. This time around there don’t seem to be any bonus tracks or special editions, anywhere in the world. For “Electric”, there were only two bonus remixes in Japan.


I’m getting kind of tired of all the live KC offerings, especially knowing that SW has finalized his surround remixes for Beat and ToaPP, which is really what I’d like to have to round out the KC-SW studio albums remixes.

Oh well, at least he managed to convince somebody somewhere to repackage JT’s Aqualung into an affordable digibook format, so I’m not complaining anymore!

Barrie Sillars

Both Beat and ToaPP will be released as part of the 80’s box set later in the year.


Yes the other side of the 80’s should NOT include the big hits we all know because that is for another compilation that has been released many times before…but this particular compilation should include some cracking tunes by UK artists that were minor hits here (Didn’t reach the top 40) but were massive hits in the USA….so who are they you ask? Well top of the list and to start with should undoubtably be The Fixx with either “Red Skies” or “Stand or Fall” or the big top 5 hit “One Thing Leads To Another” which reached the heady heights of number 4…and then there is Naked Eyes with “Promises Promises” USA number 11 or what about “Your Love” by The Outfield which reached number 6 in 1986…come on that is just a handful there are loads more…Yes the Americans can be loud and brash but boy did they have very good taste in some of our UK bands music in the 1980’s…they struggled to get a hit here and some didn’t make it at all but the Americans took them to their hearts embraced them and made them stars….So come on Paul let’s hear more about The Fixx or The Outfield…2 incredibly talented bands that very few UK listeners have heard of but trust me they are very good bands…melodic, introspective and worldly lyrics and sounds that had depth and an eye for detail whilst still retaining a commercial sound that was in some respects a notch above the majority of our top 10 embarrassing chart fodder.

Anthony C

I’m looking forward to the Thompson Twins turning up in the post, but it is a rather pointless release and won’t change my life.



Here is the track listing from Ben Liebrand’s Grand 12 Inches 14. Not too much to write home about. I wish Ben would add more rare pop 12’es in stead of the 80’s R&B stuff that he picks from the BBR and other Cherry Red reissues.

1 1 TAVARES Don’t Take Away The Music (album version) 0:06:16
1 2 SHALAMAR The Second Time Around (12 inch Disco version) 0:07:07
1 3 JERMAINE JACKSON Let’s Get Serious (album version) 0:08:00
1 4 DIANA ROSS The Boss (12″remix) 0:07:24
1 5 THE FOUR TOPS Loco In Acapulco (PH Full Balance mix) 0:09:08
1 6 LOOSE ENDS Emergency (Dial 999) (extended remix) 0:06:45
1 7 LEROY BURGESS Stranger (Shep Pettibone mix) 0:06:22
1 8 VOYAGE From East To West (12″ mix) 0:07:12
1 9 CHOCOLATE MILK Who’s Getting It Now (12″ version) 0:06:41
1 10 ASHFORD & SIMPSON Bourgie Bourgie (insrtumental) 0:06:07

2 1 KURTIS BLOW The Breaks (vocal) 0:07:48
2 2 CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR Dancin (special Disco mix) 0:07:47
2 3 SISTER SLEDGE All American Girls (album version) 0:05:04
2 4 NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN I Shoulda Loved Ya (maxi-single) 0:06:31
2 5 BEGGAR & CO (Somebody) Help Me Out (12″version) 0:07:21
2 6 CHER Take Me Home (12″version) 0:07:32
2 7 STEVEN & STERLING Can I Be With You Tonight (12″remix) 0:05:47
2 8 THE O’JAYS Love Train (extended version) 0:06:15
2 9 HEATWAVE Lettin’ It Loose (12 inch version) 0:06:12
2 10 AQUARIAN DREAM You’re A Star (album version) 0:05:31

3 1 EARTH WIND + FIRE Magnetic (extended dance remix) 0:06:21
3 2 PROPAGANDA Duel (Blank & Jones So80S Reconstruction) 0:12:20
3 3 MURRAY HEAD One Night In Bangkok (long version) 0:05:40
3 4 FUNK DELUXE This Time (12″ remix) 0:06:12
3 5 CAMOUFLAGE The Great Commandment (original US 12″ mix/remastered version) 0:06:13
3 6 LISA LISA & CULT JAM WITH FULL FORCE I Wonder If I Take You Home (extended version) 0:06:46
3 7 CLUB NOUVEAU Lean On Me (remix) 0:07:43
3 8 NIGHTLIFE UNLIMITED Dance, Freak And Boogie (special 12″Disco mix) 0:07:40
3 9 MOTHERS FINEST Dis Go Dis Way, Dis Go Dat Way (12″version) 0:06:52
3 10 PIECES OF A DREAM Mt. Airy Groove (instrumental version) 0:05:57

4 1 CHIC My Forbidden Lover (12″version) 0:06:23
4 2 JESSE GREEN Nice And Slow (extended version) 0:06:26
4 3 S.O.S. BAND Just Be Good To Me (album version) 0:09:12
4 4 DONNA SUMMER Walk Away (12″ version) 0:08:31
4 5 NU SHOOZ I Can’t Wait (long Dutch remix) 0:06:15
4 6 CHERELLE WITH ALEXANDER O’NEAL Saturday Love (extended version) 0:08:43
4 7 STEPHANIE MILLS What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin’ (12″version) 0:08:03
4 8 SERGE PONSAR Out In The Night (maxi single) 0:06:56
4 9 MFSB FT. THE THREE DEGREES T.S.O.P. (The Sound Of Philadelphia) (special 12″ version) 0:05:44
4 10 ODYSSEY Native New Yorker (12″Disco mix) 0:06:18


I was at that Crimson show. It was absolutely astonishing.


Does anyone know if the Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings Box sets are remastered? I bought a few a couple of years ago that were remastered and although I don’t have all the live stuff in the two boxes I can’t justify replacement unless the studio albums are new masters.


May not be as in line with your tastes or those of the reissue lovers on the site, but the electronic group Moderat (Apparat + Modeselektor) releases their new album III this week also. It’s particularly notable for its deluxe offerings – including a simple 2CD set but also an extremely lavish 6LP and 3CD boxed set. Could be worth a quick feature!


I’ve had the King Crimson Toronto double for a couple of weeks now. It’s good.