Out This Week / on 21 July 2017

Marillion / Misplaced Childhood 5-disc deluxe edition

Marillion / Misplaced Childhood (deluxe reissue)

Can’t wait for this. The 1985 Marillion classic Misplaced Childhood is expanded with unreleased live concert, B-sides, demos and best of of a 5.1 surround sound mix by Steven Wilson. 4LP vinyl box also available. Read more

Ramones / Leave Home (super deluxe edition)

Rhino reissue the Ramones 1977 album Leave Home, which will offer rare and unreleased content across three CDs and a vinyl LP. Read more

Eric Stewart : 10cc  / Anthology (2CD)

This new double-disc Eric Stewart Anthology includes tracks from all four of his solo albums and some tracks from his period in 10cc, including the Macca co-write, Yvonne’s The One (from the last 10cc album). Read more

The Monkees / Summer Of Love (vinyl)

Rhino are celebrating 1967’s ‘Summer Of Love’. Last week saw the release of a special Grateful Dead compilation called Smiling On A Cloudy Day and this week a new Monkees compilation named, simply, Summer Of Love is released. Read more

Neil Young / Decade (2CD)

Warners follow-up their remastered vinyl edition of Neil Young‘s classic 1977 compilation (issued for Record Store Day) with a two-CD version.

Sparks / No. 1 in Heaven (blue vinyl + CD)

Sparks‘ 1979 album No. 1 in Heaven was produced by Giorgio Moroder. This limited blue vinyl pressing was cut at Abbey Road Studios and also coms with a CD with bonus tracks. Angst in My Pants and Terminal Jive also available. Read more

Altered Images / Bite 2LP

Altered Images third and final studio album is remastered and reissued as a 2LP vinyl set complete with bonus tracks, including the extended versions of the singles Don’t Talk To Me About Love and Bring Me Closer.

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Chris Squires

Has anyone notice the massive error in the book part of the deluxe edition. It claims that they recorded the album at the studios of Thunderbirds creator “Gerry Adams”. Interesting though it is I am pretty sure Gerry Adams was up to far more nefarious things in 1985 than running a recording studio.


Congratulations and good luck, @Andrew M!

Saw the Misplaced Childhood SDE in HMV today, it really is beautiful. Although the material is that fabric-type stuff, like with the Nick Cave set, which isn’t quite as sturdy as a normal book-bound style. Already some of the copies on display had slightly bent spines.

Forgot it was a limited edition, so I may give in and get a copy so I don’t regret it!

Andrew M

Thank you. Have you (or anyone else) listened to this 5.1 mix yet?

Just got home after zero hours sleep in last 48 hours and sat back on the sofa and listening to it.

It is truly breathtaking and an amazing package. When you consider you’re getting two boxes, two books, four vinyls, four CDs, a Blu ray, all the videos, a documentary and a stunning 5.1 mix all for less than 80 notes this has to be the best release of an already fantastic year.

Love how they’ve thought of people like me and animated the screen whilst listening to the 5.1 mix too. Those of us with Plasma tellys can often suffer when playing 5.1 discs with static screens.

Paul – just in case you haven’t heard yet, Queen have announced a 40th anniversary box set of News of the World with a brand new documentary which was premiered a few nights ago at Freddie’s birthday party. Has the potential to be very special.

Andrew M

Well, as I said so many months ago, my daughter was due to be born on the day Misplaced Childhood came out – and hey presto, we’re off to have her delivered in an hour. A day that will ever be etched in the memory and will make a special album even more special.

I won’t call her Kayleigh though.

Or Fish :)

Andrew M

The MoFi Billy Joel Greatest Hits vinyl pressing that was mentioned on here some time ago is also finally released this week.

An eye watering £124.99 over here though so I had to pass :(


Amazon’s Neil young decade price a bit steep! Hmv 9.99 . pre order out on Friday !



Is there going to be a “unboxing” video of Marillion’s “Misplaced Childhood” ?


I don’t expect much in either boxes. Vinyl will contain the 4 LPs and a book. The 4CD/BR package will be similar. They don’t throw in [I’m expecting] and trinkets, scarves [like the Rolling Bones did], guitar picks or whatever. I’m glad of that.

Auntie Sabrina

Yes Larry, the Lana Del Rey newbie sounds good, Beautiful People Beautiful Problems (featuring Stevie Nicks) in particular.


Is this a different version of Bite by Altered Images as the LP was released awhile ago with 7″ as part of reissues?

Andrew M

I am just completely and utterly stoked about Misplaced Childhood. Possibly most exciting release this year for me. Gone for both vinyl and CDs. Hopefully the vinyl artwork is as stunning as I expect it to be.

Larry Davis

Most of this will wait till after my trip…trying to save $$$…but the 2 releases that cannot wait are the new Lana Del Rey “Lust For Life” and new album by US country artist Sara Evans, “Words”, 1st release on her own label Born To Fly Records, after 20 years on RCA…last week there were no key releases at all, except for the Natalie Merchant 10CD box and 2 Nick Lowe reissues of 1982’s “Nick The Knife” and 1983’s “The Abominable Showman” on Yep Roc, both with bonus tracks.

Boaz Halachmi

Eric Stewart’s signed CDs seems to be still about… No demand?


The Neil Young CD was released in the U.S. several weeks ago. The sound is fine, but the packaging is crap!


I agree Galley. While I happy to see the sound upgraded, and the original “hard cut” from “Needle” into “Tonight’s” reinstated, (Instead of that silly fade-out on the first CD issue) the packaging is garbage! There is no way anyone can read that scribbled handwriting when reduced to CD size! A fold or poster of some sort would have been nice. Oh and hello one of the most classic multi-disc collections around and no notes of any kind?

Miguel Rocha

What kind of packaging, though? Paper sleeve (mini lp), digipak, jewel case? Just curious (I have a first vinyl pressing and the recent RSD remaster) and am tempted to pick up on cd also.


Not a bad weekend, Marillion box, Chris Robinson Brotherhood “Barefoot In The Head” (LP & CD), Rhino `Summer Of Love LPs: Vanilla Fudge (1st album, unsure if it`s Mono), Arlo Guthrie “Alice`s Restaurant” (Mono), one of the compilation LPs, not sure which one. Yep and I`m supposed to be cutting back, feck knows where the LPs are going, I`ve run out of room.

Auntie Sabrina

joc.de have the No 1 In Heaven tracklist as

1) Tryouts For The Human Race
2) Academy Award Performance
3) La Dolce Vita
4) Beat The Clock
5) My Other Voice
6) The Number One Song In Heaven

7) Routs For The Human Race (Single Version) (CD Only Bonus Track)
8) La Dolce Vita (Single Version) (CD Only Bonus Track)
9) Beat The Clock (Single Version) (CD Only Bonus Track)
10) The Number One Song In Heaven (Single Version) (CD Only Bonus Track)
11) Beat The Clock (Canadian Single Version) (CD Only Bonus Track)
12) Tryouts For The Human Race (Extended Version) (CD Only Bonus Track)
13) La Dolce Vita (Extended Version) (CD Only Bonus Track)
14) Beat The Clock (Extended Version) (CD Only Bonus Track)
15) Tryouts For The Human Race (12 Inch Short Version) (CD Only Bonus Track)