Out This Week / on 17 March 2017

Lloyd Cole in New York: Collected Recordings 1988-1996

Lloyd Cole / In New York: Collected Recordings (1988-1996)

Lloyd Cole follows up the 2015’s exemplary Commotions box set with Lloyd Cole In New York which brings together his first four solo albums (issued on Polydor/Fontana labels) a ‘lost’/unreleased album and a disc of demos. Read more

Depeche Mode / new album Spirt 2CD deluxe edition

Depeche Mode / Spirit (new album)

Depeche Mode‘s new album will be issued as a two-CD deluxe edition which is packaged as a casebound book and features a bonus disc with five remixes. Read more

Brett Anderson LP box

Brett Anderson / Collected Solo Work (CD and vinyl box sets)

This new 5CD+DVD (or 4LP) box set is a great opportunity to find out what Suede frontman Brett Anderson was up to in the second half of the ‘noughties’ while the band were on hiatus. Read more

The Hollies / Head Out Of Dreams: The Complete Hollies August 1973 - May 1988

The Hollies / Head Out Of Dreams (6CD box set)

Excellent value for this six-disc Hollies set that collects album tracks and rarities from August 1973 to May 1988. Read more

The Creation / Action Painting (2CD+book)

Demon Music’s forthcoming Creation set (Creation Theory)  is more comprehensive, but if you’re not bothered about the 1987 reunion album and 1996’s Power Surge and can live without the DVD, then US label Numero Group offer their own ’60s-only 2CD set called Action Painting. I have one of these and the packaging is high quality (book is great).

Various Artists / 12-inch Dance: 80s Remix (3CD)

These kinds of 80s Remix sets are such good value (currently less than £6.50 on Amazon) that my default position is to buy them and then pass judgement later! Read more

Pete Townshend / Empty Glass (clear vinyl reissue)

Pete Townshend‘s 1980 album spawned three singles including the top ten hit Let My Love Open The Door. This is a clear vinyl pressing, half-speed mastered.

Steve Winwood / Back in the High Life (vinyl reissue)

Steve Winwood‘s big-selling 1986 album was his last for Island Records and was a massive success. A deluxe edition is long overdue, but for now we have to settle for this vinyl reissue. Roll With It is also being reissued on vinyl.

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Watch out for Depeche Mode’s SPIRIT two cd deluxe in a box at Saturn/ Media Markt (with pin) – like the Bowie box !!!!

Mikey Roberts

I’m with you soundstory: another vote for an expanded Back in the High Life – soundtrack of the summer of 86 for me. ‘and we’ll drink and dance with one hand free – and have the world so easily’. Hmm, might have to get the vinyl…


yes we absolutely need a deluxe of Back In The High Life.

Did I read somewhere that the Winwood Revolutions box set & single disc version was the only result/comprise after a long negotiation between label & Winwood?


I’d love a deluxe Talking Back To The Night that included both the original and re-recorded, non-album versions of “Valerie.”

For that matter, since TBTTN and Arc Of A Diver total only 16 tracks between them, and have such a similar appeal, it would be great to get a Super Deluxe box that included both, as I never did pick up the deluxe AOAD. For that matter, they could throw in his 6-track debut, given what little bonus material there was on the deluxe AOAD and the fact that rock artists weren’t doing remixes at that time.

Though, having said that, I’d love to see new remixes of “When You See A Chance” and “Valerie,” two of the best (and most optimistic) songs of that genre/era which, had they been released four or 14 or 24 years later, would’ve certainly garnered a number of extended and dub mixes.


That eighties comp. gets a bonus point for including an Alphaville track that ISN’T Big in Japan but I’m slightly knocked sideways by seeing Thomas Dolby’s Dissidents on there which surely has to be the first time it’s turned up on a non-Dolby compilation? How very odd…

Paul W

When new sets of albums I own come out I often flog the old CDs to part-fund buying the new ones. However, I am really struggling to justify buying the new Lloyd Cole boxed set, no matter how much I want it. Partly because there just isn’t enough additional material that I haven’t already got and partly because I just wouldn’t be able to flog the original CDs, as they go for pennies, if at all. The first boxed set, of the LC & the Commotions had loads of good unreleased stuff, including the DVD. And with the new Chris Difford boxed set, for example, I have been able to raise £15 by selling two of the CDs and there is some interesting looking additional content, but with the Lloyd Cold one it would be a case of paying £40+ for music I already own, but in a nice box and with a handful of tracks I don’t already have, mostly being demos that will be played once. But I want it…


If you really want it and you can afford it without going hungry, buy it and drop off your existing CDs at a charity shop.


I’m with Paul on this one, I’m having a hard time justifying buying it for the same reasons, but I probably will eventually.


Make sure the new CDs sound better before you ditch the old ones!
New really isn’t always best.


That 12-inch Dance: 80s Remix seems to have totally vanished from HMV as it’s saying Page Not Found.