Out This Week / on 18 November 2016

The Who / My Generation (super deluxe edition)

Five-disc super deluxe of The Who‘s 1965 debut delivers a wealth of material, including unreleased songs, recently discovered album demos and new stereo mixes plus a massive 80-page book with notes from Pete Townshend. Read more

The Kinks / Mono Collection vinyl box

The Kinks / The Mono Collection (vinyl box set)

This 10LP vinyl box packages The Kinks‘ first eight albums in mono and comes complete with a ‘bonus’ double LP. Includes a hardcover 48-page book with rare and unseen photos and new interviews with Ray Davies, Dave Davies and Mick Avory. Read more

R.E.M. / Out Of Time / 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

R.E.M. / Out Of Time (super deluxe)

R.E.M.‘s much loved 1991 album is reissued with remastered audio, demos, live concert and a blu-ray audio featuring a 5.1 surround sound mix and videos.  Read more

Jethro Tull  / Stand Up (3-disc set)

This ‘Elevated Edition’ of Jethro Tull‘s second album features new Steven Wilson mixes and a wealth of bonus material.  Read more

Paul Weller debut album reissued on vinyl LP

Paul Weller / Self-titled debut and Wildwood (vinyl reissues)

Stanley Road may have been Paul Weller‘s commercial peak but, make no mistake, his eponymous debut and Wildwood are his two best solo albums. Vinyl reissues for both albums arrive this week, which is very welcome since they’ve been out of print for decades. Read more

Depeche Mode / Video Singles Collection (3xDVD)

This new Depeche Mode three-DVD package features more than four hours of newly restored music videos and over two hours of new audio commentary on specific individual clips, recorded by members of Depeche Mode especially for this release. Read more

The Human League / A Very British Synthesizer Group box set

The Human League / A Very British Synthesizer Group

What could be/should be a decent Human League anthology is spoiled by frankly absurd, think-of-number pricing. £80 for a 3CD+DVD set is a slap in the face for fans and the 3LP set is even worse, costing £85!!  Read more


Lou Reed / The RCA & Arista Vinyl Collection, Vol 1

A six-LP Lou Reed vinyl set, which features the newly remastered audio (created under Reed’s supervision, shortly before his death) of Transformer(1972); Berlin (1973); Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal (1974); Coney Island Baby (1976); Street Hassle (1978) and The Blue Mask from 1982. Read more

Pink Floyd / Animals vinyl reissue

Pink Floyd / Animals (vinyl reissue)

Pink Floyd‘s tenth studio album had the misfortune of being issued in the middle of a trio of classics (The Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here and The Wall).  This newly remastered vinyl reissue gives an opportunity for re-evaluation. Read more

Donna Summer/ The Ultimate Collection (3CD set)

This improved-by-SDE-readers Donna Summer collection features three themed discs – To Dance, To Love and To Remember…. Read more

Tori Amos / Boys For Pele (reissue)

Tori Amos‘ uncompromising third album spawned an unlikely number one single in the UK and is reissued this week on vinyl and as a 2CD deluxe edition. Read more

Soundgarden / Badmotorfinger super deluxe edition

Soundgarden / Badmotorfinger (super deluxe)

Soundgarden‘s third studio album is reissued as an extensive seven-disc super deluxe edition with an enormous amount of unreleased tracks, two DVDs with video material and a blu-ray audio with a 5.1 surround sound mix. Read more

Stranger Things Vol 1 / 2LP coloured vinyl

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein / Stranger Things Vol 1 (2LP vinyl)

A variant of the Stranger Things soundtrack seems to come out every week, these days! This week the 2LP vinyl version of ‘volume one’ is being issued in all its guises.  Read more

LIsa Stansfield's Blue Zone / Big Thing 2CD deluxe

Blue Zone / Big Thing (deluxe reissue)

Blue Zone was Lisa Stansfield‘s first band. The group’s one and only album, Big Thing (1988), was never even issued in the UK but that is corrected now with this double disc deluxe edition which features loads of remixes and bonus tracks. Read more

David Bowie in Nicholas Roeg's The Man Who Fell To Earth / Collector's Limited Deluxe box set

The Man Who Fell To Earth (2LP+2CD+Book vinyl box)

The soundtrack to Nic Roeg‘s 1976 film is reissued in this box set which includes two vinyl records, two CDs and a book. You can get the 2LP separately as well. Read more


Disney soundtrack vinyl picture discs

Walt Disney Records release vinyl picture discs of the soundtracks to some of their best-loved films, including The Jungle Book and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.Read more

Metallica / Hardwired... To Self-Destruct

Metalica / Hardwired To Self Destruct (new album)

Metallica‘s 11th studio album is a double, but is available as a 3CD deluxe edition with a bonus disc that features“riffs that were the origins of the album”. Read more

Queen / Greatest Hits (2LP vinyl)

Queen‘s evergreen Greatest Hits album is reissued on 2LP vinyl. Greatest Hits II is also available on the same format.

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Andrew Mogford

This is what I just posted on Amazon :

There was never any danger of me NOT buying this, I’m a massive fan. But like others, I was annoyed at the price of it. I felt it was ridiculously overpriced and I was very miffed about it – particularly as I already had the CD / DVD reissue with the videos and the 5.1 mix on it.

But now it’s arrived and………

I actually think it might be priced fairly to be honest. The album sounds excellent, but more to the point there are signs that a lot of effort has actually gone into this. Firstly the packaging is excellent and features a decent essay, lyrics and original artwork. The discs are nicely packaged at the back.

I am no audiophile expert – my ears are too shot from years of gig going but to me the 5.1 mix sounds like it’s been redone. There is certainly much more activity around the sound field than on the original DVD. I was impressed.

Then the videos – these have surely been remastered as well? I own them loads of times before, but they have never looked so clear and colorful as they do here. This is easily definitive.

The demos are great, as is the concert.

So I’m the opposite of those who are disappointed when it arrived. I was negative before but very happy now.

Drop the price by a tenner or include all the remixes and b sides and you would have got five stars. It’s criminal that these aren’t included.

But generally I am impressed.

Now sort out the damned vinyl for God’s sake!

Andrew Mogford

Anyone else get let down (yet again) by Amazon on the Out of Time vinyl? Despite ordering it on the day it was announced, yet again. I think it’s time for an investigation in to how bloody useless they are!


I pre-ordered the Kinks mono LP box set through Amazon UK, but now it’s listed as “currently unavailable”, with no current option to purchase. I’m hoping they will ship the sets to those of us who were able to pre-order it. It was a good deal for buyers in the USA, about $150 total shipped.

Charles Christopher

I’d like to clarify that I did laugh, and shael all your same thoughts, but I did just go “me-OW” after reading that! :)

Chris Squires

But now you have removed the Americanism point, my post is left floating like a pedant with nothing to be pedantic about….

One would have thought, that the passage of about three months would have bought some kind of price reduction in the LP set and the CD / DVD set. I can only imagine they must be selling or else they would have realized (with a z :-)) it was overpriced and it would have dropped to a more reasonable level. Even a really good triple shouldn’t be any more than £40.

Charles Christopher

Paul, would you like a saucer of milk to go with that catty Human League review? :)


Hello- Great site- always follow and great tip offs for exclusive stuff.
Did you know Tesco UK are doing a Phil Collins But Seriously vinyl lp- CLEAR VINYL. Saw it today when out shopping. VERY limited apparantly- a friend in the shop told me 500 units only !! Wonder if thats correct.
Cheers and keep up the great work,Tony

Chris Squires

Ah got it. I bought a Technics CD player in 1984 and got a GH I import (Japanese probably)from Virgin…. Mind playing tricks…. I even dug out my old vinyl copy expecting it to be on there…it ain’t! Half remembered things….

Andrew Mogford

Possibly because it was in some countries instead of another song. I can’t remember which one.

But not in the UK ever.

Same with Spread Your Wings which was on Greatest Hits in some countries but never here.

Chris Squires

Pedant’s corner….

Synthesizer is actually the British way. The correct way of spelling anything in English is …ize

BUT the “American” way is right totally by accident and us Brits have started to use …ise, but it isn’t correct.

I apologize (correctly) for being a pedant. Dr. Johnson used …ize in 1755 and the Oxford English Dictionary recognizes ..ize a truly correct English.

Check out Inspector Morse episode “The Ghost in the Machine” for further explanation.
Lesson over…..

I would have lost A LOT of money mis-remembering that Under Pressure was on GH I, but is isn’t. Why did I think it was?

Chris Brown

Under Pressure was released in the UK the week after Greatest Hits. I presume it was finished just after the album had been cut or whatever.

rob deighton

In some territories in Europe it was actually included on GH1, placed at the end after ‘Champions’


On the Canadian & US releases on GH1.

DJ Control

Yeah Under Pressure was on Queen’s GH in Australia. Single edit tho. Best version is on Hot Space!

Mike the Fish


Mike the Fish



I wonder if, finally, this will be the last version of Tull’s Stand Up I ever need to buy? LOL

CJ Feeney

I’m waiting to see if they redo Benefit with the Carnegie Hall concert, then I can get rid of my Stand Up digi-pack (the one with the pop-up foldout panels). I may keep hold of my vinyl just for a compare and contrast with Mr Wilson’s version.

Next up is Songs from the Wood – there is a Solstice Bells 7″EP coming out on 2nd Dec as a preview with Steven Wilson stereo mixes of vocal and previously unreleased instrumental version.

Oh, and a dark green vinyl of Aqualung 40th Anniv mix in January.


New Metallica cd3 tracklist:

Disc Three (Deluxe Edition Only):
Lords of Summer
Ronnie Rising Medley
When a Blind Man Cries
Remember Tomorrow
Helpless (Live at Rasputin Music)
Hit the Lights (Live at Rasputin Music)
The Four Horsemen (Live at Rasputin Music)
Ride the Lightning (Live at Rasputin Music)
Fade to Black (Live at Rasputin Music)
Jump in the Fire (Live at Rasputin Music)
For Whom the Bell Tolls (Live at Rasputin Music)
Creeping Death (Live at Rasputin Music)
Metal Militia (Live at Rasputin Music)
Hardwired (Live in Minneapolis)


Hurray for the magnificent Donna Summer anthology;the 3 cd version is well priced and more importantly well compiled;hopefully the true single versions will be used.
With regards to the Human League box set,what a ripoff!The price [currently]is mind numbing and looks like it won’t drop,so i personally have to ask myself is it justified buying it…..