Out This Week / on 2 October 2015

Paul McCartney / Tug of War and Pipes of Peace reissues

Five years after Paul McCartney kicked off his Archive Collection reissue series with Band on the Run, he puts out deluxe sets of the widely admired Tug of War and the slightly less admired Pipes of PeaceRead more

Garbage / 20th anniversary reissue 3LP vinyl box

Garbage / debut album box set

Garbage‘s 1995 debut reissued in two separate vinyl packages and a two-CD deluxe. Bizarrely demos and remixes are digital onlyRead more

The Sound of McAlmont and Butler / 2CD+DVD edition

The Sound of McAlmont & Butler reissued

A post-Suede Bernard Butler bounced back with the collaborative The Sound of McAlmont and Butler featuring the singles Yes and You Do.  Three-disc and five-disc deluxe available. Read more

Janet Jackson / Unbreakable

Janet Jackson returns with a new album Unbreakable. This limited edition is rather silly. It contains the same 17-tracks as the standard album but with ‘eyes closed’ artwork. Whatever will they think of next, a limited edition ‘finger up nose’ cover art?

Alison Moyet / Hometime 2CD deluxe reissue and vinyl reissue

Alison Moyet / Deluxe reissues

Double-disc deluxe edition of Alison Moyet’s ‘noughties’ albums featuring remixes, demos, B-sides and live tracks. Read more

Psychedelic Furs / Midnight to Midnight (vinyl reissue)

The Psychedelic Furs 1987 album reissued on on 180g vinyl with heavyweight sleeve and inner bag. Initial pressings include a bonus coloured seven-inch vinyl of the bands 1986 re-recording of Pretty In Pink backed by the US remix of Love My Way from the Forever Now LP.

Jimmy Nail / Crocodile Shoes  (box set)

British readers will remember actor/musician Jimmy Nail’s mid-nineties BBC TV series about a Geordie factory worker who makes country music in his spare time. The companion album was a big seller in the UK with original songs by Nail and Prefab Sprout’s Paddy McAloon. This CD+2DVD box features the original album, seven bonus tracks and the entire series on DVD. A series two box also available. Jimmy Nail was last seen in Sting’s The Last Ship broadway production.

Oscar Peterson / Exclusively For My Friends (8CD box)

Eight CDs of the Canadian Jazz pianist’s legendary recording sessions, made in the living room of MPS Records producer Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer.

Rolfe Kent / Sideways (burgundy vinyl)

Silva Screen release this limited edition burgundy vinyl pressing of Rolfe Kent‘s jazzy soundtrack to Alexander Payne’s classic 2004 film Sideways.

Suede / Dog Man Star (Edsel classic)

There have been many expanded reissues of Suede‘s Dog Man Star, but the 12-track album stands alone as one of the best long-players of the 1990s. This ‘Edsel Classic’ version is simply a budget ‘album-only’ reissue but done with some style (see this post for pictures of similar sets).

Trivium / Silence in the Snow deluxe edition

US Metal band Trivium release their seventh studio album which is available in this deluxe CD/T-shirt bundle.

David Bowie / Space Oddity (7″ pic disc)

David Bowie‘s Space Oddity reissued as seven-inch picture disc to celebrate the 40th anniversary of when it went to number one in the UK. Read more

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Loving the new HMV online store… Janet album delivered on the day of release… 2 bonus tracks (as noted above, same as US Target edition)

Let’s hope that this starts a trend of a UK retailer getting exclusive content


Yeah, just ordered for the first time this week from the new HMV store, and very impressed with the speed of delivery, the sturdiness of the packing, and the £10 free postage threshold. Will be using them more!


JJ reads SDE and she wants to be RIGHT ! The HMV exclusive edition has 2 bonus tracks, the ones of the Target edition in US.
Let’s see if oither European deluxe editions have the same…


Ah, I see….thanks! S1 of the DVD goes with the first album, and the same for the second series/album. Thought it was too good to be true to get everything for £17.


I was all geared up to order the Crocodile Shoes box, and then upon seeing the pack shot online suddenly realised that it’s only the first album (expanded) and the TV series. The second album isn’t included! What the….. ?

David Bricknell

Has Janet Jackson had an “eyelid malfunction”?


Yep, I’m also waiting for her Control Super Deluxe Edition 3 or 4 CD’s plus DVD. Or even her pre-Control CD(‘s) or Herb Alpert’s in Super Deluxe Edition with Diamonds on it (although I have her Diamonds Remixes from US/JP CD’s)! I also have her 3 Control-Remixes CD’s. All her Rhythm Nation’s singles had their own Japanese Edition CD with all Remixes. So I don’t need a Super Deluxe Edition of that CD unless many unreleased mixes in the vault.


I decided to make my own “Control” super-deluxe-edition fantasy tracklist and WHEW! What an effort! I did a hefty trawl through Wikipedia and Discogs (special thanks to Paul English for providing a complete ‘Remixes’ summary) and came up with a list of 51 tracks/mixes from that era – over 70 if you include the 1995/96 remixes! I won’t bore everyone by publishing my ENTIRE list. Naturally I haven’t heard every single track, so there may be some double-ups (under different names) and ‘phantoms’. I didn’t include b-sides because they were all taken from her albums.

Geez – I’m getting excited over a deluxe re-issue that doesn’t even exist and likely won’t happen…I need to get out more. :)


Best Buy in the US sells the Macca 2-CD sets with an exclusive “free” tote bag.


According to Wikipedia, the ‘Target’ edition of JJ’s album will have 2 bonus tracks “Promise Of You” and “Love U 4 Life”, so that will be the ‘special edition’ I’m aiming for (depending on what the Japanese edition may offer – I’ll have to wait and see on that one). If the price difference is too extreme, I hope some kind soul will just YouTube the extras.

And I agree with Paul S on the pointlessness/’rip-off-ness’ of just changing cover artwork – especially in an era where digital download is (sadly) King. Surely there was room in the CD booklet for more than 1 photo! Or even just include a bonus lenticular cover/insert. Maybe her eyes are closed because listening to her past few albums sent her to sleep!

But despite my snarkiness, like ‘KICK…’ I’m looking forward to it – she’s ‘re-uniting’ with Jam and Lewis so I have high hopes for a resurgence of “Control” or “Rhythm Nation” style glory. Even “janet.” was a great album. But after that…GREAT singles, but the albums were ‘hit-and-miss’ and had a fair amount of filler.

Then again, a quick look through the credits of her post-“janet.” albums shows Jam and Lewis have contributed to them as well, so maybe I should tone down my excitement a little bit…fingers crossed they were responsible for the ‘hit…’ not the ‘…and miss’

On a somewhat separate note, I would DESPERATELY love to see a super-deluxe re-issue of “Control” – featuring the original album (including “Start Anew” – the extremely rare Japanese bonus track/single originally intended for “Dream Street” – and “Diamonds” and “Making Love In The Rain” – with Herb Alpert) plus single edits/versions, with a second (and possibly third) disc combining the THREE different editions of “Control: The Remixes” as well as all 12″es, extendeds, dubs, etc. that weren’t on any of them. Plus maybe even a DVD of music videos, interviews, TV appearances etc…

2016 will be the 30th Anniversary of Control, so fingers crossed!

Looking at Wikipedia again, there were quite a few remixes of “Diamonds”, so maybe a collection of “Control”-era remixes would need to be a deluxe box-set unto itself! Especially if the 1995/96 remixes of “When I Think Of You” and “Pleasure Principle” were to be included as well!

But I know that’s asking waaaaay too much – she left A&M over 20 years ago and the company itself has merged/changed hands a few times so who knows who controls what, or what will happen? Either a complete nothing…or a half-arsed something.

Paul English

I have the three Control remix albums [Europe, UK, Japan] on CD. There’s 14 tracks spread across them.

Control (Video Mix) – E1, U1, J8
Nasty (Extended) – E2, J2
Nasty (Cool Summer Mix Part 1) – E3, U7
What Have You Done For Me Lately (Extended Mix) – E4, U4, J1
When I Think Of You (Extra Beats) – E5
When I Think Of You (Dance Mix) – E6, U2, J3
Control (A Cappella) – E7
Lets Wait Awhile (Remix) – E8, U6, J9
The Pleasure Principle (Long Vocal Remix – Shep Pettibone Mix) – U3
Nasty (Cool Summer Mix Part 2) – U5, J7
The Pleasure Principle (Dub Edit – Shep Pettibone Mix), U8
Control (Extended Version) – J4
What Have You Done For Me Lately (Dub Version) – J5
When I Think Of You (Instrumental) – J6


Sorry to write it, but that Garbage reissue will stay on the shelf.


Just a heads up that the wonderful ‘Now That Everything’s Been Said’ by the pre Tapestry band of Carole King, The City, is out from Light In The Attic this week. It’s a slice of pop magic


Garbage isn’t out till next week


It looks like it, and the download link you put up a few weeks back now leads to a dead page….


It’s being released on the 2nd October which is Friday not next week.

Paul English

The Macca reissues I pre-ordered from Amazon UK are still £72.99 each. I’m getting worried. I wonder will they fall to £45/£50 as predicted in August?

Paul H

I don’t see how a limited edition eyes closed sleeve is any less valid than coloured vinyl, its a collectors edition offered in a free market. You don’t fancy it, don’t buy it.


At least she hasn’t popped a boob out!

Paul H

I also don’t see the point, and I didn’t see the point in writing about it, but in doing so you may have perpetuated some additional interest in the album and thus validated the imaginarium output of highly paid geniuses in BMG Marketing.


Forget registering uber edition domain Paul, if the JJ ltd album takes off you may need to grab ‘utterlypointlessedition.com’ Better known as an UPE….


I am often accused of being a pessimist, but surely the fact that I look here every Monday to see if the Present Arms DeLuxe edition has been released makes an optimist (or just a little mad??).

Paul H

I hear ya Philip. The trail is well handled elsewhere in this site. Snooping around the forum on the Official Ub40 site, as well as lots of mud slinging about the split, I see the statement that the band couldn’t be holding the release up as they signed away rights during their bankruptcy. Norman de Langen posted some great posts in the original trail and he seemed to be closely involved and informed. These have obviously been manufactured and are sitting in a warehouse somewhere. Apart from the waste in that, I’m also disappointed that UB44 will almost certainly never be contemplated after this debacle. Never-mind FWIW…Present Arms and Present Arms in Dub are great albums


Sorry to carry on this slight digression but I received my re-releases of the vinyl set of Present Arms/Present Arms in Dub so I presumed the CD release would be imminent. However, no news…

Seems weird though.


Agree, that Janet “limited edition” is just pointless, but I’m looking forward to the album. Her last few albums have been a mixed bag but this one will hopefully be a return to form.

I’m still hopeful of a deluxe edition for “Rhythm Nation 1814” – that is a great album.