Out This Week / on 29 September 2017

David Bowie / A New Careeer In A New Town 1977-1982 / 13LP or 11CD box

David Bowie / A New Career In A New Town 1977 – 1982 (vinyl & CD box set)

“There’s Old Wave. There’s New Wave. And There’s David Bowie.” If David Bowie hadn’t recorded anything in the 1970s after Station To Station he’d still have had an incredible run of albums that few could match. But in 1977 he casually released Low and Heroes and then in 1979 completed his so-called Berlin Trilogy with Lodger. Live album Stage was issued in between, in 1978 (the only year in the decade that Bowie didn’t issue a studio album). David signed off his golden years, with Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) – arguably just as good as the other three. This ushered in a few years of big hits including Ashes To Ashes, Fashion and Under Pressure (with Queen). All of the above (and more) have been newly remastered and are included in this new box set which is available on 11CD and 13LP vinyl. As before, nothing unreleased, but this is a box set to rule them all. Read more

David Gilmour / Live in Pompeii (various editions)

Stunning concert film of David Gilmour‘s performance at Pompeii, from spring last year. Outstanding visuals and audio and an impressive box set which features two CDs and two blu-ray discs. 5.1 surround sound, 65 minutes of bonus performance and two hours of documentaries. Read more

Belinda Carlisle / Heaven On Earth: 30th anniversary vinyl box set – standard edition

Belinda Carlisle / Heaven on Earth (4LP+CD)

This new 30th anniversary Belinda Carlisle box set comes packaged in a lift-off lid box. Content includes the original album, seven-inch versions of the singles, live tracks and remixes. Signed editions have sold out. Read more

The Rolling Stones / From The Vault: Sticky Fingers Live

The Rolling Stones‘ have only once played Sticky Fingers live in its entirety and that was at the Fonda Theatre in 2015. This is now reissued as part of the band’s continuing ‘From The Vault’ series, across five different physical formats. Read more

Gentle Giant / Three Piece Suite CD+Blu-ray combo

Gentle Giant / Three Piece Suite (CD+Blu-ray audio)

This is a great little Gentle Giant package that focuses on 1970-1972 and the first three albums (Gentle GiantAcquiring The Taste and Three Friends). Content includes Steven Wilson 5.1 mixes of some (not all) album tracks, hi-res flat transfers of all three albums and more. Read more

Luke Haines Is Alive And Well And Living In Buenos Aires (Heavy, Frenz – The Solo Anthology 2001-2017)

Luke Haines / Luke Haines is Alive and Well and Living In Buenos Aires

If you liked The Auteurs in the ’90s, but have struggled to keep up with frontman Luke Haines solo career, with his prolificacy and predilection for quirky side-projects, this new four-CD compilation attempts to bring order to 16 years of unchecked output and features largely excellent music. Read more

Benny Andersson / Piano

Deutsche Grammophon issue this a 21-track journey through Benny Andersson‘s celebrated career as songs from ABBA, his musicals and other solo-compositions are re-interpreted, performed unaccompanied by just Benny himself, on piano.

Slade  / Slade Alive!

Vinyl reissue of Slade‘s 1972 live album. Like the forthcoming Frankie Goes To Hollywood reissue, this 45th anniversary edition is part of BMG’s ‘Art of the Album’ series which features a new booklet which explores various elements of the album and its legacy.

Michael Jackson / Scream (CD)

The CD version of Michael Jackson‘s ghoulish new compilation is out this week, but it’s the glow-in-the-dark vinyl edition that’s the real draw. That’s not out until late October. Read more

The Best Of Depeche Mode, Volume 1 - 3LP vinyl reissue

Depeche Mode / The Best Of (3LP vinyl)

Depeche Modes ‘Best Of’ from 2006 is reissued on triple vinyl. 2005’s Playing The Angel was the most current album at the time of release and this also featured non-album track MartyrRead more

Various  / Music From The Motion Picture ‘Popeye’ (2CD deluxe)

This release was delayed by a few weeks. A two-CD deluxe edition of the music to Robert Altman’s ill-fated Popeye. This is interesting, since it includes the previously unreleased score (by Thomas Pierson) and similarly previously unreleased demos by Harry Nilsson, including two songs written for the film but never used.

Chris Rea / Road Songs For Lovers (new album)

Chris Rea albums with ‘road’ in the title tend to do well, so many that’s the strategy here as BMG issue Road Songs For Lovers, Rea’s first studio album since 2011’s Santo Spirito Blues.

Neil Finn / Out Of Silence (new album)

Delayed from last week: Neil Finn‘s new album Out Of Silence was recorded live online a few weeks back. It’s been available digitally for a while, but here’s the first opportunity to own a physical version with the CD release. No special edition, but the vinyl will follow in October.

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I posted this last week on a previous item about the Neil Finn album. Will repeat it here as a service to fellow US fans of Neil. Paul’s link to Amazon US goes to the import version of the album, which costs $23.45. There is an identical US release coming out which Amazon lists for $12.99, so there would be no reason at all for anyone in the US to spring for the import. Here is the better link:


(Paul, please replace the link above. Not everyone reads the comments, after all.)

The Progster

Also out this Friday is ‘Now’ the new album from SHANIA TWAIN…her first studio album in 15 long years !!!

CJ Feeney

Live at Pompeii deluxe box is still only 40 Euro at Amazon Italy.


Was even cheap just after it was announced….. Maybe 27 Euros or something like that.

Andy P

As if all the above releases weren’t enough, there is also the ‘Pentangle – The Albums’ box due out this week, which looks very promising. It’s a heavy week!


Hello Paul.

Any idea if Black Sabbath vinyl box set due out this Friday will be widely available?
As yet it’s only on pre-order from Pledge and the band website.
I asked you on another thread but no reply, so I will try again!


Thanks for the reply Paul.

I’ve been searching around and some places say it’s coming out from BMG in October.

I’m not a great fan of Pledge and 45 sterling postage to Dublin for a box set that costs 195 sterling is ridiculous.


HI Colm 47

I live in Dublin have ordered the set through Parcel Motel as delivery option hope that helps keep cost down


Thanks Tony, will try that out. Haven’t tried PM yet so will check it out.


So no sight of a 30th Anniversary of Eurythmics and ‘Savage’, remastered with the videos.

‘Everybody wants it but don’t exist. Shame.’


I’d love a full version of this with all the remixes and the video album. Sadly it doesn’t look like we’ll ever get it… :(


This is one of my top 5 dream reissues. I had the VHS at one point, but no longer have a VCR. :( It’s my favorite of all the Eurythmics albums, and I don’t think it’s ever been given the love it deserves.

Derek Langsford

It is stunning to me that the single version of ‘Shame’ (and other Eurythmics singles) have still not been put out in digital form (wasn’t even on the original CD single – duh). Need a complete 2 CD set of the singles and a CD of other missing or lost tracks IMO.

Joe Mac Pherson

I’d buy a deluxe 30th edition of Savage, as fast as it was released! A brilliant album for the due, and the special, accompanying videos are a real treat. Brand New Day, visualized by the Eurythmics, featuring those exquisite dancers doing the gestures and motions of actual Eurythmics, still gets to me every time. And Shame is wonderful!
Will someone please consider issuing Savage as CD/DVD box set? With a book of accompanying photos, lyrics, liner notes? My credit card is ready!


Ditto from me.

Savage plus the video album was Eurythmics’ peak as far as I’m concerned. Of course I have the remastered CD, but the video on only VHS (which I can’t watch here in Japan because it’s PAL) and a number of things I poached off YouTube.

Would LOVE to get everything from this period, that Beethoven video never fails to thrill me.

Paul Jones

there has been a deluxe re issue hasn’t there?


Also out, Tim Buckley’s Look at the Fool, Sefronia and The Dream Belongs to me remasters from Edsel and Pere Ubu’s new album 20 Years in a Montana Missile Silo. With the Stones and Gilmour also preordered this will be an expensive week for me.